Kinokuniya and japanese craft books

I love Kinokuniya and I love japanese craft books. My collection is ‘healthy’ but I must admit I’ve had almost a year off buying books from the store. Trying to get some time to myself in Kinokuniya is almost impossible these days. Just getting to the city is an achievment in itself. But an hour in there on the weekend was just the inspiration I needed. For the uninitiated, Kinokuniya is a big japanese book store in the city. Most of the store is devoted to english books but as you walk through the store you’ll find  the japanese books, magazines and some chinese magazines and books too. I’ve been to their stores in Singapore and also Tokyo. Yes I am a fan.

For me it’s all about the japanese craft books. I could live in the japanese craft book section of that store. It’s like heaven for a crafter. And their overall craft book section is huge and has just about every craft book that is out on the market that you won’t find at other stores.

And I thought it would be fun to show you my purchases. This will keep me going for a good year and there is so much inspiration to get me at the sewing machine. First up two quilting books. The first one (ISBN978-4-529-04903-0) has 36 quilt blocks and very easy photos, numbers and diagrams to help you put them all together. This book came in at $23.88

I love the fabrics and styling and because I’m quite a visual person and like to follow pictures and diagrams rather than the words so they really work for me. No, I don’t speak japanese. I actually get a bit cranky when I follow a pattern and the words just aren’t making sense and there is no clear diagram or picture of the step. I often wing it. But a picture, I get a picture. I can see what they are trying to do. And it gets easier the more books you’ve used.

the book also includes a couple of cute projects to put those blocks to use.

And because I’m in a quilting mood at the moment I picked up another book that took my fancy (ISBN978-4-391-62952-1). I just loved the reproduction prints and the gorgeous combinations of print and little dots.

I adore this quilt. Oh it’s perfect.

again there are lots of pictures and diagrams to follow. You just follow the numbers and steps and you’re on your way.

I love to grab a pile of my craft books and just sit and flick through them. Getting some ideas, a good dose of inspiration and ways to use up the fabric stash. Don’t be afraid to give the books a go. If you don’t live near Kinokuniya then try etsy, ebay and yes asia (the trick is to go japanese books, lifestyle, home arts to find the craft books).

If you’ve got a question just ask and if you’ve got a favourite place to buy yours or a favourite book then do tell. I must share more of my books online. I just love the little library I have going on here. I’ll be back tomorrow with a giveaway of a copy of the latest issue of Cotton Time my favourite japanese craft magazine.


  1. The books look fabulous Corrie. I buy mine from I love that it’s free shipping and they always arrive in good time

  2. Catherine proctor says:

    Corrie that is favourite bookshop in the world as well. I spent 2 hours in there for a long time the other day and made a few sneaky purchases myself…

  3. I think I’ve been in that shop when I went to Sydney maybe 5 years ago now? From memory it was positively delightful.

  4. Susan Leach says:

    The ideas look amazing.

  5. Corrie, my favourite bookshop online is and my favourite bookshop in Sydney is Kinokuniya too. I have spent many hours there browsing in the same section and may do so on Saturday ( again ) :) Heaven! Carol. xx

  6. Oh, love those japanese craft books, they are so…visual! I’ve got some in my web-library.
    For me, internet is the only way to purchase any craft foreign language book, that’s pity. Can you please make some post about your japanese favourites someday?

  7. I love that bookshop too! Last time I was in the city with a friend we spent an hour there, and bought myself my Christmas pressie. And my friend bought me some lovely stationary. Love your purchases Corrie

  8. We have Kinokuniya store in Malaysia too.. I love their Japanese craft session. I bought Cotton Times magazine too 😀

  9. I love Japanese craft books too. They are great for some instant inspiration. Can you please give the ISBN of the kids clothing book in your shopping basket? I love that stripy tee. Are they unisex clothing? Did you buy that book? The quilt books look great. This will be on my “to visit” list when I am next in Sydney.

  10. I adore Japanese craft books! Pomadour24 on Ebay (and also on Etsy) has a fantastic selection of Japanese craft/sewing books and she is very efficient.

  11. I’ve not tried or bought Japanese craft books before. They’ve looked a bit daunting to me! I think I need words too!! My favourite craft books are now those by Eline Pellinkhof – I had a family friend send me her books from Holland but you can now get them in English. She was featured in Mollie Makes (my fav mag). Her stuff is beautiful and the colours so bright!! You can find her at

  12. Hi Corrie and happy new year! I love Kinokuniya but like you don’t get into the city much these days. Their craft/sewing section is overwhelming – does feel like you’re in crafty heaven just being there.

  13. One Day Sewing Small Goods Japanese Craft Book

    10 Cm Linen and Cotton Scarps of Fabric Goods Japanese Craft Book

    Kumiko Fujita’s PATCHWORK LESSON – Craft Book

    Have you heard of these at all? I am a little scared to purchase one,but you have eased some of the fear;)

  14. I live in WA and I would like to purchase this book but I have looked at the Japanese book shop as well as the book depository and I can’t find it. Can you give me a link or any tip to find it. thankyou

  15. Hi your collections are great!!
    I have also not many but few Japanese craft books.
    Often buy from
    Their prices are reasonable.


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