Digital Parents Conference – day 1

I love blog conferences. I probably always start my debrief posts with that line but it’s true. I just love them. New bloggers, faces to put to blogs, old friends, lots of new things to learn, great speakers, good food, a precious day or two away from the usual routine and fun. I always leave with a real buzz and new inspiration to blog. This year’s Digital Parents Conference  was no exception. You can follow the fun on twitter, facebook or instagram by searching #dpcon13.

There are always a few nerves beforehand (what to wear, who is going, make sure I say hi to lots of people) but they always go away once I’ve found my buddy (golden rule of conferences, have a buddy!). I never do one without a buddy and then we make new friends along the way.

Lisa has been my helper at markets and now helps me with spreadsheets and some of the admin stuff on the blog. She got us a great table and we sat with Jenn Unger, Lorelei of Craftmumship (you should see photos of her gorgeous house and alpacas), Wine Muse (yes, she’s a wine blogger! I’m sure some of my readers would be loving that idea!), Always Lauren (I love that we’re the same height Lauren!) and Take Charge Becc. The great thing about these conferences is people walk in, join a table and you get to start talking. There is no real seat saving or table hogging. And it’s a fabulous way to meet new people.

I remember Darren of ProBlogger giving us some advice of quick things that you can ask people at a blog conference and it’s always stuck – just turn to someone and say hi I’m corrie of retro mummy, what’s your blog? What’s it about? and that leads into a great little discussion and it’s a great way to meet new people. And the great thing about blogging here in australia is that there are always new faces to meet and new blogs to read. A couple of new ones for me are Katie 180 (she is so cute! ), Tackle Nappy, luk beautifood, danya banya and more I’ll share tomorrow! Oh and Daisy, Roo and Two who is just gorgeous and I got to meet in real life. We could have talked for hours!!!

OK, so after breakfast and chit chat it was straight into the welcome and opening address by Jono of WakeUp Sydney. He shared a bit about his former corporate life and leaving it to find something more fulfilling. He became a male nanny to twin boys and remembers clearly the moment one of the boys said ‘I’m so glad you’re here’. He went on to stay 5 years with the same family before setting up WakeUp Sydney which is all about kindness! Jono was a fabulous speaker who spoke from the heart and had a great sense of humour. He had everyone listening and we got some little cards to give to people anonymously. I loved his idea of removing our egos from the giving. Jono also talked about how society is so preoccupied with working hard and buying things and how all of this hasn’t corresponded to an increase in our happiness. I’m so glad I got to hear from Jono and discover his great website.

Next up saw some of my favourite bloggers take to the stage for state of the aussie blogosphere. Styling You, Edenland and Darren Rowse aka ProBlogger and David Lee from Nuffnang was up there too. It was great to hear where we’re at, why some bloggers are stepping back from writing daily and just trying to find the balance of blogging and life. And a great little observation and new way of doing things by Darren was rather than abstract blog posts each week and lots of them to do more indepth, tutorial style posts on a theme in the same week. I know crafters love their tutorials and he’s just shared a great series of Pinterest posts on ProBlogger and who doesn’t love pinterest.

Darren also said that there has been a shift for bloggers and how they earn their income with more bloggers looking to develop their own products (ebooks, courses, apps and so on) to complement working with brands or as an alternative.  And some bloggers are starting out and realising that they want to just create their own products and this is a shift away from where we were at at the first Digital Parents and ProBlogger conferences.

morning tea (aka find the coffee and toilets) then back for a session on blogging through adversity. Lori of RRSAHM, Tiffany of My Three Ring Circus (whose little girl Ivy has totally captured my heart for a few years now) and the very brave Rachel of My Mummy Muddles. This was a tear jerker if ever there was one and hats off to these brave ladies for sharing their stories. I was so proud to be in that room when question time commenced with praise for these ladies on their blogging and courage to get up there. It was a beautiful session and I think so important for a blog conference for mums (and dads!) not just to be about the business end of things. But about the heart of blogging.

Lunch time – nice healthy salad and some sandwiches, we watched an interview by Edenland with the PM. Oh yes, just the Prime Minister of Australia. It was nice to see her much more relaxed than usual. Thank you Eden.

OK after lunch it was time to listen to Nicole of Planning with Kids talk e-books. I once drafted an ebook then set it aside but now I might just open it up again. Nicole went through how to look for what to write to write an ebook about by using Google Analytics and your top 100 blog posts and key search words. Google Analytics is amazing and my only regret is that I didn’t get into it earlier. If you haven’t signed up and got it on your blog then do it now. Nicole had mentored Nellbe Gluten Free and helped her with her ebook on Glugten Free Kids which you can find here . Thank you Nellbe and Nicole for sharing with us. I wrote copious amounts of notes and will share some more later.

By this time I realised I might be smelling a little less than fresh as my fabulous Zara dress which I love is also made of polyester. Sweat and polyester aren’t the best combination. Quick freshen up, coffee and carrot cake and a chat. I met the lovely Seana Smith and her gorgeous scottish accent, realised we live in nearby suburbs! Then it was back to the next sessions – Fe Lumsdaine (the gorgeous photographer who did my cousin Matt’s wedding) and getting to know your DSLR. For someone who still mostly shoots in auto this was what I needed…………until retro daddy called from the carpark to let me know he was waiting for me.

And that was a highlight of the day, getting back in the car to see my little guy. Oh I missed him. He always comes everywhere with me and being apart from him for a day was tough. Retro daddy had it all under control and elodie called out for the first time ‘Daaad, where ah ooo’. He’s feeling pretty special that Elodie went from ‘gaggy’ to ‘daaad’ with one day at home with him. Yes, my mind is ticking over at opportunities I can leave home for the day and let the bonding continue…..

Oh and I have to share this. The old problem of running out of iphone or ipad power half way through a blog conference was solved with these cute recharge stations. No need to bring your charger just find the right one for your phone, plug it in and come back when it’s done! Genius. Thanks to one of the sponsors Belkin for this.

I’ll be back tomorrow with a full debrief of day 2. Another day that flew by with things to learn, more new faces to meet.


  1. Sounds fantastic Corrie I would have LOVED to be there this year, but the timing just didn’t work out. Give Lisa a hug for me, she is so lovely, she sent me a very special parcel in the mail last week. Hopefully you will both be at the next one so I can meet everyone in person finally!

  2. Thank you for sharing Corrie. I hope to make it to a blogging conference one day, but due to family, money, and a million other things, I am content to get amazing updates from lovely bloggers like yourself.

  3. What a wonderful conference and your writing about it really did it justice. I must add something: my friend has been reading Mummy Muddles since last year, when he was referred to her blog after tragedy struck in his own family with the loss of a little one. So to read of her bravely talking of her own loss and the blogging she did afterwards, brought tears to our eyes too. Blogging does reach out to so many for so many reasons. I am honored to be part of the readers community and wish all that blog or read blogs, many years of growth.

  4. Just awesome. I love Katie 180 too, she’s one of my fave new bloggers. Her post are always fun and so informative.

  5. Oh it’s sounds like such a full and wonderful conference. I’m still yet to attend my first big conference, it’s all timing. If not next year, there is always the year after. I’m looking forward to reading everyone’s posts from conference, and seeing what tidbits I can pick up.

  6. What a full and exciting day you’ve had. It’s always so good to meet new people and hear new ideas to inspire you. No doubt you have offered inspiration to others too. I look forward to tomorrow’s instalment.

  7. Thanks for this rundown Corrie!
    I’ve never been to a blogging conference and until now I’ve never really understood what they were all about. But now I kinda do. Thanks. xx

  8. Great Debrief! It was a pleasure to be your conference buddy – I have so much to do tomorrow that I learnt for my blog :)

  9. So much fun! But I can imagine your joy at seeing your kids again after a day of activities!

    I love Nicole’s blog Planning With Kids too! She was very kind in providing a lot of info when I wrote in to her last year to get some tips on Melbourne.

    Hope you have another fun filled day tomorrow:)

  10. Mama of 2 boys says:

    Sounds like a great, action-packed day Corrie, always love your rundowns on the blogging events. Your dress is so pretty, but have to agree, don’t like the effects of a bus day in a polyester dress/shirt. And I can totally understand you missing that adorable face, I am the same if I’m away from my boys for more than a couple of hours too! xo

  11. Mama of 2 boys says:

    a *busy* day, that should have been, sorry!

  12. How beautiful to hear Elodies words!!

  13. Hi Corrie!
    Thank you for the mention, I feel rather special :)
    It was so lovely to meet you and be lucky enough to join a table with such lovely people.
    I love the idea of a blogger buddy, that would have made my stomach a hell of a lot more stable with my anxiety and jitters!
    Next year, I may just hit you and Lisa up if you guys are open to a gooseberry….
    Becc @ Take Charge Now

  14. Great recap Corrie and thanks for the lovely mention. I really liked how there were sessions that weren’t purely blogging too. I thoroughly enjoyed the discussion on the myth of having it all.

    How cool about Elodie too!

  15. Hello Corrie, I so enjoyed meeting you after reading your blog for ages. Thank you for mentioning me, it’s been lovely to have some of your readers pop over for a visit.

    You know, I have often struggled with being a mum, much better now but you’d hope so after 16 years of it. But I love reading your blog about being a mum as there’s so much love here and so much joy… without sugar coating, and with the odd post about how tricky it can be to juggle… you’ve helped me find the magic in motherhood on many a day.

    One day I shall become crafty too, and blogging has already got me started a bit. I’ve made candles from Nicole’s blog. Love how bloggers can hold our hands as it were. My cooking is heaps better now because of reading blogs and being inspired.

    If you’d ever like to have a wee chat about practical and emotion matters with having a gorgeous child who needs extra help, I am your girl. Mine may be a gigantic strapping teen and yours a little lass, but I’m sure our feelings are similar. And our joys too. It’s so fantastic when all our kids learn new things but extra so when the little one has to work a bit harder. She’s doing great, and you too.

    And this is the longest blog comment I have ever written!!

  16. Hi Corrie! I’m SO glad to read this post because I feel like I was unable to absorb it all. I think an eBook from you would be divine ~ do it! x

  17. Just a little jealous. I so wish I could have been there with you all. I look forward to reading more. x

  18. I would love to attend a bloggers conference one day.
    However I don’t ever feel like my blog is commercial enough, or on the same page as a lot of other mother’s blogs. It’s such a personal reflection of things I read/see/do.. I don’t know. I don’t even know if I’m making sense.

    But it looks like you had an amazing time! Love the pictures!

  19. Lisa Johnston says:

    Hi Corrie

    Last week went so fast! I was a pleasure to meet you and I love your recap. Thank you for the mention. It was a great couple of days, wasn’t it?


  20. Oooh I just saw this! I read your day 2 but not your day 1 and was sure I commented but it turns out I did not hit “post comment” – I’m super clever like that!

    Thanks heaps for the link love, I LOVED meeting you too and only hope we can catch up again in the near future!

  21. Thank you so much for coming to the conf, Corrie.x

  22. It was lovely to meet you Corrie and thank you so much for mentioning me and my ebook with Nicole’s session. She really was wonderful and great to work with.


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