easter means something to me

Well easter is upon us and the older I get the more it means to me. And this might be a post just for my Christian readers out there.  In fact I get more emotional at Easter than I do at Christmas. Growing up we always did mass every sunday and especially Easter but never the Good Friday service. Retro daddy loves to tell the kids about hanging out at home every year in his sunday best after getting home from stations of the cross and waiting for the 3pm service. And so when we got married we started going to the 3pm Good Friday service and I fell in love with it.

It is so moving and I always shed a tear. It was so new to me when we started going but it is full of so much tradition and just a beautiful way to celebrate easter. This year, Good Friday coincides with the 2 year anniversary of losing my dear mum. So tomorrow’s service is set to be the tear jerker of all tear jerkers for me. It was my faith that got me through the hardest of days. That answered my questions of why we have to lose our loved ones and to know that there is something better waiting for us.

And it made me realise that life is to be lived. That my purpose here is to have my family and to live a good life. Before that I always had those questions like why am I here and what happens when I die. I used to get into a panic when I’d think about what would happen when life is over here. But those questions don’t really pop into my head as much because I know I’ve given life to 5 little people who will go on to have their families.

Today I had Finn home with me and when we got to the cemetery I asked him to say a little prayer – I thought he’d just stand up but he knelt down and said a quiet little prayer. Oh what a sweet boy.My job is done with him. Meanwhile I managed to turn a pretty floral arrangement into a total mess trying to poke the stems into the holes of the pot.

And I’m not much of a bible quoter here on this blog as I know we come with different beliefs and backgrounds and in fact I might have just said last week I don’t do bible quotes on this blog. But heh it’s easter and this is something that gave me such peace and still does……………………

“In my Father’s house are many rooms; if it were not so, I would have told you. I am going there to prepare a place for you. And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come back and take you to be with me that you also may be where I am.” John 14:2-3.

And so I wish you a very happy and holy easter weekend and time with your loved ones. And if you are thinking about going to church this Easter but not so sure. Well just go. It fills a place in my heart that nothing could ever fill. And I’m so grateful to my mum for my faith and bringing me up with it.







  1. Thank you for sharing these sentiments. They go to make up who you are and that is what we like – seeing the real Corrie.

    Enjoy Easter with your family.

  2. Thank you for posting this. It is good to hear people who are unafraid to talk about their faith. I pray that this Easter brings you and you family many blessings.

  3. Happy Easter Corrie . . . this is my favourite post from you. xx

  4. You made me cry! I hope I get to see you and your lovely brood in the short time I’m home, My love and thoughts although always with you will be a little bit more tomorrow. xxx

  5. I have been reading your blog for a while now and love it. I have never commented before but just couldn’t help it on this one. I really appreciate you writing this. My whole life I have attended church off and on, more on as a child and more off as an adult. I now have 2 girls of my own and while we have been to church a few times, it has not been regular. In the past few days they have been asking if we can go to church on Easter and I must admit that I have been tossing up whether or not to go. I am now decided, we will be going.

    Thank you for writing this post, you spoke to my heart.

    • oh Mel thank you for saying that! I kind of hoped it would touch someone and make them go. Sometimes with kids it can feel like you’re not welcome or they might be noisy but trust me kids are always welcome:) have a wonderful easterxxx

  6. Maria do Carmo says:

    Feliz Páscoa para você e sua família linda.

  7. Oh Corrie, tears here from me. Enjoy your beautiful family when you are thinking about your Mum tomorrow particularly x

  8. Just to add to the bringing of children to Mass or Church Services… I was struggling with my two youngest (of six) during Mass recently at St Pat’s in Sydney City. After Mass the priest came up to me and told me never to worry about them making noise or being hard to handle… that he was never distracted and loved having children in the Church. Made me feel a bit better about their natural exuberance and a little chastened for having been cross with them!
    We had that quote in the Readings at my Dad’s funeral, Corrie. It is beautiful. And yes, thank God for our faith, because without it I would be lost especially when dealing with the death of my loved ones and explaining such loss to my children. May your Mum RIP.
    Happy & Holy Easter!

  9. Thanks Corrie.

  10. Happy Easter to you and your precious family. I love reading your post. I am a catholic and I also love Easter. My DH and I go to the Way of the Cross every Friday evening in lent. Our youth group at church does a living Way of the Cross on Good Friday that we plan to go to.
    I admire the way you are raising your sweet children. they are truly blessed with a sweet, caring, loving, faithfilled mother!

  11. The world is moving so fast and we tend to not take the time to really reflect on what matters. I was sitting in church the other week, caught up in prayer when there was a young mother with her two young children. They were fussy but in a very good natured way. You could still see other giving her the ” can’t you control them” look. The priest stopped the mass and said, ” I see the looks you are giving our young members. Have you ever thought that they are communicating with God in the only way they know how? ” I think about that every time I see a young one.

    Your post added to my thoughts on the subject.

  12. Happy Easter to you too, Corrie! Thank you for this beautiful post.

    It is interesting to me that since becoming a mum myself Easter means so much more. And your darling boy Finn is so precious. May you be comforted tomorrow in knowing that death was defeated and there are rooms to spare for your whole family in eternity! Xo

  13. Sending you light and love beautiful Corrie.

  14. Hi Corrie,
    Thanks for your post it spoke in volume to me about those similar questions I have found myself asking in the past, your are so right I believe family is what life is all about. And if your have family you are truly blessed. Easter is truly a special time, and this year for us tomorrow marks the birth of our daughter 2 years ago.
    I hope you and your family have a beautiful Easter, you’ll be in my thoughts tomorrow, Thankyou for sharing.

  15. Maria Clark says:

    hi Corrie
    I love reading your blog and today is special because for some reason today all I have thought about is the day my dad passed away and why God would take my beautiful dad from us ( I miss him so much) but after reading your lovely post I feel and understand a little better thank you. You are a special person enjoy your easter.

  16. Catherine Dean says:

    So beautiful Corrie, I have no more words, that post was just so beautiful xx

  17. Katherine says:

    What a lovely post. I also used to go to the 3pm Stations of the Cross when I was a child but have not been as an adult, I think I will need to re-start this tradition with my 2 little children as I remember it so fondly. Thank you Corrie.

  18. Beautiful post Corrie and well said. I was so glad to be baptised before we got married and in the past year hubby has been more religious and talking to me about the gospel and such. It moves me to tears when I read or talk about Jesus these days so it’s very special for us to attend church to celebrate the eucharist and to allow the holy spirit into our lives. It’s very sad to see that so many do not attend church anymore so I make sure my kids understand what Easter really is about and why we should attend. Have a great Easter and we’ll keep your mother in our prayers. xox. God is always there when we need him.

  19. Corrie, this is a lovely post: I don’t share your faith but I appreciate the fact that you can share these thoughts here.

    I trust that the thoughts of your mum bring you some joy as well as sadness.

    Wishing you and yours a beautiful Easter. xxx

  20. Happy Easter Corrie.

    I was once the child that went to church every weekend, ALL through Easter and my most fave time of year was midnight mass.

    I have certainly lost my faith in my Catholic Church and thus, my beliefs are all over the place. My Catholic Church, the one I was brought up in hasn’t turned out to be the place I wanted. However I always remember really not liking how everyone who didn’t practise religion still celebrated the good bits. So I still tell my children the stories of Jesus, more as stories of a person in our history and what he did and why we celebrate them, rather than the ‘rules’ of the Catholic Church. We did this over breakfast today while we discussed our Easter plans, to me, religious or not, a person should understand the concept of what they are celebrating and respect that notion.

    After just losing my Dad, this is our first Easter without him, so I will know how you will feel about missing your Mum too.

  21. lyn lindsay says:

    Amen Corrie to all your sharing, I too love Easter, a time of thankfulness for what was done for everybody for me yes because of the relationship we have with Jesus we can face all of life, the good times, the struggles, the gifts, the losses.
    Blessings to you and your family for Easter.

  22. Sonia Falcone says:

    Hi Corrie, thank you for sharing. I lost my dad around Easter time too, 8th April, 4 years ago. I understand exactly how you feel. I get pretty sad this time of year and Easter means so much more now than when I was younger. Have a beautiful Easter with your gorgeous family xxx

    • Sorry for your loss – I just wanted to tell you that my daughter was born on that day – April 8, 2009. When one life ends another begins. Happy Easter. x

      • Sonia Falcone says:

        Thank you Heidi. Your message is sweet. Happy 4th birthday to your daughter and Happy Easter to you too xx

  23. Beautifully said Corrie….wishing you and your family a happy and holy Easter.

  24. A lovely blog post, Corrie. Our Christian faith sees us through the best & worst that happens in our lives. Echoed for me in August 2011 when my own darling mother died just 3 days before we celebrated our eldest daughter”s nuptials. A wedding & then a funeral 3 days later. Our Catholic faith saw us through it though. We were very close to God that week.

    My thoughts are with you this week. Happy Easter to you & your family.

  25. Happy Easter to you and your family too Corrie. I hope that tomorrow is shared with wonderful happy memories of your mum. I cant believe it is 2 years already. Finn sounds so sweet too, you must be doing a fantastic job as a mum!

  26. I attended a friends fathers funeral today -14 years since my dads funeral -John 14 2-3 was the reading I did 14years ago and the same reading today and now your mums !!!! How the years melt away and how dearly we wish we could wrap our arms around them and tell them how much we love and miss them. Forever in our hearts.
    Happy Easter corrie to you and your little family . Wrap them in love as I know you will and as I will be doing with mine.

  27. Easter mean a lot to me as well I go to church on Sundays but like you I do not put it on my blog. It so sad when we lose some one we love, but I now they go to a better place. Happy Easter to you and your lovely family.

  28. Mama of 2 boys says:

    Beautiful Corrie. As always, I love the way you express your feelings through such heartfelt words. Big hugs to you for tomorrow and hope you and your gorgeous family have a fun weekend. Finn sounds like a darling by the way xoxo

  29. A lovely post Corrie. Thinking of you tomorrow. Dear little Finn.
    A Happy Holy Easter to you and your family.

  30. Hi Corrie
    Thank you so much for posting so honestly about your faith , Easter and loosing your Mum
    I have followed your blog for sometime and I vividly remember when she passed away. I have been amazed at your courage dealing with your loss, my worst nightmare. You inspire me on so many levels. As a multiple Mum, a crocheter, cook and with your Catholic faith.
    Sadly my worst nightmare came true on St Patricks Day with my Mum passing away very suddenly at 60.
    We farewelled her on Tues and the reality of not having her with us for Easter has hit our family very hard. So your post was very timely Corrie. I am so very sorry for your loss. I do know how you feel.
    Thank you for reminding me that my Faith will help me through this sad sad time
    Have a happy Easter and God Bless x

  31. Happy Easter with all the best, from Portugal

  32. Thanks Corrie for sharing, again another great message, don’t you love little boys, you have so many moments with them when you shake your head and wonder why then there are special times when you feel that maybe you are hitting the mark with them. Hope you enjoyed today and the service with the fam. Hoping the rest of the weekend goes well :)

  33. So beautifully said, Corrie. Your words brought tears to my eyes as I read them (but then it doesn’t take much to do that these days) as this Easter has been such a hard one for me. I agree with everything you wrote, and I’m glad you were prompted to say it. xxx

  34. Elizabeth says:

    This is so beautiful and what sweet little man Finn is. The words brought tears to my eyes and made me realise just how blessed and fortunate I am to still have my dear darling mother with me. I hope you and your family had a very blessed Easter. It is is indeed a time of so much meaning. xxxx

  35. Such a wonderful post. Thank you for sharing.

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