big boy emerson

Oops I think I’ve missed a few updates on Emerson. I started out well but he’s the 5th baby so I tend to just take photos on instagram rather than take a picture of every single thing he does like you do with your first baby. I think I can sum up emerson in 3 words…….big happy baby. Retro daddy keeps saying ‘I know we can’t say who is the cutest baby but I really think emerson is our cutest baby’.

And look at him….he has that perfect roly poly baby look going on right now. And he’s always happy. We had a little blip with his bronchiolitis which made him cranky and he still has a cough that makes people turn and stare but he’s happy!

And he’s oh soooo snuggly when he’s in his wondersuit. I know there are fancier jumpsuits out there but I love little babies in a cuddly bonds suit. You just want to snuggle up against him.

and here’s the money shot that I snapped on instagram – I think it has a little fred astaire quality about it. Looks like he’s kicking his heels together. And combined with his sweet little happy face I’d say it’s a perfect snapshot of him at 4 months.

OK, well that’s enough bragging about that cute baby of mine. How about the quilt he’s on?  No, I did not make it. The very talented Rita of Red Pepper Quilts did and I bought it. And that’s all retro daddy needs to know. It’s a need to know basis.  I was going to put it away until Christmas but I had to put emerson on it and just admire the whole quilt. We have a lot of girly girl quilts in this house but now emerson has one for his room and to be a model on. And it’s perfect. But now it’s wrapped up and we’re not touching it till Christmas.


  1. Oh Emerson is absolutley adorable Corrie! He has those cheeks that you’d want to kiss to death! Gorgeous :)

    Love the quilt also…

    Sophie xo

  2. Have always loved a Bond Wondersuit. You just want to eat those baby chubby cheeks & yummy tummies when they’re in them. And yes, I think you can say who is the cutest :-)

  3. gorgeous boy! and i so love wondersuits. the ones i have had for my boys have been passed all around to english mums here. there is nothing cuter…

  4. I love roly poly babies! Makes me feel very clucky looking at him. He is gorgeous. Elaina xo

  5. He is just adorable. I agree, I love the cuddly bonds suits also. He is very much like Retro Daddy!
    The quilt is beautiful and you’re a beautiful person for helping out a beautiful cause.

  6. Where on earth did those 4 months go???? He is just gorgeous, you just want to give those chubby little cheeks a squeeze!!

  7. Beautiful big happy baby boy, beautiful quilt, you’re a lucky mummy! x

  8. Cute cute cute! I am expecting a little boy in Feb and these photos have just made me even more excited!

  9. That is a seriously gorgeous bub on a really beautiful quilt! Heaven :)

  10. Oh my, what a cutie pie!! And I couldn’t agree with you more :: there is nothing cuter than a smiley baby in a Bonds Wondersuit! They look so snug!

  11. Emerson just gets more gorgeous as he grows! You must be very proud of him.

  12. Touch wood. He really is so cute.

  13. wow he is gorgeous. As I have said before you and Retro Daddy make beautiful babies.

  14. Baby Em…oh, you look as yummy as a cupcake!

  15. Such a gorgeous wee boy. Can’t help but love him. The quilt is gorgeous. I bought a quilt in the auction too. Should be here next week. As for Bonds Wondersuits, they are a favourite of mine too. Makes a baby look like a baby, if you know what I mean. Makes them easier to hold too. I love the dark blue Emerson is wearing. Jacinta

  16. Oh he’s definitely a very cute baby! I love babies in Bonds wondersuits too – I don’t know why, but it really does make them feel extra cuddly. My babies lived in Bonds suits. That is such a beautiful quilt!

  17. Whoa! When did FOUR MONTHS happen?? Well done! He is gorgeous – looks just like you!!

    Asten x

  18. He reminds me of Finn…..handsome boys :) Loving the quilt too!

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