my first knit for winter

Nothing like the satisfaction of finishing off a project, putting it on your model and grabbing some photos in the sunshine.

And this is my first knit for the winter season and I’m loving it. But to tell you the truth there are not enough hours in my day to get through all the winter knitting that is going on inside my head. I need more hours! I’m even making more of a determined effort to switch off the laptop each night and just knit. It doesn’t always happen but I’m working on it.

I knit this in size 1-2 and as you can tell it’s the perfect fit. Emerson wears 18-24 months in his clothes so I think the pattern sizing is pretty spot on but I’m not expecting this to last next winter the way those sleeves are looking.

Pattern details are here and there is a link to the free pattern, knit in 8ply Bendigo Woollen Mills Silk Supreme (lovely but it’s got some long hairs in it, might go luxury next time) and on ravelry here. Just to let you know that I knit this on 4.5mm needles as the pattern called for. It makes it more of a loose knit which I liked. If I’d knit this on 4mm I think it would have been a little more snug on him. Thank goodness for going up a size in the needles.

It’s definitely knitting season in this house. Today I treated myself to the latest copy of Interweave Knits and there was a knitting book in my letterbox from Amazon. And later on this week I’ll share with you my latest knitting obsession……………Icelandic knitting. So are you in knitting season yet?


  1. I’m not a knitter, but I’m with you on having too much craft going n in my head, but not fitting as much as I’d like into my reality!

  2. Hey Corrie,
    I just finished my first EVER knitting project.. The ribbed baby jacket for my 2 year old daughter, and whilst not 100% perfect, I am very proud of it, as is Ava, who tells everyone that ‘mummy knit coat.’
    I love Emerson’s new knit, and think this will become my next project for my little 7 month old, Ethan.
    I agree.. Laptop down, needles out x

  3. You are very clever. I knitted my first jumper for myself and completed it last winter (it only took me 3 year to knit it) It was my first and boy, it travelled some miles as i knitted it on every holiday. Last winter, i decided to take on a smaller project and knitted my daughter a jumper (she was 6 months old). A much more manageable size for my speed of knitting. She wore it and looked beautiful. I wish i could knit fast and whip one out like you can. Envious much 😉

    • oh I’m not fast! trust me I’m not fast, there are some real knitting machines on ravelry when I look on there. Sometimes I wish I had less crafts so I could finish more knits

  4. Beautiful Corrie, and Emerson is getting so big! I’ve been too busy for much blog reading sadly lately! I’d love to have a little boy to knit for, knits for boys are so scrumptious I think, kind like sewing & girls. I’ve been churning out Mallory cowls as gifts lately & now on one for me, loving some quick fix big needle knitting!

  5. That is really loved you must be really pleased. Nothing like knowing the little ones are nice and warm this winter!

  6. I’m not a knitter, but I’m an amatuer crocheter and I was wondering if you could help me with yarn. I want to crochet some washers to use on my baby (when she gets here!) Am I right in thinking bamboo would be good for this? If so, do you know where I could buy it from? It would probably have to be online because all we have in town are lincraft and spotlight. Or is there something else I should use?

    • oh yes bamboo or cotton work really well. If you can check out a store up in qld that ship everywhere and they sell sugar n cream and peaches n cream which is a thicker cotton and works really well. It used to be used USA yarns but I’ll get you the new store name. really lovely to work with. My other favourite is Debbie bliss cotton dk. Also nice and thick

  7. What a cute little sweater — Emerson looks cozy as can be! And, having just returned from a trip to Iceland (with yarn!) I can’t wait to see your Icelandic knitting!!!

    • no way! I was even looking up knitting tours even if though it’s 50 million miles away. I am very jealous of you! I bet it was just gorgeous

  8. Sharine says:

    Very cute jumper. I’m knitting beanies at the moment. Can’t wait to see your new books:)

  9. Just gorgeous Corrie! I’m busily making lots of crocheted hats for my madeit store, as well as a few scarves and snoods for birthday gifts. I’m thinking of crocheting a cardigan for my niece’s birthday in October – better get cracking!

  10. So cute. I just finished my first in threes it’s not fantastic, too long on one side! Followed pattern. Just got my first delivery of wool from bendigo. Fushia going to try debbie bliss cardigan. Hubby said how did you hear about shop in bendigo? I said retro mummy of course. He looked worried! Stay at home mummy in tas has to have a hobby right?

    • haha I’m laughing out loud right now! All care taken and no responsibility on this side but just tell him you are SAVING money by using Bendigo! well done. Don’t worry I made a mistake on the in threes and did the wrong stitches under the sleeves. happy knitting

  11. Jocelyn Collie says:

    I have done a cardigan for each of my 3 girls 10, 9 & 7, am ready to cast off a vest for my girlfriend, so yesterday bought myself some Ella Rae country tweed and my three year old son Sirdar Baby Bamboo

  12. Love it Corrie, has inspired me to take my knitting out :)

  13. I have only recently discovered knitting and am absolutely loving it !!! I am close to tackling a winter top for my youngest who is 3, so am a bit daunted but have to give it a go…… just trying to decide on colour and leaning towards Bendigo luxury lake (just need to find my shade card to make sure). Thank you for your knitting inspiration

  14. Oh this is gorgeous corrie! I love the colour – it looks so smart on Emerson.

  15. Really lovely Corrie! Such a great colour for a little man!

  16. That’s a great knit on him. I am wishing i had some free time to knit. Thanks for the link though as I might just give it a go.

  17. Kathryn says:

    Corrie – you have such beautiful children! What a gorgeous model your darling Emerson is.

    I have my knitting out. I’m a very basic knitter just managing a scarf at the moment.

  18. Too many projects, not enough hours – I hear you. I have cast on a beanie (recycled yarn), socks and am working on an “in threes” cardi in Bendigo Luxury. I recently knitted a couple of teddy sized hats and a doll sized kina (just so I could actually finish some projects).

  19. Di Ross says:

    Oh so true, I spend far to much time being envious of all those knitters on Ravelry and blog land instead of knitting myself. The plus side is you learn a lot. All those new patterns and wool suppliers, nothing nicer on a wet cold Canberra day sitting and knitting.
    Emerson is so cute. So cuddly.

  20. Justine says:

    Love this little jumper on Emerson! I’ve just started knitted a tikki pattern for myself (eck!) called Elizabeth and waiting for some Bendigo wool to start knitting a Ziggy jumper for my youngest boy. Looking forward to reading more about your knitting adventures in the next few days and as like you I am also trying to turn off the computer at nights and do more knitting than surfing!!

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