Twinings Assam Bold

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Last week I held a little morning tea at my house for Twinings so that I could taste their latest tea, Assam Bold. And I think that there are a few essential ingredients for hosting a good morning (or afternoon) tea. A clean and tidy house. Check. This involved removing all clutter from the top of my dining table, piano and any other dumping grounds in the house.

modelling the tea box
Sweet treats. I sent retro daddy up to our nearest patisserie for some goodies – little petit fours and macarons. Mmmmmm so good.
petit fours from the patisserie
And I made some lemonade scones. I had never made them before and they turned out a little flat so next time I’m going to make them smaller and thicker and kiss them good luck before the go in the oven. But they tasted great and if you don’t like rubbing butter into flour then you will LOVE the recipe because it’s not messy. I also made some smoked salmon and cream cheese sandwiches on super soft white bread. Again so good.
 smoked salmon sandwiches, macarons, scones with the works
Now you’ll also need to get out your china. I love mixing things around, floral plates with my wedding china and I love having a little assortment of plates. A bit of expensive Pip studio with a vintage yellow plate that cost me $5 at a garage sale a few years ago. And a brand new white teapot purchased that morning when I realised I didn’t have one.
China mix n match
Now you’ll also need some guests. I invited my lovely neighbour Penny over who I always wave to and text and facebook but never get to really chat to. And two of my lovely friends Antonette and Belinda who I still call my kindy mums as our little ones started school together. I might have changed schools but I love that we’re all still friends. We had 12 children in total but thankfully I had retro daddy on the job in the childcare department.
first day of the holidays
And the last thing you need for a good morning or afternoon tea is some tea. And thank you to the lovely people at Twinings I’m now the envy of many with a lovely wooden tea box. It’s so lovely to look at and feel and fits lots of tea bags. 
loving my tea box
The only teas I drink are fruit teas and the only brand I drink is Twinings (and no they didn’t ask me to say that) but I find it’s the best peppermint tea around. I always need black tea on hand though for Grandma Betty. The biggest tea lover I know. I lose count of how many cups a day I make when she’s visiting. Retro daddy likes to try new flavours and actually thinks he is taking this box to work. I don’t think so.
a cup of tea
And so why was I sent this lovely box? To taste Twining’s newest tea, Assam Bold. And the good news was that all of my guests were tea lovers. Assam Bold is Twining’s strongest tea ever and you can read more about Twining’s tea strengths here. The Assam Bold is great if you need a pick me up and love your tea strong. And while it’s recommended you leave the tea bag in for at least 3-5 minutes if you don’t like your tea too strong just leave it in for a bit less. My guests enjoyed the tea and agreed it’s strong but not bitter! The strongest tea they’ve tasted. And you can still add your milk or sugar to it as well.
If you’d like to win a beautiful wooden box like mine with Assam Bold just tell me your favourite tea flavour and why. I’ll pick a winner at the end of the week.  And in the meantime be sure to check out the Twinings website here as there is loads of info on their teas, picking the right one for you and you can even buy your own wooden tea chest here in their gift shop.

Competition is open to my Australian readers only and full T&C are here.


  1. I am a simple girl… just a straight forward green tea. I love it for the health benefits as much as the taste.

  2. I have started drinking teas lately to cut down on my coffee addiction. I love the fruit flavoured and green tea varieties. If I do take black tea with milk, I like a full body strong flavour. That new Assam Bold sounds like the one for me.

  3. My favourite tea right now is Chai with a splash of milk. Or just a plain black tea with a bit of milk and tiny bit of sugar.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I love green tea and have started trying flavoured green teas. Hubby is a big tea drinker too and prefers a strong black tea, often opting to leave the tea bag in his cup to make the tea stronger.

    Nat McArthur

  5. My absolute favorite tea is Twining’s Lady Grey! I drink it 99.99% of the time! It’s just so refreshing, and not too strong, as in general I prefer a weak tea.

  6. Love a strong cup of tea so will have to give the Assam Bold a go… Also love regualr green tea and Orange Pekoe – though not together :)

  7. I have always been an English Breakfast girl as, until recently, was the strongest I could find. The Australian Afternoon one isn’t too bad either and a little stonger than English Breakfast.
    I’ll certainly be buying some Assam Bold as I love me tea the strongest I can get.
    I find if I have a cuppa between 1-2pm I get through the afternoon slump no problems.

  8. I love herbal teas and the Twinnings herbal
    Infusions are my favourite. Blackcurrant, ginseng and vanilla not only tastes great but it smells divine. It is the perfect pick me up throughout the day.

  9. ps a tip about the lemonade scones. Mine were failing for the longest time until I heard a tip that it’s best to leave the dough just a tad tacky. It’s the moisture that forms the steam when they are in the oven and gives a good rise.
    Since I’ve done that they have been a fabulous success!

  10. I like a strong English breakfast first thing in the morning, then Earl grey for the rest of the day – and it’s got to be Twinings. I am a little bit addicted!

  11. I love orange pekoe. Not even sure why, but it’s our go-to tea!

  12. What a lovely tea party Corrie. My fave tea is English Breakfast, makes me feel a bit posh when I drink it.

  13. Oh your Morning Tea Party looked a treat, and has had me craving scones, which secretly I indulged at Bonds yesterday!!!

    But to your question, yes I love
    Twinings Tea is one of the best, I do love a variety of teas, our daily tea is English Breakfast, but I do love there Lady Grey!! One of my make a pot teas it’s the only one that I buy in tea leaves not bags!!

  14. I am very boring and just like normal tea! And not very strong, so I don’t think Assam Bold will be for me, but I have plenty of family members who would just love it!

  15. Earl Grey always feels like a luxurious treat to me!

  16. Hello? Is it open to international readers? Thank you :)

  17. So hard to pick a favourite!! At the moment I have Twinings ‘Russian Caravan’ and ‘Prince of Wales’ as my flavours this month!! I really love the Russian Caravan – it has a lovely stronger taste but no ‘yucky’ bitter aftertaste that you get with some others. The Prince of Wales – well I like the name (bought it when the London Olympics were on – had all things brittish on the brain!), its has a milder taste and suits me for my morning cuppa!

  18. In our house it is the peppermint.
    It’s our nightly ritual (we’re pretty wild & crazy around here) – kids in bed, peppermint for the mister, hot water for me and sip whilst enjoying the peace!!! (probably with some chocolate that has been carefully stashed so the kids don’t find it)

  19. I love normal tea and fruit teas as well.

  20. When I first started drinking Twinings I loved the English Breakfast. Then I was a lover of Traditional Afternoon and then Australian Afternoon Tea. The Twinings Assam Bold sounds lovely and will have to purchase some next time I’m out shopping. In fact I think I’m quite partial to Chai with a slight dash of milk and Green Tea if I’m looking for a healthy pick me up.

  21. I have been drinking tea since I was 10 years old, now early 30s. I love a twinnings english breakfast in the morning & a lady grey before bed. Chai is my treat if I need something sweet. Tea relaxes me and is my first drink of choice anytime!

  22. I only drink a little tea and always black, but my English husband would give Grandma Betty a run for her money. His favourite is Russian Caravan for “a subtle smokey flavour” and I quite like T2’s Kiwi Breakfast for the fruity flavour or Earl Grey.

  23. I love Buddha’s Tears tea. Super expensive, but you only need a few balls to make a real pleasant drink. You have inspired me to host a tea party in the near future!

  24. Lady Grey is my all time favourite, Corrie. Despite being in my 30’s and like you, into all the nanna-crafts 😉 my husband calls my choice of tea Lady Purple Rinse but agrees it is a delicious blend that can compete with is fav English Breakfast. Twinings Tea evokes nostalgia. My mum with her Prince of Wales and my Granny with her Russian Caravan. Isn’t it great that you can please everyone without bursting the pantry doors?!
    And now that you have a new tea pot, I hope you hook or needle up a nice little cosy.
    xx Fi

  25. I’m also a Twinings fan! I love their Lady Grey ( a lighter twist on Earl Grey) in the afternoon with a sweet treat. I keep trying herbal teas because they smell so divine but even Twinings can’t win me over yet. I’ll have to try the Assam Bold now you’ve mentioned it.

  26. My favorite one is Camomile & Spearmint. I always love mint with other herbs and the mixtures of Twinings are delicious. :)

  27. Twinings Early Grey with two drops of milk…

  28. I love Twinings Peppermint tea because sitting on the couch with a cup of it, and a few squares of chocolate, is the perfect way to unwind after a day spent running after the kids.

  29. I absolutely love ‘Twinings tea’ my current regular favourite is ‘Lady Grey’. With her citrus aroma to start the day, sometimes with a dash of milk, sometimes black… just heaven.

  30. I’ve been drinking tea since my nanna made it for me as a child – she would use the same bag for hers and mine but load mine up with milk and sugar. I now love Twinings chamomile, honey and vanilla – so no milk and the tea’s sweet enough without sugar!
    I come from a family of tea drinkers and we all have a different favourite tea. We all drink Twinings and it’s pretty seeing all the different coloured tags sticking out of the cups while they’re brewing! I can’t look at the purple Darjeeling box without thinking of my mum :)

  31. When I was a kid we visited my Nan every Sunday after church. She always made us homemade cakes and scones and a big pot of Twinings English Breakfast. It’s still my favourite as it always reminds me of her!

  32. Anonymous says:

    I love English Breakfast tea, just plain black with a little sugar. Great start to the day. Darjeeling is also nice for a lighter tasting tea.

    Elise Fleming

  33. I’m an Earl Grey kind of girl. My gramps used to make me an Earl Grey tea out of his own Twinings wooden box when I was little, served up with my Nan’s cherry tea cake. And my mum says no-one makes an Earl Grey tea like me :)

  34. I’d have to say I’m a fruit tea drinker too! I have atleast 7 different flavours too and funnily enough they’re all Twinings as well! My favourite would have to be the Twinings Infusions: Raspberyy, Strawberry & Longanberry Flavour… add some fresh berries (or frozen) to your tea and you have a refreshing cup right there – hot or cold :)

    Sophie xo

  35. I like Irish Breakfast best.

    I’d definitely recommend the CWA scone recipe – completely foolproof and easy. Google the recipe, it has cream and flour in it, and not much else, and it works out every time without fail.

  36. Alicia Gale says:

    My tea of choice is twinings Irish Breakfast tea. So delicious and strong with just a dash of milk and pipping hot in a china cup. Generally I don’t let anyone make my cup of tea because I am that fussy…. I will have to try the new Assam Bold!!!

  37. It would have to be Earl Grey for me with Lady Grey coming a close second! It all sounds so nice and royal which is great for today since we are celebrating the Queens birthday again….hoorah!!

  38. Anonymous says:

    I love earl grey, it’s like aromatherapy in a cup :). Lauren

  39. English and Irish breakfast are my fave although I’m trying to drink more green as well.
    Thanks for the chance to win…
    P.s love your crockery collection.

  40. Yum, those Macarons look good! My favourite teas are herbal teas – but if I had to choose my absolute favourite it would be peppermint as well.

  41. Camomile is my favourite and always part of my night ritual – with a couple of squares of chocolate if I am really really naughty!

  42. I love Twining’s English breakfast best. Love the flavour with a splash of milk. I drink tea all day. Each cup reminds me of my Grandma as we used to always share an afternoon cup of tea. She liked a strong cuppa at 3pm and I find I do too, it is the perfect way to keep you going until dinner!

  43. I absolutely love early grey and lady grey! It is the perfect tea to quilt and crochet with! I am lucky cos my husband only likes boring black tea so I can always have a full pot of tea to myself and I know he won’t steal any!!

  44. Hard to choose! But at the moment I’m enjoying the Australian blend Twinings have. I bought some Assam Bold to try as my husband loves strong tea.

  45. What a lovely tea party. I am quite envious. My favourite tea? It would have to be Lady Grey – for no other reason than it reminds me of my mother. It is her favourite, and to be it sums up homeliness, womanly elegance and slow Sunday mornings. And a cup in my mother’s fine bone retro china completely the picture to a T…..

  46. I rarely drink tea, occasionally some green tea with chinese food. For the once a week cup, or even less frequently, I have Twinings Irish breakfast, fairly strong, definitely no milk or sugar. The new blend sounds interesting.

  47. Earl grey. Twinings of course. I think it’s the taste of my earliest tea memory.

  48. Ah irish breakfast one , my dad introduced it to me at age ???8 too early i think but he would always get up early before 6 o’clock mass on a sunday and he used to make me a cup o tea with him…. everytime i have it it reminds me of him ….. im sure there is good tea in heaven too

  49. I love the Australian Afternoon Tea blend as it tastes just like the brew my Grandma used to make. Every cup I have reminds me of her and is so comforting. I may have been stocking up this week while it’s on special at Coles :-)

  50. Looks like a great morning tea – I love making scones with lemonade but the lemonade has to be homebrand or Coles because it’s not as bubbly

    My favourite tea is Lady Grey it’s a pleasure to have after a long day, I also love the lavender Earl Grey it is for those special days

  51. My favourite is Earl Grey, black and weak – this is also the choice of one of my Sons-in-law.

    Hubby loves the English Breakfast and when our grand daughter visits they love to have a cuppa together at breakfast time.

    My eldest daughter likes a really strong tea and I usually make double strength of Australian Afternoon Tea for her. The Assam Bold sounds like it would be her perfect cuppa.

    We have always been a twinings family.

    Corrie I also love to mix and match some special vintage plates with my everyday Summer Chintz cups and saucers.

    Your afternoon tea party looks beautiful.

  52. My favourite tea is the Chai tea… it is just so yummy.


  53. Anonymous says:

    Oh I love tea! Mostly I drink regular black with milk, but at night I enjoy a cup of chamomile :) I also like peppermint and earl grey! Depends on my mood! I wish I liked green tea but i don’t – I have to force it down so I’ve given up and get my antioxidants elsewhere ! Love your china wear Corrie. Thanks , Cassie.

  54. Most of the time just straight english breakfast tea…I would love some at the moment but am dairy free for my 5 month old. Oh, how I would love a milky mug full!!

  55. I love Earl Grey, and honestly I couldn’t tell you why. It’s just the best tea but I don’t know anyone else who likes it!!

  56. My favourite is Lady Grey. My reasons are threefold.
    1) I have always assumed that Lady Grey was married to Earl Grey and that they would have a great contest between them to blend the best tea. It seems lovely that both teas are still favourites today.
    2) Whenever someone comes over and I offer them tea or coffee, I say ‘I have ‘tea’ tea, English Breakfast, Lady Grey…’ and they’ll cut me off there and say ‘Ooooh, Lady Grey please’! This makes me feel all hostessy and mostessy.
    3) (The best reason) It is the perfect tea for me. I love the orange hints and the bergamot. I love that it tastes wonderful black (I don’t like milk in tea). I love that it doesn’t get too strong if you forget to take the tea bag out because of work or a child or something! Lovely, always.

  57. I drink alot of peppermint and green tea, but my favourite tea is Irish breakfast!

  58. Lady Grey has been my favourite for years, but mostly I drink Peppermint tea; it has seen me through two pregnancies. I have my tea black with sugar yum!

  59. Anonymous says:

    Twinings English Breakfast all the way!
    Rebecca Simunic

  60. I love a cup of strong English breakfast! But I never drank much tea til I spent 18 months in the UK about 15 years ago. I got a taste for it now and drink it til it come out my ears! I met a delightful 92 year old man on the Aran Islands in Ireland during my travels. He liked a strong cup of tea – he would brew a big teapot in the morning and then heat a cup in the microwave when required. I often think of him as I make a cuppa!

  61. Just one tea flavor is hard. Usually, it’s a nice dark cup of English Breakfast but since getting pregnant, I can’t drink black tea. Foolish taste buds. For now, it’s red tea for me.

  62. Sarah Carrington says:

    My favourite tea is Chai but I love trying the different flavours.

  63. I am a Twinings girl through and through and my all time favourite is English Breakfast – I love the flavour! I did get brave recently and try one of the Twinings Red Teas, my first experience with a red tea and I was pleasantly surprised at how nice it tasted. Still, nothing takes the place of my English Breakfast!!

  64. Crafty friends and I could be the same person! :) I too am a devoted twinings drinker and English breakfast is one I can’t pass. A great peppermint or earle grey by twinings is also always welcome! :)

  65. My fav tea is English Breakfast! But I do also love a chai tea in winter

  66. I love a classic Twinings English Breakfast; it must be the little bit of brittish in me.

  67. MMMM Peppermint tea is my go to at the moment.x Thanks for the giveaway. x

  68. I’m envious for sure.
    I love jasmine tea for treats, but for every day it has to be strong black tea. So I’m really thrilled about the Assam Bold…I think it will be right up my street!

  69. My all time favourite tea is Earl Grey with a touch of milk. I always feel like I’m relaxing when I have a cup.

  70. Anonymous says:

    I love Assam Bold because I am from Assam and spent my childhood on a tea plantation.

  71. Very nice, thanks for the information.

  72. I love my English Breakfast tea. I’m not totally fussy though – I’ll try anything and (usually) enjoy it! I also enjoy fruity teas – makes a nice change when I don’t want the caffeine!

  73. Lady Grey would be my choice

  74. Lady Grey would be my choice

  75. Anonymous says:

    My favorite at this moment is Twinings Darjeeling, with some digestives and a good book, curled up in my favorite chair.

  76. English breakfast in the morning and Earl Grey with Lemon in the afternoon. Something sweet with my tea makes the whole experience even better! xo

  77. I LOVE Chai tea!! It’s like Christmas in a cup :) I also enjoy making chai tea lattes, with lot’s of whip cream of course!!

  78. Must say a chamomile tea before bed is always nice to put the mind at ease!

  79. My favourite Twinings tea has always been Lemon Scented. It’s black tea with a hint of lemon – so refreshing but still that satisfying tea taste. I lived in London in the 90’s and was thrilled to find a Twinings store there where I got to try so many of their divine teas. The Irish Breakfast is delish but tastes even better when you drink it in Ireland – apparently it’s something to do with the Irish water! I can’t wait to try this new Assam tea as I do love a strong tea.

  80. At work I have started drinking Tea. Twinings ofcourse. When I first get to work and at recess I have an English Breakfast and at lunch I have an Australian Afternoon Tea. (yes I’m a teacher) It has to be made right, I don’t let just anyone make my tea, and my staff like me making it for them. Lately my boxes of tea have been disapearing. I think they have fallen in love with twinings as well.

  81. I love camomile…it was the first herbal tea I started drinking way back, when I only used to drink hot water.

  82. While not my favourite, I mostly drink green tea … for my health.

  83. Anonymous says:

    I love Chai tea. The aroma of the spices always makes me feel better. Louise

  84. I’ve been enjoying a cinnamon orange blend. It’s great to have before bed, as it is decaffeinated and soothing.

    find me on Twitter: @DeborahBrine

  85. My favourite tea would have to be Earl Grey taken black, followed closely by Peppermint tea, also taken black. I must confess that my first of many cups of the day is always very strong with a dash of milk so looks like I will have to try Assam Bold for that early morning cuppa.

  86. I savour a good cup of tea like others do a fine wine. I love a pot of Russian Caravan brewed hot and strong with lashings of milk (soy these days). Will definitely try the Assam Bold as I love strong tea. I can’t start and end the day without a good cup of tea.

  87. I freeze flavoured teas in ice-cubes for Christmas fruit punch – does that count?

    What I really wanted to say was I loved the shot of the children playing and the washing on the line in the background. Nothing like keeping it real….

  88. For me it’s peppermint tea. I have one every morning after my walk and it gets me going for the day.

  89. Twinnings Irish Breakfast throughout the day, and ALWAYS Peppermint after dinner (like you my favourite is Twinnings) and I always include a square or two of dark chocolate too.
    This new one sounds appealing. I do love strong tea!

  90. my favourite is Twinings Lady Grey – just so good, I love it weak and black!

  91. a good English breakfast…why because its good..x

  92. Of a morning it is breakfast tea, irish breakfast tea or of late it is Australian Breakfast Tea, which has a bit more body to it. When I want to relax and melow out it is Green Tea but have to say I tried the Green Tea & Lemon Flavour when I was crook awhile back and it is currently my favorite :)
    Of course I am a tea snob and only drink Twinnings, lol. It does not leave that gritty after taste you get with so many teas.

  93. I really love lots of twinnings teas, but chai is the front runner at the moment.

  94. Anonymous says:

    I loved seeing your morning tea setup! Just my kind of thing! <3
    The plates were just gorgeous! drool…. I love a peppermint tea, it helps settle the tummy too. Thanks for the giveaway.

  95. mmm yummmy 😀 I go for anything Chai but I also love the lady grey. Twinings does a really good Lady Grey.

  96. I savour a black tea with a dash of milk and sugar while my boy eats his breakfast. Morning tea time I sit with him and relish a chai. Afternoon and I’m reaching for the green tea

  97. I savour a black tea with a dash of milk and sugar while my boy eats his breakfast. Morning tea time I sit with him and relish a chai. Afternoon and I’m reaching for the green tea

  98. I love black tea, and Twinings Darjeeling has been one of my favourite teas since I was a teenager.

  99. I’m really just a bog-standard tea drinker – but always good and milky! Nothing really very fancy!

    My favourite everyday tea would have to be Twinnings Simply Tea (although I can’t seem to get it at the moment) – it always gets compliments from visitors and I love it too! I also enjoy the limited edition Twinnings Australian Afternoon Tea.

    And when I’m feeling a bit fancy (or we have run out of milk) I’ll go for a cup of black dahjeeling tea – again, Twinnings!

    Like you, I’m not paid to say that – they just make the best tea!!

  100. Im loving the limited ediion Australian Afternoon Tea, it is full flavoured and perfect in the afternoob. The mornings I cant go pass English Breakfast, as it loved the light destintive flavour. My husband, thinks he hilarious, constantly asks ” so in england do they just call it Breakfast tea? “

  101. Alana Packer says:

    I enjoy a cup of Russian Caravan, a strong flavoured tea. There is nothing like coming home from work and having a cup to recharge the batteries before doing mum stuff. I will certainly have to try Assam Bold.

  102. Anonymous says:

    Earl Grey, it’s been my favourite since I was pregnant with my first boy. I’d come home from work, sink into the bean bag and hubby would make me a “relaxing tea”.

    Julie Baverstock

  103. Lady Grey, hands down. It’s Nigella’s choice too! :-) Milky with one sugar. It’s light, refreshing and fruity – good in winter and summer. Plus, I use the tea to make delicious Lady Grey cupcakes with lemon icing!

  104. My all time favourite tea is Lady Grey! I am yet to drink a tea I don’t like though, I love all of them! I have a tea cupboard, everything from green teas, fruit teas, rooibos, herbal blends and black teas. Bags and leaves and even leaves in silk bags :) I bought some of the limited addition Australian Afternoon Tea last week really enjoyed that! But Lady Grey is the tea I always come back to either black or with milk and a sugar.

  105. I love Twinings English Breakfast tea…its my favourite! I will be trying the new Assam Bold as I like my tea strong!

  106. Twinings Irish Breakfast all the way – the strength and the depth are divine – although after reading about the Assam Bold it may be my new favourite (after I buy some tomorrow!!).

  107. Mmmm Twinings Blackcurrant, fruity but I can still have milk in it. Well someone has to support the dairy farmers!

  108. I don’t drink tea, but I love making it for my wonderful husband. His favourites are English Breakfast and Orange Pekoe.

  109. My favourite tea without a doubt is English Breakfast, with one sugar and milk – d-lish! I don’t think I can function in the morning properly until I’ve had my first cup of tea :-)

  110. Twinings Green tea & Lemon Flavour is my absolute favourite – so refreshing. As I only shop every 8 weeks I buy many boxes of it; couldn’t bear to run out! We live remotely so have to be organised! I will definately try Assam Bold when next shopping.

  111. Anonymous says:

    I love the Twinings Australian Afternoon Tea but drink it at any time of the day! I also love my tea black and strong and must be accompanied with something sweet- no wonder I can never diet!


  112. My kids and I love a cuppa… But the 17yr old son and I enjoy Irish Breakfast black with a dash of sugar. He has been wanting one of these boxes for ages so it would be lovely to share with him.

  113. My kids and I love a cuppa… But the 17yr old son and I enjoy Irish Breakfast black with a dash of sugar. He has been wanting one of these boxes for ages so it would be lovely to share with him.

  114. My kids and I love a cuppa… But the 17yr old son and I enjoy Irish Breakfast black with a dash of sugar. He has been wanting one of these boxes for ages so it would be lovely to share with him.

  115. I love twinings orange pekoe, the smell of it is heavenly! and I love their lady grey as well, that little hit of bergamot is divine! I’ve never been much of a fan of the herbal teas but this year I’ve been quite unwell and decided to try their camomile, honey and vanilla blend. Let’s just say it got me through some pretty rough days, I love it! Actually now that I think about it, I only drink twinings teas too, must be why I entered this! xx

  116. I have been drinking Rosehip tea for a couple of years now as I read it was a boon for backache. It has really helped and the added bonus is the beautiful ruby colour and fresh flavour. It delights all the senses!

  117. I love special herbal night blends. The one I usually drink has Lemonbalm, peppermint leaf, strawberry leaves, blackberry leaves, st john’s wort, chamomile, heather flower, red rose petals, lavender. It’s great because it’s both refreshing and relaxing!

  118. I love special herbal night blends. The one I usually drink has Lemonbalm, peppermint leaf, strawberry leaves, blackberry leaves, st john’s wort, chamomile, heather flower, red rose petals, lavender. It’s great because it’s both refreshing and relaxing!

  119. Oh Corrie I love Lady Grey Tea first thing in the morning….I love it as it has a lovely delicate flavour that I can really taste. I only drink black tea so this isnt too strong for me. Please count me in to win!!!!

  120. I’ve always been a tea drinker but never strayed too far flavour wise – generally sticking with Twinings (there is no other brand in my opinion) English Breakfast, Earl Grey and Lemon flavours. I have just recently started to be adventurous and currently I love Lady Grey and Russian Caravan.

  121. Oh I love my Twinings! I was raised drinking tea and won’t touch coffee. My absolute favourite tea is loose leaf Twinings Lady Grey. I can’t buy it in the supermarket here in Townsville so every time I go to Brisbane I stock up on it from DJ’s.

  122. Lady Grey is my relaxing treat, when a cup of green just won’t hit it!

  123. Tea tea tea
    Oh what you do to me
    When I’m down and grumpy
    And feeling a bit frumpy
    You are so good to me!!!

    Even thinking about tea makes me want to sing limericks….there’s just nothing like a cup of tea at any time of the day. First thing in the morning for a nice wake up to the day, around 10am to tide me over till lunch, late afternoon just because I can…there’s something so luxurious about a cuppa in the afternoon, and after dinner to wind down before bed. Tea is the perfect companion throughout the day…..I have 2 favourites…English breakfast for first thing in the morning and last thing at night and green tea in the day.

    Think I might just have to go and pop the kettle on!!!

  124. I love my tea, must have one first thing in the morning (EARL GREY)to help to get going, then mid morning(ENGLISH BREAKFAST)then maybe 1 at lunch (LADY GREY) then always at 3pm afternoon tea (TRADITIONAL AFTERNOON TEA)then at night as a treat I love (VANILLA CHAI)as a special treat. MY MOST FAVOURITE IS ENGLISH BREAKFAST!!!!!!

  125. I love English Afternoon. I think that only Twinings make it. It’s a tad gentler than English Breakfast.

  126. Traditional Afternoon all the way. :)

  127. I love English Breakfast by Twinings. I love the flavour and I always have mine with milk and sugar.

  128. I am a huge tea lover as well. Anything sweet and fruity yet full of flavour.
    I like it strong but love the fact that because they are sweet no extra sugar needs to be added. Since falling pregnant with my third I am a tea addict!!

  129. I love white tea, sweet but requires no milk or sugar. That box is certainly covetable! Tracee xx

  130. I love peppermint tea, it feels like I am treating myself while I drink it.

  131. Steaming hot white tea. Absolute heaven at 8am in the morning.

  132. I love to have my tea strong and have to use 2 tea bags at once to get any flavour.
    Am so looking forward to trying the Assam Bold which might mean I use only one tea bag henceforth.

  133. I love strong black tea and am looking forward to trying the new Assam Bold, but lately I have also enjoyed Twinings Chamomile, Vanilla and Honey. Mmmm

  134. Twinings Irish is my fave because of the depth of flavour.I would love Twinings to come up with Scottish and Welsh teas though for a change.

  135. Orange Pekoe Orange Pekoe, I sound like an old lady… but I don’t drink coffee, coca cola or smoke but TEA is definitely my vice… I am also a 2 teabag dinner! so sometimes I get raunchy and mix Prince of Wales with Irish breakfast! whoo hoo I live it up in the go getta stakes! but I do love tea!

  136. Orange Pekoe Orange Pekoe! I dont drink coffee, cola , or smoke…but tea is my vice. I know I sound like an old lady but.. sometime I get really wild- yep and I use 2 tea bags and then… i get crazy and I mix Prince of Wales with Irish breakfast or Lady Grey and a berry! Whoo Hoo – I live dangerously … but I do love tea!

  137. I adore orange pekoe for it’s smooth sweet flavour. Irish Breakfast comes a close second. Will have to try Assam Bold!

  138. Oh retro Mummy,

    Before I go to “Twinings”, let me tell you, I love those china you have.An elaborate tea time indeed!!

    Ever since the day I found out I have a secret in my tummy :) I stopped all the coffee I have been vending out from those office machines :) and I fell in love with the Herbal Infusion – lemon and ginger.. nothing like it to calm down a woman undergoing huge hormonal change.. and now that I am already entering my 5th month, the love for it hasn’t ceased .. I am sure the butterfly inside flaps a bit more when I have it.. Lots of love ..

  139. Black Tea, Green tea….I don’t know…either of those two. ok – Black. I would love a tea box as a good excuse for a tea party too!!

  140. I love Orange Pekoe and the best thing about having the tea bags at work is that most people don’t touch them as they think it is orang flavored tea!! Also love their Simply tea, which I’m finding a little hard to find now.

  141. Earl Grey: particularly when it’s served in an elegant china cup – makes me feel elegant & sophisticated.

  142. I love Twinings’ Earl Grey. I know it may be old fashioned, but I fell in love with it when a friend traveled to England in 1973 and brought me back a beautiful china tea jar containing it. I still have the jar, many years empty, but still smelling faintly of the tea. It warms me up on a cold winter afternoon.

  143. Twinings English Breakfast – classic and smooth

  144. I love Lady Grey -the fruity twist on the earl grey really makes my afternoon,especially with some home baked goodness or a tim tam.

  145. My favourite tea is good old Twinings English Beakfast, white with one thanks! Just because it tastes like home, warm comfort in a teacup. But I am always up for a different blend to try! xx

  146. My favorite is Twinings Lemon and Ginger, refreshing, great flavour and gives me a lift

  147. While I may be Aussie through and through, I do love my English Breakfast tea in the morning!

  148. This comment has been removed by the author.

  149. I’ve drunk more tea this year so far,
    Than I have in any other,
    And reality has dawned on me,
    That I’m slowly turning into my mother.
    Though I drink a lot less tea than her,
    (about 6 cups less a day!),
    I must admit we’re both quite partial,
    To a cuppa of Earl Grey.

  150. Nothing is better than a fruit tea,
    berries in the evening to soothe my tummy,
    sending me to a blissful sleep naturally!

  151. I love a strong cup of English Breakfast tea, with a dash of milk. And maybe a bickie or 3…

  152. I love strong tea and thought Twinings Australian Afternoon was my favourite till Mum bought me a box of the new Twinings Asam Bold this week. I drank the box of 10 in 3 days, I love it!

  153. I love Darjeeling tea. A cuppa in the afternoon takes me back to my trips to India. It allows me to stop, slow down and all of life’s stresses seem to be put into perspective. Love your blog, btw!

  154. I love green tea as it is refreshing and helps with diets

  155. I love Kashmiri tea. Why? Because its pink (after adding milk) and i’m fascinated that they add salt to it! So pretty!

  156. I adore chai. Its so light and lovely, and the scent transports me to another place, even if just for a few minutes! gemmie

  157. i love chai tea,its aromas of cinnomen and the taste just dances on my tounge

  158. I only drink Twinnings Irish Breakfast, just love the taste, it may be called a breakfast tea, but i drink it through out the day and is normally my choice of drink to unwind before bed time, and if im really naughty i will sneek in a Tim Tam or two with my cuppa :)

  159. Twinings Earl Grey,
    Bergamot flavour that makes my day!

  160. Green tea…I’ve replaced two cups of coffee a day with green tea for the health benefits and feel so much better for it.

  161. My fav is peppermint or green tea. I tend to dip the green tea 5 times and then set aside to reuse later in the day. Peppermint I keep in the mug and keep refilling hot water…

  162. For my morningtea I am loving Jasmine and Green Tea, for that 10 minutes where I can sit back and relax.

  163. I love Rooibos Tea, it’s a big favourite of mine. No matter how bad I feel, when I have a cuppa Rooibos Tea in my hand, nothing can go wrong and I feel on top of the world.

  164. My favourite is white tea because I love it’s taste and its health benefits too.

  165. I love white tea, not only for its taste, but for its health benefits also.

  166. I love a cup of Twinings Morning Detox in a morning – lemon, limeflower, liquorice root, ginger root, milk thistle and peppermint. I love the clean, pepped up feeling that it gives me.

    At other times I like plain black tea (nice and simple) with half a sugar and milk. It’s my ‘cosy’ drink.

  167. I love a nice cup of Black tean in the afternoon, just what I need to get through the dinner/bedtime craziness :)

  168. The cups of tea that Hubby makes for me…for some reason they always taste much nicer than if I make them myself!

  169. Plain Jane type of tea for me
    green tea. Full of healthy positives and great to start the day!

  170. Peppermint tea i love how refreshed it makes me feel and the scent is so fragrant and wonderful!

  171. What’s better than a mug of Twinings Assam tea sipped from a Royal Doulten mug? The cuppa shared with a friend!

  172. I have tried just about every tea available and my favourites are Rooibos, Twinings Orange Pekoe – both leaf and tea bag varieties – Assam, Ceylon, Peppermint and Blackcurrant and Apple, all without milk. Delicious, refreshing and a brilliant pick-me-up.

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