in memory of nicki

There is only one woman I’ve ever let retro daddy stay out till early morning in the city to play pool with – and that was Nicki. And as I publish this retro daddy is in Oklahoma to say his final goodbyes to her. At her funeral. The shock that she was so tragically taken from us hasn’t gone away yet.

We first met Nicki when she was the office manager when retro daddy started work back in australia just before we got married. Way back in 2004. He was only at work for a couple of weeks before our wedding day but Nicki organised a delivery of a few items from our bridal registry. She was a born organiser and loved getting people together. Drinks after work, thanksgiving day parties, dinners and lunches. I remember she organised a girls lunch at her flat for all the wives, girlfriends and ladies in the team and made 2 lasagnes including a vegetarian just for me as I didn’t eat meat. 

She was a traveller. Working all over the world with PWC and making friends wherever she went. And she was always on holiday somewhere and visiting new places. She actually had a big wall map with all the places she had been. We were so sad when she moved to London after Sydney and before she left gave me the most gorgeous big bundle of clothes from Baby Gap for the baby that was to be Keira. She was always so generous sending us gifts as our family grew. I still remember how she just picked up the tab at retro daddy’s 30th birthday party. She would have thought nothing of it.

Nicki became a mentor to retro daddy and if he ever had a question or didn’t get a job he wanted at work I’d always tell him to go and ring Nicki (wherever she was living). I knew she’d get on the phone and give him the right advice. And whenever she was in Sydney she’d come visit us.

If there was a baby in the room she was holding it, if there was a pool table she was playing at it or had her $2 coin lined up ready to play, if there was a bar she was having a drink with friends and if there was a reason to go out – well she had already organised a group of people to go out. And she didn’t need a reason. She was the person who kept everyone together.

She was funny, generous, a friend to everyone, so well loved and had the biggest smile in the world. I’ll remember her always having a perfect manicure, her love of t-shirts and jeans or shorts, her postcards from her latest holiday destination, her voice and big laugh, for calling retro daddy ‘J’, for her stories about all of her friends around the world and growing up in Oklahoma, for always caring about us and for her love of life. Tragedies leave us with no explanation, no reason, and leave us no time to say goodbye or tell someone how much they mean to you.

Nicki was a part of our little family and always will be. We love you and we miss you already and I’m sure you’re organising the social calender in heaven. Rest in peace, sweet lady.


  1. There were two things I noticed first about her photo. Her smile and her nails. So I had a wee giggle when you mentioned about Nicki always having a perfect manicure. Lots of love to you and Retro Daddy for your loss. She sounds wonderful, it’s hard when amazing people like Nicki leave your lives. I bet there is not another person out there like her xo

  2. what a lovely tribute Corrie. I think when we lose someone far away from where we live it is harder to accept it. It takes a while to sink in. It was so important for Retro Daddy to go on behalf of your family to pay his respects and say goodbye.,

    Wishing you a good night’s sleep tonight: hold your precious memories close.

  3. Oh Corrie, I’m so so sorry for you and Retro Daddy but what a way to live your life – go Nicki!

  4. Nicki sounds like an amazing lady. The social calendar of heaven will never be the same and only He knows why she had to leave earth so early. Life can be so unfair but we hold onto our hope that one day we will have the greatest reunion! May peace fill you and Retrodaddy at this time. X

  5. Corrie such lovely words you’ve written. I almost feel I know her a little through them. I hope you and Retro Daddy can stay strong even though you are apart during this time. It’s so great he was able to go and say a last goodbye from all of you. My thoughts are with you. Treasure your memories as you look at that beautiful photo and remember what a special person Nicki was.

  6. I’m so sorry for your loss. She sounds like an amazing woman; everyone needs a Nicki in their life.

  7. It’s so sad because that’s one genuinely happy and giving person. You can’t fake that kind of smile and body language.

  8. I can tell from her photo, I would have loved her too. Xx

  9. Such a tragedy for you all. She sounded like a truly wonderful woman. Looking at her photo you can see that she had that ‘joie de vivre’ about her. That she will be terribly missed by everybody who had the good fortune to have their lives touched by her is unquestionable.

    I’m sure that she will have a fabulous send off and that the memories of her will keep you all going through these dark days. I reckon she would want you to celebrate her life and not to mourn her. There’s going to be some right rave ups in heaven from now on xx

  10. Charlotte E says:

    What a gorgeous photo! I’m glad you managed to find where you had stored them. Having recently experienced an unexpected loss of a close friend I know only too well the pain, emptiness and questions you are left to deal with. Crying and writing things down really helped me. Big virtual hugs to all of you and I hope you are finding some comfort in the memories you have of Nicki.

  11. You have expressed your love for Nicki so well, such beautiful words. I’m so sorry for your loss, she sounds such a wonderful lady.

  12. There are some truly beautiful people that come into our lives who are larger than life. I am so sad for you that you have lost someone so special. I’m sure she will always feature in your lives in some way. Many blessing to you all at such a sad time. I hope your faith brings you strength and peace. My heart aches for you and I have the biggest lump in my throat. Jacinta x

  13. What a Beautiful Post and Tribute…so Sorry for your Loss to your Whole Family

  14. What a beautiful tribute, retromum! We’re blessed with the friendship of some people and it’s so hard when they’re gone…

  15. Mama of 2 boys says:

    Oh Corrie, I don’t know what to say. That was a beautiful tribute to a dear friend. I am so sorry for all that Nicki leaves behind and all that has been taken from her too soon.
    Hugs to you sweetie xoxo

  16. What a wonderul tribute…you were blessed to have her in your life…and I am certain she felt the same about your family. Cherish your memories, and look forward to the day you will all be together again.

  17. Beautifully written Corrie.

  18. A very special person and friend, you are blessed to have her in your heart. It’s so hard to understand why such wondeful people are taken from us.

  19. Oh Corrie I’m so sorry. Love and peace to you guys. Xxx

  20. So sorry for your loss, my prayers are with you and with Nicki’s family xx

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