guilt free oat bites

School holidays are almost over and we’ve had such a great time. Although I’ve been trying to stick to my diet and it’s been tough. One of the hardest things has been giving up my baking. Even if I make something low fat I have a tendency to eat way too much. You know how it goes……hot out of the oven, smells so good, better test that they’re done, just one more, the best diets always start tomorrow. They are all my excuses and I have plenty more up my sleeve.
Love my ikea chopping trolley
this is my new ikea trolley that retro daddy put together for me. Yes, there were swear words uttered during it’s construction.
But I love to bake and I also need to bake. Yes, need. My little people are eating me out of house and home. They can demolish a packet of biscuits faster than I can make a cup of coffee. And I’ve been finding that the healthier muesli bars are too sweet or just don’t fill me up. So I searched the internet for how to make a cookie low fat and the answer was apple sauce.
So I got out some basics and was a little nervous about how these would turn out but the results were great. Give them a go especially if you need a little guilt free snacking. Now I know that these won’t be guilt free enough for some people because they have sugar in them, but to me these have no butter or added fats and that’s guilt free enough for me. 

Guilt free baking! Taste so good!

What you’ll need
3 cups rolled oats
1 cup plain flour
1 cup sugar (I used raw caster sugar and you could use less if you prefer)
1-2 tsp cinnamon
1 cup raisins or dried fruit ( we used craisins)
1 cup apple sauce (I used a 250g jar but you could make your own)
some chopped nuts (optional, don’t add nuts if these are for lunchboxes but we’re home and added a handful of chopped walnuts in)

Trying to make healthy cookies this afternoon! Own recipe creation ....

Preheat your oven to 180 degrees (I do everything on 375/400F these days because my oven is circa 1972!) Combine all of the dry ingredients first and then add in your apple sauce. Mix well. The mixture will appear too wet but you are going to pop the whole mixing bowl in the fridge for about 20-30 minutes. This makes it easier to handle.
No egg or butter! Fingers crossed for baking success
Now remove from the fridge and roll into small balls (about a tablespoonful) and flatten on a lined cookie tray.
Ready for oven
Bake for about 15 -20 minutes until golden. Cool on tray and enjoy. These are actually best eaten hot but we had a few the next day and they tasted great. They won’t taste like your best buttery cookie but they make me feel healthy!


  1. Yumm-o! They look delish :) I’m kind of paddling through this diet thing too but am starting to realise that you have to enjoy life too – in moderation of course!

    Just wait until your little peolpe turn into BIG ones :) Then they’ll really eat you out of house and home!

    Sophie xo

  2. Corrie, I’m doing 12WBT too. Have your worked out how many calories are in each cookie (or the whole batch)?


  3. Yum! I’m definately going to try these. Would be great lunch box fillers. Always keen to avoid muesli bars etc as there is always way more sugar in them than you think. Thank you!

  4. The best thing is that this recipe is eggless. I can try my hand at this one.

  5. Hi. My cousin has MS and cannot have any saturated fat as it makes her very ill. So this would be awesome for her when she visits. Can you tell me what Applesauce is? Is it just pureed apple – could I use baby apple puree? Do you have a brand I can go looking for. Thanks

  6. They look yummy. we are trying to go wholefood as much as possible in this house so other good substitutes that I have found are: honey or agave syrup as a sweetener as well as apple sauce or banana. Or rapadura sugar is another alternative to refined sugars such as raw or white. that is the most unrefined one.

  7. These look delicious!

  8. I use stewed apples instead of butter when I make muffins.I stew my own but baby food apples work just as well.

  9. Oh I do love a muesli cookie, just a bit on the crunchy side of things too;) Oh and congrats on the remarkables gig, I had a playdate with Chantelle today and she told me all about it.x

  10. They look yummy!

  11. Oooo yummy… and apple sauce… I never would have thought to put that it in a biscuit recipe.
    Don’t worry Corrie, I am from the house of try one, then another and then another couple to make it even 😉
    It’s so hard to resist home baked goodies.
    Thanks for sharing xo

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