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Retro daddy and I were having a little conversation about our holiday – I said we should have either lunch or dinner out each day. He thought we should always have lunch in (remember he’s the accountant). I made it clear this is my holiday too and I’d like a tiny break from the cooking, the dishes and the groceries…thank you very much.
the hexagons are done
I also hope that means I get a bit of craft time while we’re away. And part of the fun of taking some projects away is deciding what to take. I’ve decided a summer knitting project would be perfect. All of my girls could do with a little cotton bolero or cardigan each. You know how much I love the baby kina pattern! And you know how much I love bendigo cotton for my summer knitting too. And also try the spring cotton which knits up tighter and holds it’s shape much better.

still big squishy cheeks

Another favourite summer knitting project is this little knitted tee, the cap sleeved tee. Super easy and knit in one piece from the top down. It’s super addictive too. Or maybe it’s just me. Once I find a pattern I can’t stop making it. I also have everything here to try this pattern which would look pretty on elodie too.

happy model

And I’m thinking some hexagons to stitch would be nice too. Of course my first hexagon project is still waiting to be quilted so I could attempt to hand quilt it which could look nice! Or I could take my machine away with me to machine quilt it but I have a feeling I won’t get that one past retro daddy. Pack light are his words to me at the moment. And we have a pram, portacot, suitcases and more to fit in the van.
the kids get in the act
But whatever happens I’ll have some fun picking through my stash and deciding what to take and then there is the fun that is having some quiet time to myself to get a bit of craft done. Something I’m struggling to do at the moment.


  1. You should definately be on a cooking/washing up break! Holidays are’nt often holidays for mums – it usually means more people to clean up after! I hope you have a wonderful break when you do go!

  2. its warm already up here, so do pack light its going to be a hot summer !

  3. I love Keira’s knitted tee! That’s so lovely and such a soft touch to an outfit! Definately go with the knitting and some hand stitching items… But be sure tor est your hands whilst on that holiday too! And I agree with you… NO WASHING UP!

  4. We are usually on a very tight budget when we go away so we rarely eat out. Doesn’t bother me. In the past we have had the teens with us and they have done the washing up but our last teen will be staying with Grandma from now on due to studies and work so I might just have to con Brian into doing the dishes. Or we’ll come to an arrangement of one will shower the kids and the other do the dishes.
    I usually take fairly easy projects with me. Squares that can be crocheted and made into a bigger project like a bag or blanket. Or I hook up some more face/dish cloths.
    Our last holiday (a year ago yikes) I was making flower cushions for my mum and MIL.

  5. Oh that bolero is adorable! Yes give the cooking a break as much as possible. Enjoy!!


  6. Love that hexie quilt Corrie!

  7. It is so hard to get time to do craft & baking ‘ all those lovely things, so I hope you have some good long hours while you’re away. Should be lots of fun for everyone…look forward to seeing your creations when you get back! xo

  8. On our first road trip with the twins we packed the double pram, huge breast feeding pillow, steriliser(!) and bottles and two portacots… We needed a roof pod. It was out of control. Now with three kids everything fits in the boot. We hire portacots wherever we stay. It is worth the extra cost. Can you hire a cot where you are staying? If not at your accommodation, I’ve heard there are equipment hire services around the place for cots, high chairs etc. Just a though – maybe you could fit your machine in the car after all…

  9. Hope you have a wonderful time away , love the Hexie quilt. Happy crafting!

  10. Have a great holiday. When our children were young we would eat out at lunch and ccok for dinner because they tended to get tired and grouchy in the evenings. Lunch is also cheaper than dinner out!

  11. Happy holidays Corrie,Come on you can get around Retro daddy use some strategy.haha It would be good to take your knitting so when you do something you can sit and watch knit and r daddy can chase the children. Try and have a break at every opportunity

  12. I love grabbing a cooked chicken from Woollies while on holiday and some potato salad and bread rolls and thats a quick, fairly cheap dinner for one night at least. Retrodaddy might be happy with that and no cooking for you either :) x

  13. Lovely hexagons and cardigans.

  14. I agree with a little bit country! Us mums need to make sure we have some sort of break. I haven’t been on hols for a while partly because with little ones, I find I end up doing more work than at home cause I don’t have my own things and little creature comforts! Happy to wait (and save) till they are older. Have fun and love yr ideas of portable craft projects.

  15. I absolutely love your hexagon quilt. I’ve just added hexagons to a moses basket quilt for our arrival due in Jan. Your knitting looks great too. This really is a skill I need to learn!

  16. Take some cute knitting projects with you, add some good books and ask retro daddy to – please – do the cooking himself, if he insists on eating in all the time… In any case – have a nice holiday!


  17. happy holliday cori..
    child who looks very cute ^_^

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