there goes the craft budget

Well I’m all craft show-ed out. I haven’t been to the quilt and craft fair at Darling Harbour for a couple of  years as I’ve always had a baby or something on that weekend. But this year I decided to pop in for a few hours on my own and check it out. I was not disappointed. I came, I saw, I photographed, I shopped, I came home again.

I also got told off for trying to take a photo of a stall….naughty naughty. I usually ask but I’d stepped back and was so impressed with the crocheted cushions and wool on a wool store but was shooed shooed away ‘no photos, no photos’. So from then on I asked each stallholder if I could take a photo!

oh now I’m a Brother girl but these Bernina 750QEs were something else. Huge and looked amazing.

I spent quite a bit of time at the lovely Suzy Hausfrau store. I love Renae’s store (it’s Renae not Suzy even though I often want to call her Suzy) and she outdid herself with her stall set up. She also outdid herself with the Quince & Co which is a new range for the store and the first time you can buy it in Oz (it’s from the states). Wow so soft and squishy. Just how I like my yarn skeins and the colours are just lovely.

I may have gone a little nuts with the Quince & Co but it is something else. Really gorgeous stuff and I’m thinking baby knits with the Puffin and a cowl for myself with the Lark or perhaps a little cardy for Elodie. I also got to meet the lovely Jane of Rose Red whose blog I have been reading for a long time.

I also had to get this super cute woof woof kit from Craft Schmaft. Would you look at it. I had serious indecision over tummy bunny or woof woof but settled on the woof woof as it will match elodie’s quilt perfectly. And well done to Claire who has her own app with one of her cute tutorials.


One of the last stalls we visited and loved was By Lynette with lots of lovely Noro. I had to get this little kit as I just loved the pink in this Noro. A super busy stall and lots of lovely things.

Highlights of the day were running into lovely people like Amy of Flowerflame, Kate of One Flew Over who is so lovely and I must say has awesome glasses, Sarah of Belles Families, my buddy for the day Lorelei of Craftmumship who is just a lovely lady to be with, Claire of Craft Schmaft, Sheridan of  Chalet Girl, Wendy the lovely lady behind local quilting group that I went to many moons ago and Mrs Grant of KimoYes who was my high school maths teacher and year 10 co-ordinator from Canberra,

and best photo of the day has to be elodie and the hello kitty cookie cutters I picked up for the girls. She was all over the packet as soon as I got home and has taken them for herself into her little cubby. I missed my babies but it was lovely to have a few hours to myself to shop and look around.


  1. Ooh, you got Project Life! Can’t wait to see what you do with it!

  2. Great pics Corrie. How fun to spend some time at the show. That wool looks deliciously soft!

  3. Looks like you had a wonderful time!! I’ve looked at your pictures 3 times and I’m still ooohing and aaahing over the goodies you bought!!

  4. Lesley G says:

    So funny.

    Obviously you need a “press hat” with Retro Mummy on it and business cards. What a shame a stall holder missed out on some free publicity.

    Despite the “shoo shooing” it sounds like you had a very enjoyable and productive day.

    It is some years since my last visit to the Quilt and Craft Show and now that I am a born again knitter I must make a concerted effort to attend when it is on in Brisbane.

    • well yes! from then on I asked can I take a photo for my blog! I understand people are worried about copying but it’s the first time I’ve been shooed away:) their loss:)

  5. I’m going tomorrow with a few crafty pals you know – shame our days didn’t overlap. I do have to take Miss 3 with me but she will be in the stroller engrossed with our new iPad I’m sure! Some of my fave shops and people in your list – I still haven’t sewn up a kit I bought from Claire at the Rosehill Show a few months ago and I had a delivery from Renae last week too. Looks like a great day!

    • ohhhh you will enjoy it! I loved the new stores and lots of variety! I needed more time to see the quilts but next time!

  6. carol lee says:

    Lol I had a little laugh Gail B is one of my local patchwork shops here in Melbourne

  7. michele says:

    Hi Corrie,
    It looks like you had a great day. I just love the woof woof kit. I might have to get that myself. My daughter would love that.

  8. I spy project life! You won’t regret that one!

  9. Justine says:

    Love little ‘woof woof’!

  10. Ohhh, what a lovely way to spend the day :)

  11. I just love the craft shows, too much to look at, too much to purchase. I always go with what I need in mind now, in the past I have come home with so much and later I look at it and think why did I buy that. Love the wool, can’t wait to see that knitted up.

  12. I spent a day at the Perth Craft and Quilt fair this year. Normally I focus on the cross stitch stores – but after finding your blog I’ve become addicted to learning about quilting!! And that is when the fair becomes dangerous lol I found some amazing projects that will keep me busy until next years fair!

  13. They shooed you away? Don’t they KNOW who you ARE? :-)

    That looks like so much fun, I wish I could have browsed the show too!

  14. So happy to be in Sydney this weekend! and going! I had missed the Perth one last month…

  15. My one will be in Hamilton, NZ in September – already marked on the calendar, so hubby doesn’t go and book any activities. Can’t wait,

  16. Gorgeous post Corrie! Beautiful photos and words.
    And that wall of Quince and co!!!!! Oh my goodness!!
    I’m saving myself for the Bendigo sheep and wool show but I think I might need to come up to Sydney for that fair, looks amazing. xx

  17. Mmm…I had a lovely time at the show too. Now that all kids at school & work at the beginning of the week am able to relax a bit & see it all including the quilts!!
    Loved Suzy Hausfrau’s stall & I also came away with some Quince osprey yarn to knit an owls jumper. I could have bought more yarn…it was lovely. I also liked the Tangled Yarns stall.

  18. I spy Project life too!!. After getting PL for 3 years sendt over from NZ, does this finally mean there is going to be an Australian distributor? Would be great to know.

  19. Lovely to see you and hear about your news.

    Thanks for the glasses compliment. They are new and I was a bit apprehensive about them as they are so much bigger than I am used to.

    A bargain from Bon Look!

  20. You made some great purchases! It was great to meet you too a I remember reading your blog before Keira was born (I think…my memory is a bit hazy now, I blame advancing age, heh!)

  21. Cant wait, I am so lucky to be in Sydney this weekend! I have the alarm set for 6.30 in time to catch the bus to the City! Need to find an ATM there or on the way!!!!

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