my craft room takes shape

Work is on go slow in other parts of the house. We are saving up to pay for the carpet (we are determined to pay cash for everything we do in this house and I’m learning patience and also the value of money) and retro daddy is soon to start doing a spot of painting around the place. But one space that I really want to get set up in the meantime is my craft room.

My vision is a place where I can sew, keep all of my stash, see and find everything easily, have my laptop set up for blogging, have the little ones play on the floor if I’m working, be able to lock myself away at night when little people are in bed and also have a few girls over for a spot of craft. The room is big enough.

Pinterest is always a huge source of inspiration (you can see my craft room board here) and I discovered that the Expedit unit from Ikea would be perfect. I don’t have the money to put built ins into the room but decided that 2 Expedit units (the largest ones here which cost A$299 each) would do an awesome job of holding everything. I’m normally a bit of a ‘shove the fabric where I can find a spot’ kind of person so this will test me.

I sent retro daddy to Ikea (he prefers to go alone as we usually lose each other plus he has more room in the car without us all) but he discovered that he only had room for 1 big unit in the car as it comes in 4 long boxes.

It was fairly easy to put together and he did it in an hour or so. I had a big glass of red wine, crackers and dip for him when he was finished and he’s now hurt his back and taking voltarin and hopes it goes away soon.I spent the next few hours bringing tubs downstairs and setting out the fabric. I’m going to have one unit for sewing supplies, fabric, patterns and sewing and quilting books. The other unit will be for my other crafts namely knitting and crochet.

I decided to put fat quarters and half metres folded up at the front of the cube with larger pieces of fabric folded up behind. I had colour coded most of the stash a few weeks earlier when I packed up the room for the floor guy and so glad I’d done it that way. Any fat quarter sets or fabric ranges that were altogether stayed together.

Now to set up my sewing machines. Oh and before you ask, no, this isn’t all of the fabric stash. There are still a few boxes and tubs in the garage and upstairs to sort through. The good news is I will be having a few destashes online this year. It’s all a bit out of control and I need to do a bit of clearing out. I’ve also now got 3 tubs of fabrics for our quilting day to make quilts for Dandelion and that is exciting to think about too.


  1. Tara Maynard says:

    WOW!!! looks like my stash too :) I love your table where did you get it from?

  2. Its starting to take shape!! It looks great, how wonderful to have such a big space to craft!! Expedits are great storage for fabric and craft, I have the smaller expedit in my ‘very much smaller’ sewing area (which was previously a walk in robe) but thankful I have somewhere to leave my machines set up and fabrics at my fingertips. I want to get some drona baskets to put my smaller fabric scraps in (but IKEA have sold out for now) – I did see online that Ikea bought out Cath Kidston drona baskets and fabric a couple of years ago in Europe!! But I don’t think they did here in Australia :( Can’t wait to see how your wonderful space evolves!

  3. LOVE IKEA! My sister had the brilliant idea to use the 8 cube one for shoes!! I am so stealing her idea and if I had enough room in my sewing room I’d put a big one in there too! Looking great Corrie!

  4. This is just fantastic and I think now I might re-do my studio….. I love the way you share and inspire Corrie xxx

  5. Elizabeth Ann says:

    it looks great Corrie!! so envious of all your yummy fabric!!

  6. it all looks so neat and beautiful

    So good of Retro Daddy to put it together for you. Is your craft room downstairs? I can imagine you staying in there all night.

  7. Looks great. I have a few of these shelving units. I also have the fabric bins that go into the space for storage. Some with an open top, some with a zippered top. I find them great at keeping out the dust and sunlight, so the fabric/yarn stays dust free and doesn’t fade. It is exciting setting up a sewing room.

  8. Very nice! When I have my own sewing room one day I want one of those units to keep everything neat and tidy.

  9. Dear Corrie, I check out what your upto on a daily basis and am always amazed at what you achieve with 5 beautiful bubs too! You are such a source of inspiration.
    I have the same expidet shelving in my living room to keep baby toys etc in. Please promise you will have Retro Daddy secure this cabinet to the wall properly as it makes a very tempting climbing frame for little monkey’s. Safety is key. Enjoy your new room and thank you for sharing all that you do with us. Best wishes x

  10. Four dogs and one quilter says:

    Lovely. It has been wonderful sharing your family’s adventures. Hope Retro Daddy feels better soon.

  11. I could easily get lost among your stash Corrie! All of my stash is still hiding in boxes. I forget what i have sometimes – gives me an excuse to keep buying. I’m planning my Making Room with the Ikea range too… I love that you can keep adding those tables all the way around the room!

    Sophie xo

  12. Love how it is all coming together. For my Ikea, I have 2 units, 5 cubes high and 1 cube wide, either size of a 4 x 4 unit, which gives me a display area for my dollies and other now dust-covered bits and bobs…

  13. That sounds so familiar!
    Wife relates to husband the details of what she needs.
    Husband goes and buys materials.
    Husband puts the materials together.
    Husband hurts his back and needs Voltarin.
    Wife smooths it all over with some tasty treats.

    We crafty ladies have so much in common :)

  14. Mama of 2 boys says:

    Oh Wow Corrie, I dream of a room I could devote to craft and sewing… one day. Your shelves look amazing and I love how everything is at your fingertips now. I thought I was bad with my fat quarters, hehe… buying pretty fabrics is VERY addictive. And how exciting to think of having get togethers there with your friends, all sounds lovely xo

  15. IKEA! where would us crafty girls be without you. My space is decked out with IKEA stuff too, it’s amazing what you can stash in there units, shelves, baskets etc. I also love when all the fabric is in view totally brightens up the room. I constantly walk past my shelving and contemplate what I’m going to start next. Looking forward to seeing your finished sewing space, Corrie. Enjoy putting it together :)

  16. Oh how I love Ikea. I just bought some Malm drawers for the kids room as it was on sale. I LOVE them so much and I put the drawers together while hubby put the frame together. I also got a wall clock for the kids for just $2.45! Thanks for sharing Corrie. It looks great (drool). AND wow, how do you do it with the little kids? Mine will be running around and pulling out all my fabric.

  17. Kellie Considine says:

    I just love your stories! I think we were separated at birth!!

  18. Wow! What a fabulous stash – and so organised!! Im just a bit jealous!

  19. Your craft room looks amazing! I really enjoy ready your blog and seeing your inspiration and projects :)
    Our first bub is due any day now! I want to learn to sew so just thinking of simple projects to begin with :)

  20. Oh I love this and the colours, wow so amazing!!!!!

  21. What a gorgeous stash! Just wondering where your table is from?

  22. Maryvonne Adams says:

    I love the colours of your stash. It is so neat and beautiful well done.

  23. I love this and the colours, So Amazing!!!!!

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