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This morning I was up on the balcony in my nightie photographing a quilt that I’d finished last night. The very first quilt that we’ll donate to the Dandelion Support Network (read here if you need to catch up!). And I know that you have questions so here is what you need to know, all in the one place. And of course if I’ve missed something just ask me and I’ll add it here.

What are we doing

Let’s make cot quilts for babies/toddlers that can be given by Dandelion Support Network when they give a cot package. Bassinets are also given so if you don’t think you can tackle cot size then try bassinet size which is smaller.

What will you accept

Quilt tops that are of a suitable size for bassinet/cot

Quilt blocks that can be used to make baby quilts (say 5 or 10 inch blocks are a good rule of thumb and make it easier to join together rather than random block sizes)

Finished quilts that are bassinet to cot size.

Backing fabrics that are suitable for babies/toddlers and at least 1m in length and width.

Bias binding (you can make this yourself if you’d like something small to donate)

Flanelete and polar fleece in pastel or primary colours that are at least 1m in length as they make great quilt backings too

What shouldn’t we send you? 

Let’s make sure that what we receive can be used to make beautiful quilts. Please use fabrics that are suitable for babies and toddlers. That means it might be best to keep those skull and cross bone fabrics to yourself or any heavy brown florals for another project. Let’s make these bright and happy quilts to give some happiness to families who need a bit of a helping hand. Think whites, pastels, bright and fun, modern fabrics and use things you’d be proud to have your name associated with.

No money thanks, this is just about the quilts and they will be delivered by car so we don’t have any postage costs.

I have a quilt how do I get it to you?

In March we will do our first call out for quilts and blocks. I will provide you with my PO box or you might prefer to drop it in at our quilting day which will be held on a sunday in March or April on the northern beaches. Please don’t send me anything before then as I just can’t get to the Post Office everyday to collect parcels and the painter arrives in a week which means my house will be moved around everywhere.

What will happen at your quilting day

I’ll hire a community hall, we’ll sort through all of the parcels, work out what is finished and what needs work. We’ll piece quilts together, make up sandwiches, quilt them, add binding, make binding and finish them. We had a great time doing our Quilts for Queensland day last year and everyone was given a job and it was a great day of craft and friendship. Beginners learnt a few things and everyone is welcome. If you can sew, then we’ll have you. You’ll do. Details of the day will be announced in February but I promise you a fun day.

I’m a beginner can I still help?

You bet! What a great place to start. We’d love to have your help

I live in Melbourne and want to make a quilt for St Kilda Mums

A few of you said that you’d like to help  St Kilda Mums. Because I want to keep the donation of the quilts local and this project manageable, I am just focusing on Dandelion Support Network this year. The idea being that I can deliver them and get some sydney ladies to help me. If you live in Melbourne and want to help St Kilda Mums then please make a quilt yourself, get a group of ladies together and donate some quilts directly to them.  Now you’ll find their details on their Facebook page. I’m so sorry that at this time it would just be too big a job to incorporate both but I know some of you love a challenge and will help out. Maybe that’s the project for 2014!

Do you have any patterns you’d recommend for a beginner?

There are so many great patterns out there. You could just grab a pack of charm squares, join some strips together, make applique or whatever you like. A few good tutorials if you’re after them.

Diary of a quilter baby quilt

Moda Bakeshop


strip quilt tutorial

easy pinwheels

self binding baby quilt

Got a question, just ask!


  1. Excellent idea! Count me in x

  2. Hi corrie, I have already mentioned this project to my mum who said that she is pretty sure her quilting group would like to be involved. Since they will no doubt donate finished quilts, and they all live close to where Dandelion is based, I think they will deliver the quilts they make themselves at a suitable time. I will pass on the requirements of what they should work on.

  3. P.S. do you have a size you work to for cot or bassinet quilts?

  4. This great, corrie. I have some offcuts from my NICU gown project for Miracle Babies. I’ve been looking for somewhere that I could contribute quilt tops made from the wonderful prints. I’ll try to get some started for March. Do you have recommended dimensions (sorry if I missed it in the posts!) I can start tomorrow by running the offcuts through the sizzix into nice easy to sew sizes.

  5. Hi, are there many Melbourne or country Vic ladies who want to donate to St Kilda Mum’s ??? Is there a quilt group that would like to be involved? I’d love to be involved in a putting quilts together day but am in country Vic, could travel to Melb on a weekend day and help organise, but I’d want someone in Melbourne to source and organise a suitable venue if anyone’s interested….otherwise I will post some binding and a quilt top up to you Corrie for Dandelion when you want them. Such a good idea, wish I could be involved in your day together x

    • I’m in Geelong and am in the same boat as you Shell. Would love for someone to organise something for Melbourne!

      • Natalie says:

        Hi Selina,
        Geelong Mums I’m sure would be very grateful for donated quilts. I regularly volunteer on collection days and have started using my scraps to make pram blankets and change mats.
        They have a Facebook page or here is their website :-)

  6. Love it Corrie, will be happy to help out on the day.

  7. Lisa Oliver says:

    Hi corrie,
    This is a fantastic idea! I am already working on a cot quilt using tasha Noel’s ‘the simple life’ plus have another cot one ready featuring the lovely flower sugar range.
    Love this project and what a great charity,
    Lisa xx

  8. Beautiful initiative!

  9. Hi Corrie! Since my life is baby and grand-children deprived :-(, could you please give some idea of the size for a cot and bassinet? Many Many thanks, I am off to pull fabrics out of the stash!

  10. Im defnitely keen to make a quilt to donate. Can you please post the dimensions for bassinet and cot sized quilts?

  11. I love this idea and what beautiful quilts!

  12. Love your website do you teach non sewers like me have a sewing machine however don’t know how to sew.


  13. Elisabeth Thompson says:

    I have several ready made quilts which could be cot or bassinet size plus a large box of cotton fabric which some are ready cut and some whole fabric possibly for backing.
    My daughter left me with these fabrics, she was a quilter a couple of years ago then moved to Cairns and no longer requires these fabrics etc.

    Please can you supply a contact number that I could orgainse to donate these items.

    Kind regards
    Ph: 0438420585


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