our quilting day for Dandelion Support Network

What do you get when you come together for a good cause? Well you get 45 quilts, 1 crocheted blanket and over 10 embroidered singlets and onesies for charity. That’s what you get. In the lead up to our quilting day yesterday I was collecting parcels from the post office from a few lovely readers who had made quilt tops and quilts and popped them in the post.

On Sunday I was up early and met up with 15 ladies, 14 sewing machines, a plate of food and a lot of enthuisiasm. And we got to work. Here is the before shot when I arrived and retro daddy was unloading the car with me.

And when everyone arrived and was working

The great thing about a craft day is that you get a day out of the house (always a bonus), it’s free (another bonus), you get to chat to whoever you are sitting next to and you get a day of craft.

We sorted out quilt tops and matched them up with backings, polar fleece or batting and that pretty much kept me busy the whole morning. I think it was about 2.20 by the time I set up my machine

and I had a bit of machine envy with Missy one of our gorgeous ladies – her hubby did all the research on a new machine for her and she went to the store to check them out and the lady at the shop said here is your new machine!

Turns out her hubby bought it for her and she just had to collect it. Nice one. We like him already.

And we talked about everything – sewing machines, school, ballet classes, houses, family, food, blogs, crafts, markets,

and of course we worked hard…..in between hot drinks and food of course. Bring a plate is always something special…and overcatered. I came home on a brownie/m&m/lindt ball high with a bit of caramel slice and chicken finger sandwiches too.

And it wasn’t all quilting with the lovely Leonie bringing a crochet blanket to donate

and doing some sweet embroidery on singlets and onesies for us

and Lisa also joined in on the embroidery – and poor Lisa we kept running out of desks and being moved off. I’m so sorry Lisa and hope you’ll join us again! I’ve decided I’ll do a table for the non quilters to share and they won’t be turfed off! Promise.

and our youngest quilter was a doll! So happy to be playing with her little leapfrog. Thanks Sunny for being so great and coming along.

And that was that! More photos to come when I lay out all the quilts and show them all to you! I had visions that I’d lay them all out on my front lawn this morning – it’s more of a vision than a reality as they are cutting down the hugest tree I’ve seen in my neighbour’s yard and I’m staying inside and watching from here!

Now if you want to donate a quilt top or a quilt or even some polar fleece or binding just drop me an email at retromummy@hotmail.com . We’ll be donating quilts all year to Dandelion. And if you’re inspired to run your own quilting day for a charity close to your heart well just do it! What’s stopping you…………

a big thank you to Lisa, Kate, Cecilia, Faye, Sophie, Sunny, Dimity, Sachiko, Marilyn, Stephanie, Fiona, Leonie,  the 2nd Lisa, Amy, Missy and kate. I think next time we might need more tables as we ran out! And a big heartfelt thank you to those ladies who sent me things – Tracie (8 quilts, thank you!), Karen, Maddy and Anne. Thank you ladies. So kind of you.


  1. A fabulous ideas for a fabulous cause. Great job ladies.

  2. What a brilliant idea!!! Love that you have done this Corrie :)

  3. What a fantastic effort Corrie and friends, doesn’t it give you a great feeling to be doing something. Over the years I have sewn quilts for many charities, everyone loves a quilt to cuddle into. Well done

  4. WOW that is wonderful Corrie, so much accomplished in one day, amazing what a small group can do.

  5. Great pics and words. Gorgeous quilts and lovely to see so many ladies helping out. Well done Corrie,

  6. lyn lindsay says:

    Corrie wish I was in Sydney would have joined you all, lovely work ladies and the young one, I too own the Pfaff quilt expressions 4.0 great for quilting and general sewing, I am a quilter that’s why I bought it but also make clothes it works well all round.
    Congrats girls job well done.

  7. Interesting project

  8. KARIN HULL says:

    Well done ladies – a fabulous job!

  9. Thank you Corrie for all of your hard work! It was such an organised and fun day! Sunny and I had a lovely day and I’m so excited that I actually finished off my first ever quilt! Nothing’s going to stop me now…

    Sophie xo

    • I’d love to join my Sister’s Faye and Sophie next year. Faye is a very good teacher and i’m about to finish my first three quilts soon too (cause working on one at a time is never enough) :-)
      Next year, Sophie and I might crochet a blanket, what do you say Sophie? It will give us more motivation to do those classes.

  10. All the quilts are so beautiful, what an awesome job you all did :)

  11. Great report, great pics! Once again, I wish I was in Sydney! Wiil try to make more quilts, in between the Aussie Hero ones as my stash lends itself to kiddies more than soldiers serving overseas!

  12. Gosh, I look like I’m sewing intently. I may need to rethink that posture. Hehe.

    I want to say thank you for such a wonderful day. It went so smoothly and was well organized. I love that everyone was encouraging and friendly. No one felt pressure to work on something they didn’t enjoy. We all helped each other out and had fun helping a great charity. Thank you for organizing.

  13. I came back for a second gander at the photos. I really love all the kicked off shoes in the long line of us sewing. It shows what a relaxed fun day we had.

  14. Absolutely no problems being kicked off that table (repeatedly!). Will definitely come again – the girls are right, it was a great fun day organised very well. Hope to come as a quilter one day …but will come as a fully preprared embroiderer/cardmaker next time :-) Congrats on successful day – so many lovley quilts.

  15. Susan Leach says:

    What an awesome idea. The quilts look amazing. Well done Corrie.

  16. What a great day you organised Corrie and so many completed quilts. I am sure they will be very well received.
    I love the story about the husband buying a sewing machine. I’m a Pfaff girl myself and have the same machine. He picked a winner!

  17. Anne Thompson says:

    Great job and what gorgeous quilts – well done!

  18. Thank you Corrie for organising this day. It was lovely to see all the girls working with such enthusiasm. I enjoyed quilting and binding the quilt tops that were prepared by one of your readers. May these beautiful quilts, blankets and clothing bring some warmth to a special young one. Well done girls!

  19. Argh, I totally forgot to send my bundle of tops! Glad to hear you’re continuing it – if you send me your address (again! Sorry!) I’ll send them next week.

  20. Congratulations. Thanks for supporting Dandelion. What a wonderful job. It sounds and looks like you had a great time doing it too. Wonderful!

  21. congrats to all quilters…what a great day…wishing I lived in Sydney just to join in the fun!!!

  22. Michelle says:

    What a great day! Love a crafternoon, a crafterday is even better! I saw this fabric today and thought of your quilts, might be handy when you want to do a quick quilt. i’ve always loved Saffron’s workbut i’m not much of a sewer. http://saffroncraig.com/collections/valley-view/products/cheaters-quilt

  23. One word – LOVE!!!

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