our renovation – day 17?

I have totally lost track of the days here. No idea where we’re up to so I’ll just guess day 17 or end of week 4. The painting is taking a lot longer than expected (was supposed to be 2 weeks) because the painter is down to himself with no helpers plus I think he underestimated the size of the house. Oh and if you need a refresher of the before photos – just go here.

So he’s been doing skirtings, windows (which are fiddly) and wardrobes upstairs. He still has about 4 rooms to do this on, 2 sets of new french doors to paint and install and my lovely big black glossy double doors.

I hope he can get it done in 2 weeks because the guys to do my downstairs flooors will be here and I’d like to just have it all go smoothly in terms of timing.

Anyway, it’s all looking fabulous so far. New paint especially on big dark brown wardrobes makes a huge difference. The kids have enjoyed camping out downstairs – there is only so much more camping out I can do in my loungeroom.


oh and the painting on the staircase has started and already gives me an idea of how amazing it will look. When we first visited the house it was the staircase and just this huge feeling of space in the foyer and upstairs landing that reeled me in. It’s not ofen we saw houses in our budget where we got a feeling of space!

I can’t wait to take pictures of all of the kids growing up on these stairs or in front of my doors.

And how is this sunset? Because we have so many little ones and two upstairs balconies we have to keep the doors closed so that no one goes out there. The painter has it open when he’s working and I had to pop out after he left and before justin locked up the doors again just to appreciate the view and beautiful sunset.

And that is that. I’ll be back later next week with more progress!



  1. Siobhan Johns says:

    Justin!? You mean Retro Daddy is not his real name 😉

  2. It’s looking great loving the new door handles….I hope you got a firm quote or this could drag out forever in additional payments. I think I would have ditched the wardrobe doors witthe amount of work needed to prep and paint them you might as well have put in new floor to ceiling sliders? The stairs are looking a,axing and I bet the floors will make a massive difference….not long now….erghhhhh

  3. I have to say that carpet looks familiar, my parents home has one room left with carpet that colour or maybe a shade darker, but the new walls make it look not so bad in the photos.

  4. Looking great corrie! Love the update.

  5. It’s looking amazing, such a shame it’s dragging on, but it will soon all be done. Just make sure you get the paint off him at the end to keep for future touchups. :-)

  6. Mama of 2 boys says:

    Ahhh, to have that feeling of space, I’d love some of that. My dream is to one day live in a house with large rooms and lots of them, haha. It’s all looking great Corrie, the painting is a bit of a pest, I can imagine. We need our place painted badly, but the idea of all the upheaval of having painters here… plus not having enough alternative rooms to live in while it’s being done… kind of puts me off having it done at the moment. Look forward to seeing more progress shots next week xo

  7. Looking fab!!!

  8. Hold on Corrie! It will all be done before you know it :-) I look forward to seeing the family photos on the lovely staircase. Big hug, Jetts XOXO

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