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Thank you so much for your kind words about Nicki.  Retro daddy is on his way home and said he was so glad he made the trip. We have missed him so much and I want to know everything about it. I’ve been so flat out busy as we are living somewhere else this week and spending all my time in the car going back and forth and trying to keep up our normal activities. I think it’s been good…….until a sad song comes on the radio. And it’s been kind of nice not having to do housework or keep on top of the washing. I’ve just been taking it easy and doing what has to be done.

Like take time out to read a magazine, have a coffee and do some knitting while elodie and emerson play nicely.

Just before swimming lessons I quickly ducked to the house to find this sign. Do not enter! My own house. But for good reason. The floors have been stained……………and look amazing. We wanted to go dark at our old house but I was talked into a lighter colour but I just love the dark look.

These aren’t the best photos (as in I ran back to the car to grab my phone and quickly took instagram photos) but I had to share.

I’m not sure what you call the next process but they will put something else over the top of this to make them all nice and shiny. Exciting? yes!


  1. It looks good so far. I am getting excited to see it all finished and set up. Such lovely decorating.

  2. It’s funny that I am so excited to see the floors. It’s not even my house! Can’t wait to see them finished. Did you feel a bit like a peeping Tom?

  3. Tung oil is a nice matt finish. Easy to look after and any scratches disappear with O-Cedar Oil. They’re looking lovely!!

  4. The dark floors look great against the wall colour. I love the colour of your yarn too!!

  5. Oh the floors are going to be beautiful. I am sure you will all be so pleased to see Retro Daddy again – so important for him to go but it must have been difficult to you to deal with your grief without him.

  6. It is going to look absolutely fabulous once it is all finished….love the dark floors! Great choice!

  7. I just love the dark stain. We have a lighter one here, but if we ever do floors again (we stupidly do them ourselves) I’m going dark all the way!

    Bettina @

  8. Mama of 2 boys says:

    Oooo yes, I can just see them ending up all shiny and rich looking… such a gorgeous look Corrie. I don’t blame you for wanting a sneak peek.
    You poor love, must have been a really tough few days for you. Glad to hear hubby is heading back home now xo

  9. I love, love, love the colour of your floors. Your house is looking beautiful.
    This is the look I’m going for when my house build starts in the next few weeks.

  10. I sat down with my husband this afternoon and showed him your floor boards via Instagram – we have horrible stained carpet (hello children, no matter how much I say they can’t eat in there!!) and terrible cream coloured floor tiles. He’s beginning to see the light.

    Can’t wait to see them all finished and beautiful!

  11. Missed your post about Nikki. So sorry. It hurts extra when a person has been such a special part of our lives. Cherrie
    PS Your floors will look great. All wood does. Good choice especially with a family. I remember loving my families wooden floors when I was not much older than Keira.

  12. The floors look fab, and ideal for little people living. I love the knitting colour, too. Thinking of you in your loss. Times like this bring home the need to cherish every day with your loved ones. Take care and look after yourselves. Chris x

  13. Wow I didnt think the dark floors would look right against the white walls but it is Just right and looks stunning. Yes I must buy that fab magazine I haven’t bought it for a while.

  14. Amazing floors! You guys have had a big 12 months x

  15. synteko products are great. a house i manage at work has this floor product. i had to re-order some special floor wash from them the other day and they were very prompt with orders and invoices too!

  16. Wow there going to be amazing where there finished. I can’t wait to see!!!!
    I still can’t decide what timber flooring I want. Way to many pros and cons to each :-( . I wish we were renovating like you and had no choice.
    You must be like a kid at Christmas with all these works going on.

  17. Your floors are looking really nice against all your painted walls. So rustic and fresh. Takes me back to when we had our floors done after pulling up our carpets (similar to yours). Love it….

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