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At our last house retro daddy just left the renovating decisions to me. I organised it all, he helped with picking the floors and that was about it. This time around in the new house retro daddy is having more of a say. Doesn’t bother me. So long as we’re on the same page. And he wanted double front doors with glass in them. I had my heart set on big solid double doors. How were we going to agree? This was my inspiration.

found here via pinterest

He was thinking something more like this?


Found on pinterest

We went to Bunnings (on the advice of our painter/handyman/can do anything) and looked at them all. We are leaving it to the last minute so decided we’d just go with the …………………………solid doors. There is actually a huge floor to ceiling window near the front doors which give us plenty of light so I’m happy we could reach agreement. Then we had to agree on door handles! I love the range at Hardware & General doors and locks (in Brookvale) and the kids just loved trying a whole wall of door handles and knobs. They were pretty well behaved considering this was the 2nd home related job we were doing. The sausage sizzle at the hardware store was of course a winner with everyone

Our first choice was out of stock but we settled on some simple chrome knobs with a key on one of the doors and plain on the other. It is similar to this one from restoration online.And that was just the front doors. Next on my list is lighting. I have a lot of plastic chandeliers that I will be putting on gumtree and lots of 70’s lights that need to go. Exciting but also a big job to get lighting right. Watch this space…………………and just in case you needed a reminder of what we’re working with.



Thank goodness that wallpaper is goooooooooooooooooooone.


  1. A weekend away in Sydney would be devine. I am out in the flatlands and majority of my shopping is via the internet. I try to make a trip to Sydney each year to unwind, go to a show, shop and catch up with friends but sometimes it is not possible :( Keep posting your experiences, they are a great read.

  2. Love love the black front door….
    I almost did one too…
    maybe next home

    Pen x

    Just need to say again. I love your blog as i am a newy at the blog thing.

  3. Love watching your renovation progress..! Your house has such lovely bones & space!! Im loving watching it coming together, i did love your kitchen in the other house too.

    We have double front black doors, with obscure glass panels inserts, it lets a lot of light through the entry (we don’t have windows on the side tho) but we put double door security fly screens (the screens that don’t look like there is a screen when you look through it..) just recently which lets lovely airflow thru the house & I do like answering the door with the extra security especially with young kids in the house (I have 4) ..Keep up the fantastic work you’re doing an amazing job!

  4. We’re in the process of renovating too and yesterday went to Bunnings to look at front doors. I think we’re going to opt for a big pivot door. I never knew Bunnings could be so much fun!

  5. I found a front door I loved for our house, it is in between your choice and your husbands (my hubby let me decide on ours). It has the four panel look (2 top and 2 bottom), and the top two panels are glass, covered by wrought iron, so you can open the glass and talk to people through the wrought iron, a built in security door. I’ve painted it Colorbond Monument, which is almost black. Love it!

  6. I think you have chosen well with solid front doors, we have glass panels on our front door and I always seem to be cleaning the panel closest to the door handle because of fingerprints, and we only have 3 kids!lol!

  7. I agree with the solid front doors, I wish I had done that now. I don’t know how many times I have just about scared myself to death when I have come around the corner and someone is peering through the door, not good for the heart! Lol.

  8. I am so pleased you went for the solid doors! Now you need some fancy pants security doors. I am figuring fancy scroll work with crim safe, Divine!

  9. Mama of 2 boys says:

    Oh that front door is going to be beautiful Corrie, love both of those looks actually. And lighting IS such an important thing to get right. You have had such a productive January, it’s all coming together xo

  10. Congrats, the front door will look great! Cant wait to see pics of your finished bedroom, I love the windows you have, they will look so good with your furniture etc.
    And about the plastic chandeliers (LOL), if you dont have any luck selling them on Gumtree, dont forget freecycle…..

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