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My house has the lived in look. I’ve perfected it over the years. I could get a 10 out of 10 for making a house look like a family lives in it.  I can swiffer my lovely dark new floors as many times as I like but it only takes one packet of jatz or some toast and all the hard work is gone. Our dining room table usually represents a dumping ground for homework, newspapers, keys and the like.

And kitchen counters have bottles, sterilising stuff, the jug, the coffee jar, toaster, thermomix, biscuits and well…………..more stuff. Counter and cupboard space is pretty tight in this kitchen. The sink is home to things that need to be washed or things left out to dry. A chux hangs over the tap. Teatowels hang around. But there was none of that today.

I had a photographer coming today and I had suggested a picture in my kitchen. If it was my old house (check it out here) with the fancy new kitchen then of course the kitchen would be the perfect place for a photo. But you know what. I actually loved my kitchen today. It was so clean and tidy and I embraced the retro.

Of course it only took one mealtime and a few snacks to get the kitchen looking a bit more normal and give us a few more days and we’ll be back to the usual look. But for today it was fun. Of course retro daddy is loving it like this but I can’t find a thing.

And while we’re speaking about the house what has happened with the renovating, you say? Well retro daddy finished painting the staircase last weekend and it’s looking fabulous. He knocked it over in 2 afternoons! He has the skirtings and windows in a room upstairs (since the painter left!) and then I will be paying the deposit on the carpet and getting it installed in the next month or so. I won’t miss the wooden steps once the carpet is down but considering this was the before . Well it’s looking pretty fabulous!

And I’ve been saving for the carpet myself and I must say that as hard as saving can be (I’m a spender),  it’s a nice feeling knowing that we’ll be paying cash for it and have worked towards a goal. I think it sends a good message to the kids too. They know that the reason we don’t have carpet on the stairs or haven’t replaced the green upstairs is because we’re saving for it. And I like that!

p.s did you see my photobomber!

p.p.s wait till you see the photos from today!! the very talented James Horan came out to the house and combined with the makeup talents of the very lovely Wayne Chick…..well I’m pretty excited to see them!


  1. The photobomber is totally adorable! My favourite picture of the lot, although the retro kitchen is apt in this case!

  2. My goodness Corrie! The house is looking great! Your only crime is your Thermomix isn’t out on your bench top!!! The horror!!! Looking forward to seeing pics of you all glammed up! You certainly know how to pack a lot into one day!! xoxox

    • yes I know! it’s on the other side of the kitchen as we were going retro!!! trust me it’ll be back:) I can’t go a day without using it!

  3. Wow, the kitchen looks great and the staircase is amazing. Retro Daddy has come to the rescue again. Good job saving for the carpet – it will be so much more precious when it is done.

  4. Well I missed the photo bomber and had to go back and have a look lol! Loving your retro kitchen, we our renovating our kitchen ATM and I have been saving up and paying for the blinds, tiles, lights, new (induction friendly) saucepan set…although they are the smaller things, it’s such a good feeling just the same:)

  5. Love that ur embracing the retro kitchen! Our house has a very lived in feel too – our kitchen/dining room looks like Mister Maker has been for a visit! I’m not quite sure what to do with all the creations my 5 year old makes. A while back though, we had a real estate agent come to do a valuation and I cleaned and tidied like there was no tomorrow. It was lovely to sit back and enjoy the feeling of a not lived in house if only for a few hours. I know what I prefer though! Look forward to seeing the photos.

    • I know! right now it’s like a show home but it won’t last long but it’s nice to see the house looking that good:)

  6. Great job retrodaddy! and enjoy a tidy kitchen. Mine is the same – lots of stuff everywhere but so nice when I clear it all away.

  7. Looking good Corrie! I’ve been working on my little ‘Working Space’ this weekend! Like you I saved my pennies and waited… It’s a whole year overdue but can I tell you it is looking amazing and I’m loving every inch of it! proud moments all around!

    Sophie xo

  8. I love your kitchen. I’m a retro lover so I would probably keep it as it is! xo

    • I know! part of me will miss it:) but in saying that chipboard flys everywhere when you open a cupboard or wipe under a ledge so it’s seen better days

  9. Engracia says:

    I’ve enjoyed watching this weekend unfold over in Istagram, looking forward to reading the article and seeing the photos

  10. Love that little peaking face :-) Kitchen so very Retro Corrie! look forward to seeing your next installment of renovations :-)

    • I know!!!! so cute! he’s always following me! I hope the kitchen reno comes sooner rather than later:)

  11. Christie says:

    Love your home and those stairs are crazy gorgeous… will adore your new carpet all in good time and your right sometimes you appreciate things all the more when you have had to save hard to acquire it……now the kitchen well I’m still undecided 😉

  12. If it makes you feel any better, my kitchen is worse! We are renovating right now, and I’ll be getting an enormous new kitchen (by comparison to my current teeny tiny 1960’s one complete with cupboard doors that fall off and an oven from Bunnings). I currently have two 1/2 meter bits of benchtop to use for prep that are only 40cm deep due to stuff that has to be stored on top of the benches…. it’s not easy, is it! But I have a thermomix too, and it does make life a lot easier with an unrenovated house. I also think that it proves that you can either cook regardless of your kitchen situation, or you just don’t like cooking and it’s an excuse. Well done on saving for the carpet – always better to be financially responsible with renovations… people can go way overboard.

    • correct! you know what, I thought how on earth can I cook in this kitchen or blog food! well I’ve been blogging recipes from the kitchen for a year without a prob and yes the thermomix makes a big difference! I’d rather hide the jug, toaster, microwave, kitchen aid so long as my thermomix is out and accessible. good luck with the reno – hard work but so worth it!

  13. White lilys are just too fabulous aren’t they?
    Love your dining table.

  14. Oh I just found your photobomber – adorable! I love the effect that the white chairs and lilies have – that freshness seems to lift everything around them. I had such a chuckle when I read about your floor – I would love to pop some kind of vacuum sack underneath my childrens’ chins when they eat!! We’re finally progressing with our reno (though we are in the 80’s!), but will start with the bathrooms first.

  15. Great job on your kitchen, the house is looking beautiful. I would love that staircase. I had a kitchen just like yours when I lived in Sydney. Would you like to come and help me get my house back in order now the kids are back at school and I’m not a 24/7 restaurant? And you had better get that Thermomix back out. My friend Helena tells me that the rule is that you have to keep it on your bench or you won’t use it. She says she couldn’t live without it and that I absolutely must get one.

  16. Corrie your photobomber is too cute – and too into everything now!!!!! I also loved the photo of the three little monkeys sitting on the sofa like absolute angels. Can’t wait to see the photos of your amazing day, I bet it was lots of fun!

  17. Love the photobomber! We don’t have carpet on our stairs yet either, but their time will come. I love the retro kitchen – if it were too modern, it would just look sterile and without charm!

  18. What a difference your floors and paint makes! I haven’t been by for a little while but the house is looking gorgeous – the retro kitchen really works now, love it! And how big is your photo bomber now!!! Where is the time going….?

  19. Good to embrace the now while planning for the future and you do it so well :)

  20. you are going to miss that kitchen when it eventually goes………….

  21. Mama of 2 boys says:

    Oh I love your little photobomber Corrie, I noticed him first thing when I saw that pic :)
    Your house sounds precisely like mine, as hard as I try to keep it looking clutter-free and spic and span… it never stays that way for more than half a day. Your kitchen is very cool and reminds me so much of my grandparents kitchen when they were alive. I still have fond memories of that kitchen and all the goodies made with love that were baked in it. Can’t wait to see your professional pics of the day xo

  22. Mmmm… I love your kitchen!

    I am really intrigued by this Thermomix you mentioned. I did read your earlier posts on it, but some further research and local reviews mentioned that it is a tad too small for big family. Do you suppose it can continue to serve you well when the kids are older and eating more? I am tempted but my kids are older, so not sure if Thermomix is enough to feed them.

  23. Your floors are stunning Corrie! And I love the stairs. I bet you’re excited about the carpet. And I agree too, that it sends a great message to your kids that you’re saving to afford the carpet. Life’s not as easy as clicking your fingers and new stuff appears! We have to worked damned hard for it!! Fi xx

  24. What colour did RetroDaddy paint the stairs? love them.

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