Pottery Barn is open in Australia

And I got a sneak peek and shop before the rest of Sydney. Talk about a special moment for a dedicated shopper like yours truly. And we were made to feel so special today with access to the store and meeting some of the amazing staff the day before the big official opening. In fact there were some fancy pants magazine people and Melissa Hoyer getting a tour just before we did.

And at the moment I am like a fountain of knowledge on Pottery Barn and Williams-Sonoma. Ask me a question and I probably know the answer. I was like a sponge today. Did you know that Australians are their biggest customers outside North America. And particularly Sydney siders so we got the first store. Did you also know that they spent a considerable amount of time and resources getting the pricing just right for the Australian market. And it shows.

The prices are much better than I expected and I passed that information on – from one mother of 5 children who loves to shop to the people in the know at Williams-Sonoma.

I was lucky enough to take the lovely A Beach Cottage who is such a sweetie and took that picture of me post-shopping. And does she not look like she’s in her second home here at Pottery Barn. She drove because I have height issues with the WBJ carpark and my multivan. I love that I told her that I knew the way and then managed to get us lost and take a few wrong turns. But we got there. That’s the important thing.

Security was on hand at the door as not everyone was allowed inside (only us VIPs!) and we started the day with Williams-Sonoma. Heaven. I mean everything was heaven but Williams-Sonoma was just foodie heaven. The yellow le creuset was a stunning wall of top to bottom heaven and is something to be seen and greets you as you enter. There are food demos and there was juice to taste and it’s all about the experience.

I have a real soft spot for the baking goodies and came home with just a couple of things for my kitchen. I’m dying to use the vanilla bean paste from Madagascar (just under $13 for the jar).

Roxan is the store manager and when I came back for some shopping she held my basket, helped me pick a few things when I told her what I like to bake and nothing was too much trouble! She has been working for Williams-Sonoma for over 5 years and is now in Sydney setting a very high standard for customer service here. I’m excited to tell you that I was the very first customer at that counter. Yes, little old me.

At the back of the store is the Cooking School headed up by Vlad who is very easy on the eyes. His passion is food and his new home in the cooking school is a super light and airy space. I am definitely coming back for a course with him. For the food of course, definitely for the food. I can see the ladies queuing up for his classes.

We were shuffled off down to West Elm next. I didn’t know what to expect with West Elm but this one is for you crafty, creative and eclectic tastes out there. Reclaimed wood, textiles, new York style and working new things in with what you’ve got is the word from Vanessa the creative director for West Elm. They like to collaborate with crafters and there are some aussie designers they are working with but it’s all hush hush. And pricing is reasonable. $119 for a gorgeous quilt set. My favourite was a shibori doona cover. Lots to love here and some really stunning cushions.

Next up….Pottery Barn. Heaven. Both Pottery Barn Kids and Pottery Barn are next to each other and share the same staircase leading upstairs. Also a lift for those with prams/wheelchairs,  I do always look out for the lifts since I almost always am with pram. OK so downstairs just gives you a taster of what is come. and it’s luxurious homewares and inviting bedding. I fell in love with everything and can’t believe that the first thing I bought was potpourri!  Potpourri.

All those gorgeous lights, towels, frames, clocks, candles and glassware and I buy potpourri. I can highly recommend anything in pomegranate and the heirloom rose and everything is smelling fabulous at my house right now. 

In my defence I was seriously overwhelmed and knew I had to come back for a second look and let this be the trip to soak it all up.  

I did fall in love with these wall clocks. All totally my style.

Pottery Barn Kids is full of everything you need for kids bedrooms and the nursery area is like nothing I’ve seen before. Especially for boys, stunning navy and white chevron that has emerson’s name all over it. Monogramming is done in the Pottery Barn kids area upstairs while you wait and costs $9 per item. It was great to watch the monogramming while we had our morning tea.

What you need to know

– you’ll find the stores side by side at the top of Oxford Street Mall and Grosvenor Street in Bondi Junction. A map is here.

– Park at Westfield BJ (unless you drive a VW multivan or need 2.1m clearance in which case look for street parking), look for NAB and leave WBJ, cross the road (walk don’t run) and then you’ll find where you’re meant to be.

– order online and have your goods shipped to you anywhere in Australia.

– get your Pottery Barn catalogues here and sign up to be in the know for your favourite stores within the group. Um that would be all of them for me. Finn has been coveting the Pottery Barn Kids catalogue because of the Star Wars bed set which thankfully is not like any other licensed quilt sets he usually has his sights on.

– there are some great activities for kids in Pottery Barn Kids and they love kids to come up and see them.

– monogramming can be done while you wait in Pottery Barn Kids (upstairs)

– get ready to shop and just feel right at home

– West Elm, Pottery Barn and Pottery Barn Kids offer free design services and will come to your house (if you live in Sydney) or you can do it in store and get some design help for your house. I’m going to use this for the kids bedrooms once the carpets are down upstairs.

A big thank you to all the special people involved in making today happen especially the lovely friendly staff of Williams-Sonoma and Tracy and her team. I met Leigh who was showing us around Pottery Barn, Vicki in Pottery Barn Kids, Anna the creative director of Williams-Sonoma, Roxan the friendly store manager of Williams-Sonoma, there was Vanessa the creative director of West Elm and so many more. It was a real honour to get a sneak peek and little shop today and I can’t wait to come back again! For those who like to brave the crowds the stores will open to the public tomorrow morning.

p.s you can see more of my photos on flickr and instagram. I couldn’t take my big camera as I lost my charger but made do with my iPhone and Blackberry


  1. Wow Pottery Barn looks absolutely fantastic! If I had of been in your position today the product that I would have hunted down would have been a Williams Sonoma beehive cake mould! I saw them on the US site years ago and have endlessly coveted one since! Imagine a delicious beehive shaped cake..I can’t think of much better :)

    • Oooh, must look for the cake mould – I was just popping on to say I’d have snapped up the West Elm Beehive Cake Stand …perfect for my honey lavender cake :-) Would have also had a hard time resisting the Williams-Sonoma iPad stand …and yeah, also the Pottery Barn Kids construction people for my little fellas. Come to think of it – I would have no doubt been overwhelmed too, and just gone with the potpourri (and catalogues for some follow up work!!).

    • natalie says:

      You could achieve the same look with a dolly vardin tin and use a large round nozzel filled with creamy yellow buttercream to decorate the cake to resemble a hive. :)

  2. Kylie Beaman says:

    I really wish they had Pottery Barn in Perth WA!! I absolutely love all their products for my girls bedrooms!!!

  3. Anything Le Creuset!! I must say the yellow sounds lovely…

  4. JUST ONE !
    I think I would of loved to buy the York Town Clock.
    I have listened to my Daughter gloating about the fact that she has Pottery Barn on the East Coast and I don’t have it on the West Coast – I hope she pops in for my Mothers Day gifts, I really like the cushions in Retro Mummy’s shots above (hint hint)

  5. Caroline says:

    So jealous would love to have been in your shoes today. I would have definitely headed off to PB for some homewares…what to choose? I love their vintage looking brass curtain rods (the double ones are lovely, have some but need more!), their clocks and their pictures! I love PB’s style, hopefully will with manage to get there soon and shop up big :)

  6. Christine Farran says:

    I’m lucky to visit Bondi Junction every couple of weeks and have watched with great interest the works going on where these stores will be opening. I even remember some of the stores previously there. My mission when I can would be to purchase Williams-Sonoma Thermo-Clad Stainless-Steel Saucepan would be a dream to own :)

  7. Corrie — you’re so funny! Apparently, you’ll be going back to WS a lot — I hope you can concentrate on the food items LOL. I LOVE LOVE LOVE WS — I’m so happy for you that you finally have a local store. And that first picture of you is adorable — you look wonderful!

  8. A new bed!!! We have just moved into the original homestead on my husband’s family property (complete with original furniture from the 1870s….complete with original bed in the main bedroom). Sounds lovely doesn’t it? Reality not so. Nice looking bed….supposed to be double, more like a king single, sprung, and we’re both nearly 6ft. And let’s not think about the four generations of my husband’s family who have also slept (among other things) in it…..

  9. Charmaine Campbell says:

    I’m desperate to create my own high tea experience at home, so the mini tart baking set looks perfect for the job!

  10. Jasmine says:

    Wow Corrie – you definitely look like you were born to shop there :) Sounds like you had an amazing day. I wouldn’t know where to start. It makes me want to move back to the east coast even more! I don’t think I need to buy anything, because I want to move in to those stores – they have EVERYTHING! I’ve just had a browse around on their websites. Really impressed with the prices. My sn loves the Star Wars bedding too. I never buy licenced things, but this is definitely a cut above the rest.

  11. I love those La Crueset pots. I’d save my pennies long and hard and buy one. In teal. I was in heaven when I visited Pottery Barn in San Francisco last year!

  12. All looks amazing. I first discovered these stores on holiday in Hawaii and fell in love!! Great to have them on our doorstep now!

    I have been coveting the personal embosser from Williams Sonoma http://www.williams-sonoma.com/products/personal-embosser-with-stand/?cm_src=AutoSchRel to give homemade gifts a finishing touch. Oh and of course I love their cookie cutter range!! Thanks Corrie

  13. Margaret says:

    Bulldog Bottle Opener. It will be a gift for hubby (one he would love), which should then open the flood gates for further purchases (for me of course). Now back to the pottery barn/Williams-Sonoma etc websites to work out my shopping strategy….

  14. For me it would be a toss up between pots & anything for bub.
    Giraffe hooded bath towel monogrammed is what my partner said he would like for bub.

  15. the ikat quilt sham. been drooling over that for a while!! and I was in sydney yesterday…. should have faked a serious illness.

    what a great opportunity!

  16. I can’t enter as I am in the UK, but I have been coveting this envelope mailbox for a while now: http://www.potterybarn.com/products/envelope-mailbox/?pkey=call-hardware&cm_src=hero. Seriously jealous!

  17. I wish we had Pottery barn here and Ikea!!! I might have to take a peek and get some things sent to my sister in Brisbane. Heaven! xo

  18. Teena Vescio says:

    Corrie- the pale blue Linen cushions in you first PB shot with the rope/hessian trimming are my favorites. I have them in our lounge room! So excited because I cursed myself for not buying an extra one and now I can!!!!

  19. Me, I would have run out the door with the York Town clock!

  20. Looks like an awesome day! I am so pleased that PB and co have decided to come to Australia and hope Melbourne is next on their list. I went into a Pottery Barn store in NYC last year and was so overwhelmed I didn’t buy a thing! I did go into WS a couple of times and managed to actually buy something there, egg moulds, mini spatulas (which are awesome for getting out the last bits of jam and sauces jars) and something else I cannot remember. The cookie cutter set looks lovely, how nice to think of others for a giveaway. :)

  21. Samantha Nash says:

    I really, really would like Pottery Barns resource centre (I think that’s what they call it). I’ve been drooling over it online. They have pin boards, spaces to put your keys. It is what I really want to buy in the bids to become more organised this year!!

  22. My sons about to make the move to a ‘big boy bed’ so the brody bedding and the Patrick sheeting oh and I love the idea of monograming his name on the pillow or quilt cover. And because I can’t not buy more daughter anything I’d have to get the harper lamb shaped mirrors

  23. Looks fabulous Corrie – what fun!! I have had the lowdown at the school gates as well. They were letting people in all afternoon and two Mum’s were walking by at about 11.45am and asked if it was open and were let through!! They said it was bliss shopping in peace and quiet! I feel like the only school Mum not to have whipped through yesterday afternoon. 2 year olds and their sleep – Grrr.

  24. Catherine says:

    Corrie is am craving the do,it yourself cookie book that you are giving away, making boutique cookies is my all time favourite thing to bake and it looks so clever!

  25. Cathy M says:

    I’ve been eyeing off the woodgrain (faux bois) towels at West Elm US for, oh, about a year! When I make my trip in August to Sydney (thanks for the tips, Corrie), I’ll be running to WBJ to buy a set for the bathroom. In grey. *bliss*

  26. Melanie says:

    I’ve fallen in love with the clocks and would have struggled to resist buying the little one. Reading through the comments now I’m going to check out their organisers, pinboards etc.

  27. Heidi Tomlinson says:

    Hi Corrie, you have me wishing I was living in Sydney right now but thank goodness for online shopping! My first purchase would have been a craft caddy. I have seen that Pottery Barn do a lovely gift wrapping station so it would either be that or, a craft caddy to stylishly hold all my crafty essentials on my desk but still look good, not messy!

  28. Jacinta says:

    The first thing I would have bought would be one of the large wall clocks. I am so in love with them I will be ordering one very soon. You are so lucky, it would have been amazing to be in there. And believe me there would have been a lot more purchases following the wall clock if I was in your position.

  29. Oh, Oh, me me me – I would have bought the sandwich pan cake tin for sure! Who wouldn’t love an oversized oreo cake! I’m sure this could be made?

  30. Charlotte E says:

    I hope that it doesn’t make me look vain but I would have gone for one of PB’s gorgeous mirrors – probably the silver beaded mirror.

  31. Alison says:

    It would have been the kitchen section for me. So many choices. I think I’d have bought some moulds for making desserts.

  32. How amazing, it’s online for us Perth folk!
    I would have run out the door with Potpourri also. A toilet training little person and a toilet training puppy calls for all the beautiful scents I can get!!!!!

  33. Alison says:

    These are my all,time favourite stores and when I lived in Memphis TN for a,few years, the WS and PB outlet stores were my happy place. I would choose the Kew Dhurrie Pouf – Perfect for a casual, relaxed living space.

  34. Elizabeth Ann says:

    I think I would have been rather overwhelmed too! I’ve drooled at these stores online for years… I think I need a Sydney visit!! I probably would have bought a wooden cutting board… not for chopping on more for serving food on, you can really never have too many boards!!

  35. Oh my, I’m coming to Sydney this weekend I think I’ll need a little side trip to Bondi Junction…so I guess the first thing I saw was the Le Creuset (huge fan) however I’m sure “Do it yourself baking mould'” for the kids, or an inspirational cookbook or even a tea towel to tuck away in my luggage would be suffice. all too exciting!

  36. One of the mirrors from pottery barn!!
    Great give away Corrie!
    Cheers, Lee :)

  37. Wow! So much visual candy. Adore it all but would love a clock at home. Hope you go back again for another post – work related of course!

  38. oh my so many beautiful things,but i think i would come away with some cushions,thankyou for a chance in your lovely giveaway.xx

  39. Megan Williams says:

    Oh My Gosh! I have found my new inspiration for my house! Looks like we may be moving to Sydney in the coming months so I know what I will be coveting! There is so much lovely but the thing that really caught my eye was the Boys Rugby bedding in Navy. Times 4 for each of the boys! Love love love!

  40. Amanda Casalanguida says:

    You had me at Star Wars. First thing I did was go check out the quilt cover you spoke of…. they are BOTH beautiful!! I totally see what you mean.. not your regular Star Wars set. I’D have it in my room if my husband would let me. But that will never happen so first thing I’d buy is the XWing TIE Fighter Star Wars Quilt for my son. Then I could look at it all day. Def on the Christmas List!

  41. WOW! So glad you had the chance to go along and had a great time. I would definitely pick up some cushions, my old lounge could do with some brightening up! But candles are also on my wish list at the moment, so maybe some of those too.

  42. Corrie, this makes me want to come to Sydney. What would I buy first?
    Oh the le creuset yellow cookware (just because it looks sensational)
    or cushions for the bedroom
    or a big clock for the hallway
    or something arty from West Elm
    or or or oh I just don’t know.

    Thanks for this lovely post.

  43. Ohh – love the fact it looks as if you were the only two in the store. lucky ducks. I’m holding off going till this arvo – hope the queues aren’t too nasty – have promised my 12 yr old (boy) we’ll go after school. He’s a mad cake boss fan so keen to check out the baking section – he made a camouflage two tiered gluten free army cake for ANZAC Day – and worked it all out by watching Cake Boss!!!!! Certainly does not get it from his mama!!!! Think he’ll be an avid fan of WS!!!

  44. Melissa Hart says:

    A gorgeous new quilt set to completely change the look of my bedroom. Oh and some new cushions, side tables and lamp just to finish the new look off.
    To spoil myself for my new bedroom look I would purchase some gorgeous candles to scatter throughout the house!

  45. Caroline says:

    Any of those gorgeous woven basket….. but I’ve been dreaming and wishing and hoping for the tart baking set you instagrammed yesterday…. That is what I would have bought and probably will as soon as I can get up to Sydney!
    So fun to share in the excitment with you, I agree with you, it looks totally overwhelming in the best possibly way!

  46. natalie says:

    Too many beautiful, *gush worthy*, must be mine, deliciousness, too difficult to choose just one.

    Thank you for helping to start my Thursday off on an inspired foot. As soon as I’m back from Melbourne, I’m starting on our home!

  47. Oh Corrie you showed such restraint. I think I would be running through the stores gathering stuff. However one thing I would have bought is the Sandwich Cookie Cake Pan Set. I love the markings it will leave on the cake.
    I would love to live in Pottery Barn. :)
    Thanks for the giveaway.

  48. Krystal C says:

    Toy storage for my little girl – before they take over my house and drive me crazy!

  49. One of the yellow le creuset dutch ovens. I have never seen that colour before and it’s amazing!

  50. Donna J says:

    Oh s jealous. Make the Sydney store a success so they can open one in Melbourne 😉
    I think if I was there I would buy either a clock (how gorgeous are they) Or there were some lovely quilts and pillows in the kids section that would look adorable in my daughters room

  51. Wow, the shopping looks amazing and you are so lucky! Cannot believe the last 2 weeks of your life, right? I try to keep out of really nice shops because it only leads to longing and spending money but I might have been tempted by Le Creuset. I don’t have any and I must be missing out. So if they had aqua or duck egg blue I would have been sold.

  52. Ooooo I would totally be updating some frames as we haven’t got any wedding photos printed yet and it’s a travesty! I want a big wall of white square frames.
    Just one bone I have to pick with PB/Williams-Sonoma/West Elm…they say they will ship ANYWHERE in Australia. Well the website only has the capital cities, and no mention of poor Darwin/NT. As a rural shopper who lives in a remote location (three hours to nearest shopping centre, an hour to nearest supermarket) and relies on online shopping for mostly everything, I’m pretty disappointed. Yet again we miss out. Not happy Pottery Barn.

  53. Andrea says:

    The hanging lamps in the photo which has the book of “A Taste of Morocco” in it.

    Wow, Corrie, an exclusive preview of the shop,it must have been fun!

  54. Louise Saunders says:

    Wow, have been in Sydney every month for the last 5 months and now no plans for a little while :( wish it had opened a little earlier!
    I love the collection of photo frames they have, along with the kids bedroom decor!

  55. Kerrie says:

    HI Corrie – seeing as you know a lot about this topic, do you know when they are opening their doors to the public. I wanted to order something online but can’t find a way to do it so I’m assuming they aren’t open yet. Any info to share on that?
    Thanks, Kerrie :)

  56. I would have bought cushions probably, as that is my mothers day gift this year, I just have to pick them out. Otherwise, I’m wanting to shift to a sense of beach in my home and some beautiful shells or other decoration would have been snapped up.

  57. I would have bought the Star Wars quilt set. My husband is a fan from way back and plans to induct our son into the fan club very soon.

  58. LauraBarn says:

    This post was my introduction to your beautiful blog and I am already a fan!
    Pottery Barn/PB Kids/West Elm/Williams-Sonoma – they all look AMAZING!

    I can’t wait to get my hands on that Sandwich Cookie pan! My husband is half-American and loves everything Americana – especially food-wise. I equally love the idea of those awesome cookie cutters. I love the idea of inscribing individual little messages and personalising everyone’s cookies! Who am I kidding? I love everything!

  59. Christy says:

    My 4 year old is doll crazy and I have been trawling the internet in search of a quality doll (actually surprising hard to find in Australia) that is affordable and can be shipped to Australia with out costing an arm and a leg for her birthday. Needless to say, I haven’t been able to find one that fits all the criteria. Pottery Barn Kids sell beautiful German made Gotz dolls. The first thing I would buy would be the Ashleigh doll (because she looks like my daughter) and extremely reasonable postage.

  60. Pick just one thing might be an understatement. As I looked at the photos I was picturing most of it at our house!! Really liked the picture with the lounge and cushions and glasswear behind it. Loved the blue glass flowers in the vase. Was surprised when you said you brought potpurri but when I saw the picture I can totally see why you did. Pottery Barn has now gone on the list of must dos when we come to down to Sydney soon.

  61. Karlene says:

    The “Play in the Park” boys rug.
    Master four will think it’s heaps of fun, driving his cars and trucks around the 152cm x 244cm of floor space. I know it’s protecting the new carpet in his room!

  62. Melissa Curtin says:

    oh gosh I have no idea what I would buy first! There are way too many fabo things. I am in love with the Emma Footed Fruit Bowl! We are using a mixing bowl at the moment and it is wayyy too small

  63. Nina Downes says:

    I would go drool over all the boys linen – I am on the look out for linen for my little one for when we move him to his big boy bed. I’ve not liked much I’ve seen around for boys but I spied a lovely looking set in one of your photos – off to the website I go!

  64. I think I would have been totally selfish and created a beautiful space in our bedroom. Our youngest is now 3, so I think we can re-claim our bedroom as our own and start decorating it with beautiful things now that there is slightly less risk of it being ruined by grubby but gorgeous little hands. Lots of cushions. Very cosy.

  65. Corrie, you look absolutely fantastic!! Gorgeous photo of you outside the store. LOVE those clocks (and have requested my catalogue!).

  66. I fell in love with West Elm when i visited the states a couple of years ago. Stunning store! I would’ve purchased some pretty tea towel/hand towel for the kitchen from Williams-Sonoma OR those gorgeous cream/white waffle looking cushions from West Elm!

  67. Stefania says:

    Love the photos – I actually bought the large cookie cake pan whilst in the US from Wiiliam Sonoma 3 years ago – it’s a great mould! Holding out until Mon to go with a friend …… Not sure if I can really as I am free tomorrow!! Lol

  68. Yay!!! I would seriously jump on a plane to fly to Sydney this weekend if my daughter was competiting in a QLD dance comp. If I was there I think the first thing I’d head for are the decanters … just got really excited about how gorgeous and inviting a decanted wine can be … just makes dinner seem even more special. And while I dont drink scotch .. a crystal cut decanter of Grand Marnier on a mirror tray sitting on my black dresser would be a delicious sight when I walk in the front door

  69. Lyn Schubert says:

    I am totally overwhelmed with all the fabulous “stuff”! As I am downsizing and moving to a new cottage I could furnish my whole home with Pottery Barn and WS, oh and a Star Wars bed set for my 35 year old son (father of 2) who is still a huge SW fan!!
    Thanks Corrie.

  70. What a fabulous store – thanks for posting about it! The first thing I would buy would be a blue round woven storage basket. I have a baby (my first), on the way in 6 weeks and am struggling to find the right container to store things – this would be perfect.

  71. I live in Perth and I was so happy to have read your blog this morning :) I want to book a trip to Sydney now just to see the new store!

    I have been looking at their office organisation furniture for a long time, I wonder if the Bondi store has it. That would be my first purchase

  72. oooh its a toughie, but I think a lovely rug for our lounge area..and it would probably be chevron, my latest additction.. CHEVRON!!!

  73. Susan Leach says:

    Oh Wow, will have to come to Sydney just to go Shopping at Pottery Barn. My first stop would have been the kitchen shop, and one of those Le Creuset pots would have had my name on it. Love your dress and thanks for this giveaway.

  74. Kathryn C says:

    Wow I’m in heaven!!!! Just looking through the website and I am addicted. So many gorgeous products that not only I would love so would hubby and the children! The first thing I would buy is one of those gorgeous quilts for my little Miss 4. The decision is which one though…haha

  75. Elise Fleming says:

    I would have gone straight to the baking section and I love the Williams-Sonoma Goldtouch Non-stick Mini Loaf Pan. Just wish we had the stores in Victoria; looks like you had heaps of fun.

  76. Melanie says:

    yes great Pottery Barn… but how about that amazing dress of yours! Do share the brand immediately please!

    • oh thanks! facebook went nuts asking me last night too:) Its from boom Shankar, $89 and amazing to wear! you can also find on birdsnest

  77. Miriam Simmons says:

    I think I would get the smart tools kitchen stand for tablets and the smart tools iPad screen because I am always looking up blogs for recipes and I’ve had to save the iPad on more than one occasion from cake batter and tomato sauces!

    What a great give-away Corrie! By the way I love your dress. Where did you get it from? You look gorgeous and the tan from Hayman is really showing off with those colours :-)

  78. Jennifer Beaman says:

    Well if Vlad definitely wasn’t for sale then it would have to be one of those cute little lambies! Everything looks gorgeous :)

  79. Melissa says:

    The first thing I would buy?!! Oh man, that’s hard! I think I would be absolutely overwhelmed going through their stores. I would want to buy just about every-single-thing I saw. Once I had got control of myself again and thought about my poor credit card, I think I’d head to Pottery Barn Kids and buy something for the kids. I never feel quite as guilty when I’m spending money on them :-)

  80. Lesley says:

    What colour is green? I’m so envious. Even though Pottery Barn & co have online shopping there is nothing more pleasurable than cruising around a store and feeling excited about everything you see.
    Will need an excuse to visit Sydney soon!
    Thank you for sharing your experience with all of us non VIPs and you looked lovely and I’m sure gave the lovely Melissa Hoya a run for her money.
    P.S. Of course the first thing I would have picked up would have been Do it Yourself Cookie Cutters or maybe even a tea towel or 2. Can never have too many tea towels!

  81. Rachel says:

    Oh! How lucky you are in Sydney! I’m so glad they ship to all over Australia (VIC). I would love to have some expert advise and some pottery barn goodies for my new nursery. I’m past 20 weeks now and am itching to get decorating!

  82. Just Us says:

    A little something special forsurprise baby no 4 :)

  83. It looks amazing. I would have been torn between kitchen stuff for me or some gorgeous bedding for my daughter………..but I’m a mum so the bedding would have won & my stuff would have waited for another time :)

  84. I would buy one of the gorgeous Boys Organic Quilt covers.

  85. Heidi P says:

    I would have bought the very thing you are giving away, the Williams-Sonoma DIY cookie cutters. Have a bit of a cookie cutter habit, you can never have too many!. Sshh don’t tell my husband. Lol

  86. Gorgeous dress Corrie. You would be horrified to know that I worked around the corner from The Pottery Barn outlet store in the States (the factory store) and I never went in it!!! My American friends always raved about it yet I never still visited. I think because I was always living a nomadic lifestyle I never allowed room for this type of shopping. I feel a bit silly now!! If only I knew you then I could have done your shopping for you and shipped things back.

  87. Ok, so this is not creative at all, but I was thinking the other day that I’ve never actually bought some nice fluffy bath towels. My best towel is a Canningvale my aunt gave to me for a wedding present 14 years ago and it’s starting to fall apart! So, I would buy one fluffy towel for me and one for my husband 😀

  88. Melissa says:

    Anything from west elm, can’t wait to get there. We renovated a few years ago but are yet to do our bedroom so a lovely bedspread and lamps wouldn’t go a miss

  89. I would have bought one of the big old station style wall clocks. They look rather grand.

  90. Maria Clark says:

    WOW what a great place I would have bought the cushions first then I would go Pottery Barn Kids.

  91. Pamela Gilfoyle says:

    Wow Pottery Barn = Shopping Heaven, I will have to go there if ever in Sydney. My local shopping area (Bundaberg has nothing close ! ) I would buy the big New York Clock I have been wanting one of those for a while .

  92. Linda Cefai says:

    I would have loved to have the mini tart pans in the picture with the manager.

  93. Rach Walton says:

    Hi ladies! Does anyone know if PB Bondi have a phone number? Lol! Sounds like such a simple question but I’ve searched everywhere and found nothing! Cheers!

  94. Oh wow, the cookie set! I’ve never seen anything like it! I wouldn’t have been able to resist that! In fact I may just have to order online… How fun!

  95. Their pillows (cushions) are all amazing. One or two or…….. would definitely have to come home with me :)

  96. Marie-Louise says:

    Well, what would I have bought. I think, I would be still in the shop, lying on a couch or sitting in a chair, until they throw me out in the evening, as I couldn’t make my mind up. I want it ALL. Last time I was in New York I wanted to buy so much again that my husband got a bit annoyed with me. Excess baggage. I had been in nearly every City that had a Potterybarn shop before – but you never know, there could be somthing different. I like the furniture (too heavy to carry), the lights (do they work in Australia), the bath accessories and the beds. I actually could live in their showroom (maybe I could have a holiday there). Oh, I really don’t know what I would buy first. When the first rush of excitement is over (it takes a while) I most time buy somthing which I can take home ( I probably don’t need it – but it is nice to look at ). Last time I bought candles (because we don’t have candles in Australia), Glass container for decorations and fall decorations. Coming back to the question what would I buy. I probably would buy something which is not available in Australia otherwise, I like all things for baking, glasses, towels pillows, throws – oh I can’t wait to go. I am already looking at flights. Potterybarn – here I come.

  97. OzKnitter says:

    I would buy the box set of measuring cups and spoons. They have US and metric sizes so then I’d be able to easily make cookies etc that are in “US measurements” that I find via blogs and Pinterest. Not particularly exciting, but very useful!

    Hope they soon come to Melbourne

  98. Di Ross says:

    Oh Corrie, I will be banned from reading your blog after convincing the Minister of Finance I need a Thermomix this week. Now you are introducing me to this great new shop Pottery Barn. I would so buy the cookie cutters.

  99. W-S and Pottery Barn are always on my must visit list when I’m in the US. If I were you, I’d have headed straight to all the specialty bakeware I’m W-S.

  100. The first thing I would purchase when stepping into the store would be the Union Station clock. It would go perfectly in my home and is exactly what I have been searching for!

  101. Soooo jealous. Lucky lucky you. I’m almost drooling. Wonder if any of these stores might ever make it to little old Perth? Oh well, thank goodness for on line shopping.
    Congrats on getting in first!

  102. ooohhh… I’m already organizing a babysitter so I can get over there this weekend!! I really want to get some of the kids bedding from PBK and the beverage dispensers from Williams Sonoma. Love those stores!!

  103. As the nights get cooler, definitely the Grand Chenille Throw.
    In fact I’m thinking of a reason to head to Sydney!

  104. what a beautiful day we had…nearly as nice as the Whitsundays xx

  105. Narelle A says:

    You are certainly a very lucky girl Corrie! Like you my first purchase would have been a little out there, I would have bought the cup cake mix! I’m sure the cakes would taste Devine but the packaging is so cute and would look perfect on my kitchen bench.

  106. suze2000 says:

    Easy! The coral embroidered cushion covers.

    But I suspect a trip to Sydney might be in order – I need to feel homewares before I buy them. :)

  107. What a great day you had :-) I’ve had so much fun tonight looking through the websites….I think as a enthusiastic baker, my first purchase would be the Le Creuset Heritage Stoneware Loaf Pan. Can’t wait to check out the store!

  108. Oh it All Looks Goegeous Thanks for showing us around and so glad you had the chance to be involved…

  109. Natalie says:

    Thanks for the introduction to The Pottery Barn. This store looks amazing and I am already trying to plan a trip down the highway!! I think my first stop would be to the kids store. The prints on the sheeting looks amazing. (Chevron print to start please). And I love the idea that in a couple of years time these beautiful printed sheets could be up-cycled into some home-made clothing when we have outgrown the cot.

  110. Janelle says:

    You lucky thing, I have been drooling at Pottery Barn online for years. I love the Pocket Watch Clocks, one of them would definitely have made its way into my shopping bag 😉

  111. My husband has agreed we fango on the weekend! Very excited. If the bank balance was not a consideration I would head straight for the nursery gliders. I would love one for our nursery.

  112. Vikki Ahmed says:

    Hi Corrie,
    I have read your blog since your big kitchen Reno in your old house.
    I love reading DIY blogs which happen to be all American.i have always read Pottery Barn West Elm etc and dreamed about going.Well I’m still dreaming as I live in Queensland.Your Post did give brighten my day as Sydney is a possibility.
    I didn’t read your post title at first glance I thought you had a makeover,you sure look fresh and not a Mummy of five.(lol I know this because I am a mum of five).
    To the point I would be thrilled to be have your cookie cutter gift to spend time together with my children.I mostly make cakes but the cookie cutters look like they will have me break out in biscuits.
    All the best

  113. I am in Heaven now that my Favorite Stores are here in Australia .I am from the USA and currently residing here
    I just hope that the customer service of all three stores is equivalent to the USA customer service to Keep the Standard
    Happy & feeling at home :)

  114. I’m on the look out for a square silver clock for my bedside table…have seen them in the US store online so I’m bound to find them here somewhere! :)

  115. After much indecision I would have bought the lovely York Town Clock, as my living room is currently clockless and that clock is so lovely! Thanks for a wonderful contest :)

  116. The clocks look great and we actually don’t have a clock in our house… might explain why it’s hard to leave the house on time with four little ones. Thanks for the giveaway :)

  117. It’s so exciting, I always visit Pottery Barn when I’m in the US.

    Beautiful products and a unique shopping experience…..so glad you have finally arrived

  118. Natalie Earl says:

    Wow, I would love to visit there! I have a bit of a thing for cushions at the moment so I would’ve probably come back with quite a few :)

  119. catrina murray says:

    Ahhhhhh the pure bliss that is Pottery Barn – the source of many beloved pins and also much mournful pining over the computer screen! This item I drooled over a very long time ago – but isn’t it an amazing and beautiful way to store memories or special items found on your travels and I even think I could get the seashore inside via some shells for those of us who are not fortunate enough to live anywhere nearby! http://www.potterybarn.com/products/bacchus-table-bedside-lamp/?pkey=ctable-bedside-lamps

  120. The opening of Pottery Barn has been highly anticipated in our home. I was delighted to take my 4 and a half year old twin girls to the opening and it did not disappoint! The first thing I purchased was ‘The Birthday Book’ for each of my 4 children and at only $12 each it was great value for money. It is attractive and is cleverly put together for you to include photos, party information, your child’s interests and memorabilia for each year of your child’s life up to their 18th birthday. I have been looking for something like this for ages but it took Pottery Barn to deliver :) Another gorgeous purchase I made was ‘Lunchbox Love for Kids’ which are sets of cards to choose from to pop in your child’s lunchbox with special sayings and encouragement on one side and on the reverse, fun trivia facts. Blanks are included too so that can personalise them. My kids are addicted to them already! I am already planning my next shopping day!!

  121. Victoria says:

    I would have bought a Solano mirror, as I have been looking for a mirror just like that for my bedroom.

  122. Samantha says:

    I don’t think I could have made it past the Le Creuset without buying something. I love to go to those stores sans kiddos and just soak up the loveliness of it all!

  123. Winnie says:

    Ahhh, Pottery Barn, Pottery Barn, here at last,
    If I was in Sydney I’d get their fast,
    Not potpurri or cake tins would I choose
    but decorative pillows in lovely blue hues!!!!!!

  124. Kristy Hanson says:

    Huge fan and so in-love with pottery barn….. My first purchase would be Boys square feature multi colour curtains or grey and white chevron rug. I’m in the middle of redecorating my sons bed for his birthday in 10 days.

  125. Leanne smith says:

    So many things to buy, i do love the sprinkles mixes though they would have to be top of my list followed by the drink dispensers and stands

  126. Oh. My. Gosh. Pottery Barn!!!!
    I’d be getting me a big clock for the kitchen :)

  127. I would have probably bought something from Pottery Barn Kids. I love their Star Wars bed sets as they are more classy than the usual cartoony type doona covers you see here.

  128. I would have bought myself fluffy towels and new bed sheets. Just for the wonderful newness of sleeping under a newly bought linen set to wake up and shower wrapping myself in the fluffiest towel you ever did see. It’s the simple things that I long for.

  129. Michele Carpenter says:

    I would have bought co-ordinating bath towels from PBKids with my children’s names embroidered. Love the ones with the rugby stripe.

  130. Kristy A says:

    I would have bought a La Crueset pot. How exciting to have a Pottery Barn in Australia now!

  131. Tina Evans says:

    The two most dangerous things for me to be let loose in are a bookstore or a “homestore” eg Potterybarn. I wouldn’t know where to look first, or what to buy first. But I would probably buy a pudding tin, I have always wanted to make my daughter one of those cakes with the doll in them and the cake is the dress.

  132. Michelle Kerle-Taylor says:

    I would have bought something for my twins bedroom. Lettering to spell out their names maybe or a print. And I definitely would get assistance in the design of their room. Being boy/girl twins that share a room but each need their individuality and space. So would like to create something for them to express who they each are but at the same time a space that compliments each other and looks great.

  133. Photo frames, I definitely need new ones for our new house and they have some gorgeous white ones on their website.

  134. Deb Neill says:

    Well Pottery Barn looks amazing, pity I’m In Brisbane

  135. Alicia says:

    I am absolutely drooling over the linen! I would love to pop to Sydney for a look at pottery barn. Something feminine for my little girl is in order. I have my eye on the Samantha douvet cover. Thank you for the chance to enter! I will continue to dream…. Ooh now I’m dreaming of the cassoulet range … Sigh

  136. Absolute first purchase? Star Wars sheets and quilt, for ME!! Am sure hubby wouldn’t mind!! Or the 5 kids…. And anything to do with baking.

  137. Am I too late? I can understand why you felt overwhelmed – I’m dizzy just from the photos! I love that brightly patterned cushion and those clocks are lovely too!

  138. Mostly I would have walked out with a candle or potpourri too. Though Im a little partial to the monogrammed table linen. Seems so fancy to have the first letter of your surname on a table cloth and serviettes..

  139. This is dangerous information to share…. I LOVE POTTERY BARN!!! Can’t wait to check it out.

  140. What a generous giveawbas always – thank you for the chance!
    I would have been overwhelmed as well and had to go back again and again and again! I would have probably bought myself some tea towels! The kitchen version of pot pouri!!

  141. I am desperate to have a sit on the the West Elm grey modular lounge. It might be “Just” the one I have been searching for. Oh, and yes – a yellow Le Creuset has my name on it too.

    Thanks for the chance to win.

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