I made a dress

I can’t quite believe it myself. But with our holiday coming up soon I really wanted to make my girls a new dress each to take away with us. I have so many patterns and sewing books and forgot about this one. The book is called Girl’s World by Jennifer Paganelli and has a couple of pretty girls dresses but I knew this one was perfect. It’s called Tallulah.

A few thoughts on the pattern. It’s easy but I didn’t find the instructions or the diagrams that clear. Maybe that’s because I haven’t made any of the patterns from the book before. And I didn’t love making the side vents. For example you make the vents first, do the hem and then hand stitch the edges of the hem where you folded up the vents. Not the easiest way to do this. And I prefer more of a full skirt so I’m going to have a play around and keep the bodice but do a gathered skirt and see how that goes with keira’s dress which I’m hoping to make next. 


But tillie loves her new dress. I used some Flower Sugar for the dress and some cute Colour Basics for the lining. Just the top of the dress is lined but gives a cute contrast from the back.

And how did I get any sewing done with a newborn, you ask? I know you’re wondering. Well I popped emerson in a sling on sunday morning. Retro daddy was at  mass with keira. I had everyone else and did half the work while emerson was on me. Then finished a bit more in the afternoon with emerson in his rocker and finished the whole dress off this morning.

It felt so good to be sewing again. I forgot how much I love my machine and just making things for my little ones. I feel a few more dresses and maybe some little pj pants coming soon. Summer is a great time to sew and dresses can be so quick and easy.


  1. Just gorgeous! I can never find lovely fabric to make things. I am looking forward to whipping up little bits and pieces for my new baby girl.

    Can’t wait to see some more!

  2. Very cute Corrie. I would recommend the free Popover dress pattern on Oliver + S for a quick and satisfying girls dress which is perfect for warm weather. Just love that you managed some sewing time!

  3. It’s gorgeous Corrie. Great job on the dress!

  4. What beautiful material! Tillie looks great in red. I’m looking for a simple dress pattern for my daughter too… Think I might go with rachelmp’s suggestion of the Oliver+S pattern…

  5. It looks great Corrie, makes me want to sew some stuff for Miss 5

  6. very cute retromummy. love the fabric too. you are super amazing to be able to sew with a new bubba.

  7. Oh, the Dress is so pretty, the fabric is so pretty, and your model is Princess Pretty…. :)

  8. Tillie looks so proud in her beautiful new dress! It’s gorgeous! You did well to sew with Emerson on you! I wait until my Tilly is in her bed having her lunchtime nap or after she’s gone to bed at night then I crack on! Right now it’s all about cushions here, using leftovers from some layer cakes I used to make snuggle quilts for my boys. Now if she’ll just go to sleep . . . . . : )) Well done you I LOVE the fabric!

  9. Looks gorgeous Corrie!! … And Tillie looks pretty proud of her new dress!! Well done!!!

  10. Such a cute design for a little girlie and the fabric is gorgeous too, I’m very impressed you managed to sew with a newborn! I’m struggling to hem curtains with a 5mth old!

  11. Beautiful!! I have to get sewing soon for summer. Little dresses are just gorgeous

  12. Gorgeous dress! I have this book, you have inspired me to whip one up for my girls! Thanks :)

  13. Well Done!!! I’ve made the tunic twice (one each for my girls) from this book – much easier to follow for the second one. Like you I found it difficult to follow, and after making the first Agnes tunic I tweaked it a little (like making it a long shirt, not a dress). Will definately try this one soon! Thanks for your inspiration Corrie, you are a Super Mummy!

  14. It is a lovely little dress, I bet Tilly will use it a lot!

  15. So pretty Corrie, love the pics of your sweet Tillie. You ARE a super Mama for sure. Can’t wait to see the frocks for the other girls xo

  16. Tillie is a lovely little model for the sweet dress. Well done Corrie!

  17. Lovely dress with prettiest model.

  18. I love the fabric! I do miss having a little girl to sew for. Big girls are much more picky!

  19. Such a pretty dress – the fabric you have used is just lovely too!

  20. Gorgeous dress – think I saw some similiar fabric in Textile Traders on Saturday – Perth WA

  21. It’s cute with Tillie having it on. :) The vibrant fabric and the backless cut show how youthful she is. She must’ve been too giddy for the holiday to come the moment you finished her dress. You seem to be very passionate with what you do; making a dress for your little girls even if you’ve just gone after a delivery! What ideas do you have for your new baby’s clothes? 😉 Congrats!

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