$100 on kids clothes at Big W

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Last Friday after I’d completed part of my shopping for this post I thought to myself……. life is good. I’m out working and eating cinnamon donuts at the mall. Who would have thought I’d be working and shopping at the same time with my babies and getting to do something I love doing. Shopping. Although at the moment can I just admit that getting out of the house is something to celebrate.


Now one of the things I consider before working on a sponsored post is do I use and trust that brand? And with BIG W it’s a Big Yes. I’ve told you before and I’ll say it again, BIG W is my one stop shop and especially when I have a baby. I’ve been there for my maternity tops (BIG W have a great range called Nine to Mine) emerson’s jumpsuits, singlets, formula for his top up feeds, muslin wraps and so on.  I don’t just buy things based on price, I expect the quality to be right up there as well. BIG W fits the bill for me plus I like being able to still buy the brands I like such as Bonds

And so if BIG W give me a $100 challenge then I rise to it and especially since I’m planning a little holiday to somewhere warmer in the next school holidays. A little summer romper for Emerson for $4 and a 3 pack of singlets.

little Bonds bamboo shorties for summer too – just $6.87. These are seriously soft and adorable and since I’m obsessed with the colour mustard at the moment I’m loving them. I can just see emerson wearing these with a little t-shirt this summer.
love these shorties
and a cute tee

for emerson

for Elodie a Bonds top and leggings in a lovely dusky pink – these were reduced to $10 each (still a great buy at their regular price of $13.92). We are huge Bonds fans and especially for babies as the quality is great and they are always coming out with new colours and ranges.


and a cute litte tee to wear to the beach. I love a flutter sleeve on anything – me or the kids. They are just the sweetest sleeve and you can’t go wrong with pink in this house.

for elodie
and super cute little ruffled shorties and a tee – $6 for this outfit and perfect for our home days, playgroup and trips to the beach. I also love anything ruffled so these will look very cute especially on her oh so chubby legs. I’m already imagining her walking around in this little outfit with some new summer sandals.
Now shopping for girls is easy but boys can be a bit trickier especially as I have a very preppy look for Finn. However, I’m very happy to report that at BIG W I had no problem sticking to my preppy boy look. $10 for this outfit anyone? You can’t go wrong with navy and red. In fact I really try to stick to basic colours with Finn – navy, red, grey khaki, white because then everything goes together in his wardrobe and looks so classic.
so preppy
And how about a navy shirt and some cargo shorts – $24 for this look which is perfect for church, parties and outings. There were some great button up shirts  and it’s great to see some classic options because they make great hand me downs for the next boy. And oh yes I just had a baby boy! which is just great………….a great excuse to buy more for Finn and pass down to Emerson.
and as you know when you go out shopping if you come home with something for some of the little ones and not the others there will be trouble and tears and carry on so I picked up some $4 tees for my girls. Unfortunately they didn’t listen to me when I said keep them in the bag, don’t wear them or pull the tags off so  mummy can photograph them first. So they are now in the wash so we can wear them this weekend.

$100 for this

But to wrap up that’s one big pile of clothes for spring/summer for $100. And with 5 little ones to dress it’s great to get so much at a good price. I love that I have so many little ones to shop for but it all adds up at the checkout so I loved how much I came home with. It keeps everyone happy………………including retro daddy the CFO of the family.

So tell me do you love what I bought? Do you love to shop at BIG W too? Tell me what you’d buy for $100 at BIG W and I’ll pick a winner and send a $100 BIG W gift card to you…..you must live in Australia to enter and I’ll pick a winner next Friday 31st August.


  1. I’d for sure buy clothes for my 3 kids too! They just seem to grow like weeds 😉

  2. Oh my, I think I am IN LOVE with those shorties {I love mustard too!} and need to keep them in mind for my baby boy this summer! I too love BigW and I think I’d go crazy buying summer clothes for my little pigeon pair! Thanks for the chance to win! :)

  3. I love Big W for wearable everyday stuff. Alex is growing by the minute and at their prices, I can get a lot more than at some other shops.

  4. Oh I love what you bought! I have a little boy, Flynn who is 10 weeks (my Mum, Chris Anthony, posts about him a lot on your Facebook page ;)) and finding it hard to get cute clothes. I’m totally loving the preppy look too :) I love dressing my older girl in bonds so would definately go the bonds route :)

  5. I would definitely get some summer bits and pieces for my three little boys- they grow like crazy I love all of your picks Corrie : )

  6. Great shopping trip!
    I think if I won it would be clothes for my 5 and 2 year old boys :) Thanks for the opportunity!!

  7. Great shopping stash indeed!!

  8. I would do just as you have done, get new clothes for my boys aged four and six. I’d also pay to print a fathers day present for my partner from our boys. It’s a personalised super hero vector image that I have created, and I’m going to get Big W to print it on a canvas (with no frame). He will just love it!

  9. If I won,it would be clothes,clothes,clothes for my 3 teen girls.

  10. Gorgeous looks Corrie, we picked out the same “fancy” outfit except Aidan got the green shirt :)

  11. Wow! So envious of your shopping trip, Corrie!! I am not Australian, but am now planning a visit to Melbourne for the November school hols in Singapore!

    Is there any Big W in Melbourne city central area?

  12. I love big w such a great range for fab prices i would buy the table tennis table thay have for $99 at the moment!

  13. I would dash in and stock up on pj’s for both kids and I love the mambo swimwear range they have as well.melx

  14. How gorgeous is the bonds range! I’ve been eyeing them off for my 14week little gir!
    With my 5 & 7 year old boys growing like weeds, lots of summer clothes to buy this year.

  15. We are just about to move to a slightly warmer climate and away from my regular source of hand me downs so really need to gt some staple clothing for the nearly 18mths old. Plus of course the underwear always needed for the teens!!

  16. WOW…. I would LOVE to get sooo much, we love Big W around here, good quality, great price! My boys are in desperate need of a summer wardrobe as they are growing too quickly to keep up at the moment! MY little princess could use some pretty new things too… but she is in not as much need as the boys…. I would also desperately love to buy myself a new bike… see all the possibilities!!

  17. I love what you bought and I love Big W I have for years loved to shop there for nappies, formula, bath wash and supplies. I always bought bonds stuff from there and a few other clothes for my children like shorts and jeans with adjustable waist elastic love love that I have found that in recent times the quality of their clothes has improved so much. I now buy loads and loads of stuff for my kids and tops for me I love the Emerson range of tshirts and when I was pregnant always loved their maternity tshirts too. They just suited me best. I would love to wander through and stock up the kids wardrobe with great finds similar to what your have purchased. Have a beautiful day.

  18. I love big W as they open early and I can run in before going to work and after dropping the kids off at school. With $100 I would buy the kids all new swimwear and sun safe tops. They always have a good range. I’m sure I could also add a few basics in too.

  19. I have my brothers wedding coming up. I was planning to get outfits from David Jones but that shirt for finn looks lovely. I would pick up a few of those plus some of those mambo t-shirts for summer.

  20. I would get their great kids dresses for my girls and some of the new Michelle Bridges gear for myself!

  21. Hi Corrie,

    If shopping was an Olympic sport I would win gold!! I am known to always get bargains and always go on shopping trips and buy absolute bargains for friends and their families. So if I won the $100 gift card to Big W, not only myself but my friends would benefit from this great giveaway – Thank you!!!

  22. I would go for the $98 exercise bike I spied last week, perfect excuse to get into shape!!

  23. Wow you got SO MUCH for $100.

    I love everyday wear, that is good quality and a good price – what more could you ask for?

    With that gorgeous feel of spring in the air – I would be going some summer clothing for my 4yr boy, 2yr old girl and of course my little spring newborn boy due in 8 weeks!

  24. I love the bonds leggings – I bought many pairs for Josh and am looking forward to being able to get the girly colours/designs in a few weeks time! Haven’t seen those little bonds shorts before they’d be ideal for summer.

  25. I LOVE Big W and after moving from the big smoke to a town with no Big W…it was always my first stop when we travelled back to the city. BUT NOW we have our own in a fancy new shopping centre! The kids love it too and you’ve just reminded me that I *need* to go there…for…something. I’m sure I’ll find something!

    Can’t believe how much stuff you’ve got…bargain price for a bucketload of clothes!

  26. Katherine says:

    Love what you bought for your kids. If I was lucky enough to win, I cwould buy some new clothes for my new baby, due next year!

  27. It’s my big boy’s year 10 formal coming up, so i’m eyeing off a suit at Big W, throw in a shirt, tie, new socks and undies and I think I’d just scrape in :o)

  28. I just came from Big W – loving their new summer range for little girls! Also loving their ultra cute babyboy range especially the bonds Aztec PJ set.

  29. I had my first boy six months ago so I am trying to embrace shopping for boys but it’s difficult to find all the cute things that I have always been able to find for my twin girls. Looks like you got some great stuff! I will have to go and check out Big W. I’ve always loved that Big W stock a huge range of Bonds. Such a favourite for both my girls and my new boy.

  30. I love your fashion sense, it is very similar to mine. I particularly love Finn’s! If I had $100 to spend in Big W I would be checking for some awesome coloured jeans, or some funky summer sandals, and would probably waddle over to the craft section and I have been hanging out to buy Wii Just Dance too!

  31. That must have been a fun shopping trip! My 2.5 year old is still wearing the jeans she got from Big W at 6 months old because they have an adjustable waist and they are only just starting to get too short for her, so I would get her some new jeans and a pair of the cute board shorts I saw in there and some new sandals.

  32. Cute pieces!!
    Me? I’d be looking to buy some lovely summer pj’s for my three squids, some little sandals and some activity books to keep them busy during the holidays!

  33. I’d spend it all on me! After a rough year I need something special for me. New bedding would be nice.

  34. I love Big W. I’m there just about every other day, being in a small town it is very accesible.I buy every thing from toilet paper, washing powder, personal items to kids shoes and clothing.Mmmm with $100 and soon 4 children I would buy some summer outfits for my older girls and maybe some basics for miss2 and #4.They are growing way to quick.

  35. Corrie, as always I just love your taste and what you dress your little ones in! This is just so very inspiring for us fellow stay at home mums (on a budget and one income) that you can dress your little ones so fabulously in a brand that is as accessible as Big-W. My little one will be 1 in summer and out of the ‘baby’ clothes and I would love to start his little toddler wardrobe with the voucher. Allison Aumann x

  36. Anonymous says:

    Hello Corrie, great shopping there for your littles. The bonds and osh kosh are firm favourites in my home too. I think that Big W gives great value but also quality. My four mini men are dressed by Big W quite often as the tees and shorts seem to go so well together. If I was blessed to win, it would be some tees, shirts and boardies for summer for the mini men in my house.
    Thank you, Belinda.

  37. I had no idea you could get all those brands at Big W! I got given lots of second hand clothes with my eldest son, including the dymples brand which lasted really well – I didn’t know you got them from Big W! I have a new little boy, 4 months old now, and I didn’t realize I’d need new clothes, as they boys are totally different seasons. really glad to hear you can get a good range of boys things at Big W, I find the range in lots of stores is much more limited than for girls. I’d love to check out the range and see what I can get there!

  38. I am going to be a nana again in April, this will be my daughter Carolyn and her hubby Ollie’s first production so we are all very excited! It would be lovely to be able to take some of the pressure off as setting up for a first bub can be very expensive! My next youngest grandchild is 9 and my eldest is 17 this year so you can see I haven’t been this thrilled for quite a while!!

  39. I love shopping for the kids at Big W too, and with 2 boys + a new baby girl the gift card would make a great start to their summer wardrobes!

  40. I would love to update Hannah (6) and Evan (8) wardrobes, they have a lot of (gratefully accepted!) hand me downs and sometimes I wish they had some “new” gear as well to compliment the “old” … I love shopping at Big W because of the variety and convenience and the cute clothes for kids :)

  41. Clothes clothes clothes, my biggest little boy turned 16 today and is now in medium mens but Big W still has him covered as well as the younger ones. I also like the fact you can get good basics just right for days at home or playgroup along with something a little smarter for those special times! With 4, and nearly 5 kids to dress it’s great to have a one stop shop that suits everyone.

  42. No joke, our 8yo has picked his favourite outfit and it was bought at Big W this year! I’ve washed that same ‘fave outfit’ several times a month and they are standing up well. So, I’m going back for more because of the low prices and quality. I was wary about Big W clothes at first but our 8yo is pretty happy and has asked for more of the same.

    You can see the ‘fave outfit’ in this post:

  43. All 4 of my kids need updates, some are getting a little worn and of course the little buggers keep growing! LOL

  44. I can’t imagine having $100 to spend at the shops!! I do love all your clothes however I am especially drawn to the boys clothing. After two girls its a new thing for me to shop for a boy as there are no hand-me-downs and most things are just not worth the money! If I was lucky enough to win I would definitely buy something for my three kids however I would also try and get something for myself, well overdue. The last lot of clothing I bought was maternity clothing which I won’t be needing anymore and as I actually HAVE clothing (albeit 5+yrs old except of the odd t-shirt), I just can’t justify anything new! Thanks for the opportunity.

  45. Kids clothes -boys- and Little boy shoes. We go through them very quickly. With anything left over I’d buy baby boy clothes. Whilst I’m a mum to 8 and 7 year old boys, I’m also a step-grandma to one (and one coming) grandsons. Joy.

  46. I do love what your brought.. and great prices…. I would LOVE to go shopping for my bigger kids… as the prices are just so good….


  47. Great work on your shopping trip and being so organised with 5 lil’ munchkins in the house!
    I’d love a voucher to get some summer yumminess for my 2 girls! They’ve both grown so much over winter I’m not sure if much is going to fit them from last summer and Big W is at our local shops so it would be perfect!

  48. Love the little bonds pants, however my twins are too big for the cute little clothes now.

    Love the others as well, especially the ruffle top and pants. I would buy more singlets for the girls as the warmer weather is on its way, dresses, t-shirts, pants, and shorts.

    I love BigW for the value and the choice available. I am sure if we were lucky enough to win, we would be able to purchse many things to help keep the girls in clothes for the next season.

    Thanks for this offer, and good luck everyone. Suzanne

  49. I love Big W because you can get a great matching outfit for $20 – $30. I’d buy Harry (1) some shorts and colared shorts, and Emma (3) tops and skirts.

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  50. Love your choices of clothing for the littlies! I also love Big W’s range for kids and often get complimented on their outfits. I would definately be updating my boys wardrobes for summertime.

  51. I was looking at the summer stuff for little boys the other day, I’ve got one due in a few weeks and even tho he’s baby #3 I’d love to see him in some new stuff!

  52. I’d love to outfit my big girl (2.5) and my little boy (9 weeks) for summer. Big W is fabulous for everyday kids basics- so affordable!

  53. WOOHOO how exciting, I love BIG W shopping for kids as well. When mine were small I bought a LOT of things at BIG W. This $100 voucher would be great as I know two girls pregnant at the moment, one is due in early December and the other in early January, I could spend $50 on each of them, that would be great gifts as well as the handmade items I am making for them as well. Please add me into your give away Corrie.

  54. Christine says:

    What a great selection of clothes you picked. Summer has already began in Brisbane, so my two little ones are in need of some summer essential clothes. Shorts and T-shirts, I also really love the bonds range. Fingers Crossed!!

  55. Anonymous says:

    LOVE shopping at Big W for kids clothes, they have such a great range and you can’t argue with the price. I also really like their maternity range, bought a pair of cargo pants the other day and went back and bought another 2 because they were so comfortable and will last all pregnancy. I think I will need to stock up on some summer clothes for my little one and some singlets & all in ones for our newest arrival early next year.

  56. Hi Corrie! I was just browsing at BIG W yesterday at the new range they have out. So many cool clothes for babies/toddlers! I’d love to outfit my little boy for summer! Thanks for the opportunity!

  57. I love all that you bought! So classic and Bonds are the best!! I think I would also stock up on some Bonds and my daughter desperately needs a whole new wardrobe as she still insists on wearing her size 4 skirts and she is now 7!! I think a shop to Big W is on the books for my 3 kids this summer :)

  58. Wow I love everything you picked up, but I especially love the outfit you bought for Finn to wear to Church or out for good, its gorgeous. I love that preppy look for boys and navy, white and red is so cute.I’m a huge fan of Osh Kosh so I’d buy some little tees; but I’d also grab a cute tee and shorts or skirt similar to the ones you bought for Elodie! Wow! Shopping, donuts and free stuff – life definitely doesn’t get much better than that!

  59. Wow love all the items you brought what great value for money.
    I’ll be needing some maternity clothes soon so would love to check out there range and maybe buy a couple of baby things for baby number 3. Fingers crossed for a pink one :-)
    saekae at bigpond dot net dot au

  60. Definitely love what you bought! Especially Finn’s clothes – it is so hard to buy nice (and affordable) boys clothes.
    Hmmm what would I buy? Probably stuff for me for a change, wouldn’t that be nice?! haha. I could really use a new pair of shoes :)

  61. Pretty sure I would have to get my two guys some nice clothes, NOT FOR THE SANDPIT!!!!! It seems that nearly all our clothes are a tad old and this would be a perfect opportunity to revamp a very dreary looking cupboard. Thanks for scoring us a chance to win 😀

  62. I love everything you got and after looking at the outfits you selected for Finn I’m going to steal that look for Quinlan. I’d love to win this so that Quinlan could get some brand new clothing of his own but I’d also share it with the other 3 kids. Big W has great things for everyone. Thanks for the chance to win :)


  63. Love Big W! Mainly because they usually have everything I need which means less shops Which means less tantrums! Also always great quality. I love Finn’s nice button up shirt, very smart. I’d spend it on new clothes & shoes for the three little ones if I were lucky enough to win :) Thanks!

  64. Anonymous says:

    I love Big W….it is my one stop shop. I buy everything there from clothes for the kids and us to the new lasagna dishes I bought last week as well as heaps of stationery for school..with 6 kids to dress, it can become expensive, so I would get the kids some new clothes for summer if I won…
    Lizette French

  65. Deb Booker says:

    Corrie I LOVE what you have bought for your kiddies. Especially the purple outfit. I hope i can pick it up in size 3 for my daughter. I also love the navy shirt and cargo shorts. I have twin boys on the way, and while I love shopping for all things girly, I am less enthused by what I have seen elswhere in boys clothes, but you have found some lovely stuff fot Finn, so Big W will bith worth a trip very soon. What would I buy from big W if I won your $100 voucher? a mountain of baby boy clothes!

  66. I’m pregnant with #2 and lots of friends are also pregnant so I’d love to do a big stock up on newborn clothes for all the baby showers that will be happening very soon! *cluck cluck* 😀

  67. I can’t believe how fast my 11mth old baby boy has grown! I have discovered that I love bigw clothes! I would buy a summer wardrobe as nothing he has now will fit him and of course some birthday presents!

  68. Wow whar alot of goodies you got. Looks like a trip to Big W is on the cards for me.

    We are heading to the gold coast for our holidays soon so I need to stock up on summer clothes for all of us.

    Big W is the only place that I have seen Tin Tin books so I would be buying some of them too.

    Summer shoes would be good, with little feet growing so quickly.

  69. Love the navy stripe set (and the price). Some good bargains there.
    My two need new summer clothes so I would be heading for togs and summer pjs. At the rate they are shooting up nothing from last year is going to fit them. Might be off to Big W tmrw after reading this

  70. I love your choices! I love big w. My daughter and I went to all the gorgeous dress shops looking for the perfect event summery dress and ended up with a beautiful perfectly fitting one in the pink suger range. Should have gone there first! I would buy more socks, jocks and swimming hear for my three cherubs and some emerson shows for mummy :)

  71. Bonds undies! My kids love them especially the boys…….and I do love big w s Emerson brand for ladies clothing , great value and quality
    Leah in the Kia

  72. I have really been impressed with the quality of Big W’s clothing lately. But I also love that they have such a wide cross section of so many good brands. I’d spend the $100 on toys for upcoming birthdays. In between October 7 and November 2 I have 4 out of 5 children celebrating their birthday!

  73. I would spend $100 on Mambo clothes for my kids. I always love the range they release and Layla in particular always has a few pieces in her cupboard (or on her body).

  74. I love the prices on some of those clothes you pictured! Great value. The bonds boystights (?) are so cute and the osh kosh shirt so handsome for a baby boy :). Some beautiful little shirts for the girls. I would use the voucher to buy jocks and socks for my 17 yo who is 6’5 or 6’6 now and I can’t keep up with, some shirts and soem new clothes for the 11 yo who has recently moved into ladies clothing and wants to experiment with different clothing. A bit of bra shopping needed now too!

  75. I love Big W too! I also did an entire (unsponsored) post on my recent shopping spree!
    I love Bonds and Mambo for Baby C.
    And there are also always a few things in there for me…this time it was butter yellow jeans for less then twenty dollars!
    Seriously, what is not to love!

    If I got the gift card I would undoubtedly spend about fifty dollars on baby things…Baby C needs a sun hat now that summer is one the way. I would allot myself twenty five dollars…maybe another pair of jeans in green. And I would give Daddy R twenty five dollars…I bet that he would buy plants for the garden. And we would all go home happy!

  76. Even though I own a kids clothing shop, for play groups, childcare and everyday play you can’t go past Big W. Not only do I buy all Emily’s underwear there, her nappies are cheapest at Big W and last winter they had the best value skinny jeans at just $9!

    By the way Corrie, you would totally love the Walnut Melbourne range for Finn. $29.95 for their canvas range and their new two and three tone shoes are gorgeous.

  77. I’d spend the money on lots of essentials (and not so essential but cute) things for my almost here first baby. It’s due at the end of September and I’m already imagining the outfits I might want for Christmas. Fingers and toes crossed!

  78. Good for you – a day out shopping for work :)

    Having just moved back to australia, I’m re-discovering Big W. It has everything and for such great value. I was there just yesterday buying a carseat for my baby, and a whole lot of other essentials for both him and me. Since we moved here with just a couple of suitcases, there is a lot more stocking up to do, so $100 could be easily spent! I picked up a 5 pack of baby singlets yesterday for $10 in bright colours and they’re great. Love all the bonds clothes too.

    I’m sure the kids will look gorgeous in the great outfits you’ve picked out. Looking forward to some photos!

  79. I love what you’ve bought, so much variety for $100 in one store! I would spend it on a new wardrobe for my husband. He is always putting our 3 childern before himself, and as he works from home doesn’t care what he looks like…but he looks like a homeless person, and desperately needs new clothes! xx

  80. Love what you bought the kids. Especially the navy button shirt and cargo pants. My almost 2yo is going through a growth spurt at the moment and with the change of seasons he is going to need a wardrobe up date. Big W is great for this.
    Thanks for the chance to win.

  81. I love that shirt for Finn – I might have to pop out tomorrow and find one for my boy too!! And I’m also a huge fan of Bonds, OshKosk and Mambo so they’d be filling my trolley if I had $100 burning a hole in my pocket!!

    I actually used to work around the corner from a Big W store – I miss it now I’m working in the city and find my self heading there on my days off with the kids for a wander!

  82. On our holiday in Holland the twins learnt to ride a bike, so they are very keen to get one for their birthday. I spotted a gorgeous girls bike in this week’s Big W catalogue so the voucher would most certainly go towards that, we have already been looking at bikes and helmets there on our regular shop and there was lots of choice.

  83. I am excited to see where you are going that is warm! I love Big W too. I like the flutter sleeve top for
    Elodie x I have three kids aged 7,4 and my baby is one next month. I would buy them new bathers and some pool toys for an aussie backyard summer x

  84. I’m with you…Bonds is great. I also love those cute purple ruffle pants that you bought for elodie. I would be very happy to win A $100 voucher at Big W!

  85. Anonymous says:

    I do so love shopping at Big W for my 4 children. I’m usually there for singlets ,T-shirts, presents, bathers, party bag fillers, school supplies – the list goes on! I love what you bought and I look forward to going in and picking some of these up for myself! Nicole. xx


  86. I was in there today shopping for the girls.I love that they sell Bonds stuff which I love for babies and, so I would definitely stock up on that!

  87. Love the bonds pink set, all pretty groove. With this warm day today made me look and see if I had any summer yet for Addie, not much so could help get her some little dresses, something for the others too..

  88. Lulita Thana says:

    I lovvvvvveee Big W, there is one within 10min walk from my house. I shop there a lot for clothes (mine and the kids, hubby likes to wear t-shirts full of holes), toys, craft supplies, DVD etc. etc. To stretch cloth budget, I wait until end of season clearance and pre-purchase for future use. My oldest girl just turns 3, and I already have clothes for when she turns 6! lol…

  89. Corrie, I have to agree about your choice of colours for Finn’s wardrobe. I have a boy the same age and I could imagine him in what you chose. I think you have inspired me to give Big W’s clothes a go! Thanks Corrie! Luv Jetts XOX

  90. We don’t have a Big W that is close,so we have a bit of a drive but it is so worth it. Seeing those pics means I must hit Big W soon. I would love to get some lovely shorts for my 5yo as she is wearing them over leggings at the moment and was complaining they were hurting her. I would also love to get my son some of the shirts you mentioned. I am quite impressed with the emerson range so I would also grab a few things for me too!

  91. Big W has great prices and cute clothes. I would stock up on the cuteness!

    homemakerhoney @gmail .com

  92. I was just browsing the Big W catalogue last night and saw that Michelle Bridges (Biggest Loser trainer) has a new range of clothes and exercise goodies out. OMG! I would definitely buy some exercise clothes and shoes so I don’t have to look like the biggest total dag as a traipse around my neighbourhood of a morning trying to lose baby weight :) Granted, I do go for my walk at 5.30am when it’s still dark but I do cringe every time headlights hit me! 😀 Thanks for the great opportunity! the7thsphere@gmail.com

  93. We also love shopping at Big W for our 2 boys. I would definitely buy summer clothes for them and maybe some summer vegetable seeds for our brand new vege garden.

  94. I love the style you choose to dress your kids. It is such a classic look.

    Between the 8 year old growing like a weed and the twins also needing new summer clothes, I would spend the $100 on some new summer items for the 3 kids.

    I must add I also love big w for their quality and range of clothes including some well trusted brands.

  95. Anonymous says:

    Hi Corrie, great post and yes, yes ,yes to Big W I’m grandmother to 7 grandkids and buy heaps from Big W to help out the family, love Bonds.
    I also buy lots for myself I love the Emerson range and have had great success with how well they wear.
    Thanks Lyn

  96. Big W is the only place I buy clothes for my beautiful three children! I think though four months on from having my baby girl I would buy some fitness machine so that mummy can work to get her pre baby body back!

  97. What a fabulous range they have there!I can see some lovely things that would suit my little nieces and nephews, amongst your purchases. With christmas not too far away now, a voucher to use at Big W would be a godsend.

  98. I love that mambo top and all things bonds. Need to get my baby some summer outfits as she is growing so fast!

  99. I sit here typing in my $7 jeans, $5 white t-shirt and $9 green cardi – all purchased from Big W a fortnight ago! And guess what – the womens brand is called Emerson!!!!! Where else can you pay $21 for a stylish, comfortable outfit? With $100 I would pick up some summer t’s, shorts, cossies and rashies for the girls and maybe sneak in a pair of shorts for me too – having lost a lot of weight over the last year I don’t have anything for summer that is my new size. Thanks for the chance to win Corrie! x

  100. Great value shopping Corrie! You managed to buy so much. I love BIG W for the value and I was pretty impressed with the range this time too.

  101. I do love what you bought – Bonds!! and so cheap!
    I’d use this gift card for my sister-in-law. She’s about to have baby no1, and I need to get her something!!

  102. Big W is my new favourite too after I bought my first pair of coloured skinny jeans, seriously Corrie, go get yoursef a pair, nice and stretchy, perfect for my post-baby bod! So I think I’ll get another pair (this time in apple green), those bonds shorties (too cute) and something for the daddy (maybe some new canvas shoes?). Thanks for the giveaway!

  103. I love BigW for clothes too!! I was there just this morning, bought a Minnie & Me long sequin shirt for $14.88, matching tights for $6, black ballet flats for $9.84 and black 3/4 cardie for $9.84 – one complete party outfit (including shoes!) for just $41!! Very happy mummy and daughter, sorted for her party outfit!

  104. Love Love Love the little bonds shorts! I am loving mustard at the moment as well. I didn’t know they made shorts but I will be keeping an eye out as shorts for littlies are often too baggy and long and might as well be trousers! If I had $100 to shop with a Big W, I would go crazy with singlets, socks and t-shirts for my baby twins and a special something for my older girl, like a cute s-shirt or some bathers for summer! What a great job you have!!

  105. I became a Big W fan after your posted about the outfits you bought for your twins. 2 of my girls and have worn and worn skinny jeans which cost me $12 and cardi’s that were $10. I would be buying things for each of my 3 little ladies. Thanks Corrie

  106. I would probably pick up some kids clothes for the summer and I love their water/reef shoes as well. So well priced and great for exploring the rock pools in the summer! I was happy to find Big W sells Bonds bras for women and I woefully neglect myself all the time in lieu of buying for the kidlets so I’d splurge on some new bras and undies for myself if chosen!!

  107. For my girls, Big W is a great place to get quality everyday pieces. Love the Bonds range esp for my teenager who needs those bralets and crops. She only likes Bonds. $100 will update my girls’ summer and spring wardrobe.

  108. Great choice – I like how you coordinated outfits rather than random individual pieces (very organised!). I love Big W. After shopping there I always feel that between Big W and I, I always come out on top! Great quality for a good price. Given the opportunity to spend $100 at Big W I would buy something for me – the Breville Scraper Mixer. At $100 off I’m sure I could convince hubby to chip in the rest!

  109. With Target being rather ‘ahem’ scary for my size 10 daughter, I have turned to Big W and struck gold. I am loving the ‘pink sugar’ range for her and am impressed with both the price and the way they wash and wear.

    And as for me, well, I own 4, yes FOUR pairs of the Emerson coloured skinny jeans. BIG BIG love. For $18.86 a pair you can’t go wrong. My boys are loving their coloured skinnies from there too.

    So, if I win, does that mean more jeans for me? I’ve been eyeing off the green ……

    thanks for the chance to win.

  110. Great pick for the kids. I would definately pick up summer items like shoes for myself and the kids. Lots of t-shirts! I love the clearance section as you can pick up things which would still be good to use.

  111. BigW has become a staple shop for my kids’ clothes too! I like their range, and that their price doesn’t seem to undercut the quality. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  112. My daughter is pregnant and 3 of her friends are pregnant… so there wont be any swapping of hand me downs between these gals as they’ll all be going through “it” together…. so I would buy small size pressies for all of them! You made some wise purchases for your $100.

  113. Oh a very different look from Big W from where it was in the late 90s when i started having babies, but the quality reliable brands like Bonds were a staple for my 4 children, absolutely. They are so handy (down the road) with plain swim suits for swimming carnivals too. Love Posie

  114. I’d buy new clothes for my crew of 4. They are growing like weeds and all need new things like bathers, t-shirts, skirts, shorts etc. If I had anything leftover, I’d buy my nephews some new bonds clothing.

  115. I love Big W! If I had the opportunity to spend a $100 gift voucher I would go nuts!!! Clothes for the kiddies, from knickers and socks to t-shirts, shorts, and all manner of onsies and little dresses! I’d buy books to read and books to cook with, some DVDs and perhaps some Lego to add to the stash! I think I’ve definitely blown $100 there, perhaps more!!!

  116. Hi Corrie, excellent choices! My 2 girls have decided to put in what they would like. “Oh mummy, I really would like a new fairy dress, matching ballet shoes and a new necklace and hair ties” says Miss 6. Miss 3 says she would like the same as her sister and also pretty new princess undies too. I would buy them some new swimmers and sun dresses for Summer. Thanks Corrie! x

  117. What do I love about your purchases? They could easily be from any other quality kids store – BUT without the huge price tag! Maybe you just have a great eye for colour and coordination, but each time I see you put BIG W outfits together, I am impressed. And IMPRESSED is how I feel when I also buy clothes from BIGW and then see the Total Price at the checkout. Thanks BIGW for giving the customer great products at low prices.

  118. This comment has been removed by the author.

  119. Anonymous says:

    I love the little ruffle sleeves on the girls tops too Corrie! If I were to win the voucher it would Definately be a huge help in getting some spring/summer clothes for my 3 littlies. Fingers crossed. Thanks, cassie

  120. Great shopping! I’d buy myself a pretty bra and a mini-trampoline so I can lose my baby fat!!

  121. I love the stuff you got. I love buying bonds for my little ones from Big W as they sell it for the cheapest price.
    For myself I would buy some Michelle Bridges workout gear and I love the Big W mix and match pyjama range for women.

  122. I love the stuff you got. I love buying bonds for my little ones from Big W as they sell it for the cheapest price.
    For myself I would buy some Michelle Bridges workout gear and I love the Big W mix and match pyjama range for women.

  123. Love the Tees and the button up shirts are so classy. Bet the little ones will look a million dollars in those outfits

  124. Wow these are all fantastic outfits — love all the Bonds clothing. I would definitely be stocking up on some cute summer tees and shorts.

  125. I love that you got,
    Osh kosh and Bonds.
    Big W has great clothes,
    and value for a song!
    $100 goes a long way
    like you,
    the kids Spring/Summer wardrobe
    would be done in a day.
    Singlets, T_Shirts and shorts,
    Everything at BIG W can be brought ♥

  126. I love Big W! I’m forever there buying things that are much cheaper than anywhere else. I get all my DD’s clothing from there. I would stock up on Bonds singlets and socks and pants for my DD., she’s been growing like a weed lately. I’d treat myself to something special too :)

  127. Shortly, it will be Father’s Day;
    then Father Christmas with his jam-packed Sleigh;
    Some of us are freezing here,
    but with summer approaching, it will soon be time for swimming gear.

  128. I’d boringly buy nappies as we’re going through heaps with our baby, and I’d also buy some musical toys, because as soon as he hears music our son goes wild trying to dance!

  129. Big W is brilliant for the basics and some super cute shoes too! I would take my two girls on a shopping spree which would be such a special treat! We have just cleaned out their wardrobe and it would be lovely to have some new things for spring. Thank you for the generous competition xx

  130. A track suit, T-shirts, PJs, grundies and socks for my son, he needs an endless supply.

  131. Love what you bought…great prices on all things at Big W!
    I’d buy some crop soft bras (Aaar bras) for summer relaxing!
    And biiiig blocks of Cadbury chocolate!

  132. Yep… we’re Big W fans here too. Love love love Bonds, but their other ranges are good as well. Cute… and not too trashy!

  133. Kelly Arndt says:

    I love the navy shirt and cargo pants,
    They’d make my little boy do his ‘groovy’ dance!
    I’m liking the price on kids p.j’s, too,
    At $7 a pair, I’d buy a few for my crew!
    I love that Princess castle on clouds in the sky,
    And the alien is a cute little guy!
    I’d finish with some trendy ‘Mambo’ shoes,
    On special in the Big W catalogue, so how can you lose?
    And I agree, with four kids, it’s really nice,
    To be able to outfit them with quality at a reasonable price!

  134. We have twin toddlers, a boy and a girl. Love the Big W range for them, and shop there frequently. Always find their kids clothes very practical and stylish. I love the button up shirt and belted pants for a little boy (belts are so hard to find) and the pink Mambo tshirt for our little girl.

  135. LOVE Big W and LOVE what you bought. I love the cheap prices, I would update my children’s wardrobe ready for the warmer months :)

  136. Anonymous says:

    I have 2 girls and and boy who all need a new summer wardrobe and was going to buy them at Big W. I find the kids range there more age and style appropriate and are still good quality clothes.
    Thanks for the chance to win this great prize….

  137. We would be buying Bonds clothes for sure – they stand the test of time!

  138. Big W have an awesome range for big girls lately, I would go nuts with work wear and hopefully something a bit more corporate for a job I am going for!!!

  139. yep, love what you bought – the outfit for Finn is my fave!

    i love big w too and get quite a few bits and pieces there. i’d probably get pj’s (always need more) and some pretty clothes for my big 8-in-10-days girl 😀

  140. Anonymous says:

    This is a great giveaway. I shop in BIG W often to get the basics, shampoo, toothpaste, soap, baby shampoo and wash. Plus formula and obviously Bonds clothing. BIG W macquarie park has the best selection of Bonds clothing. Probably shouldnt give the secret away as there will be less for me to buy in the future. :-)


  141. We totally LOVE Big W!!!! Was so excited when a store finally opened up her a couple of years ago.
    I’d love to get some basic $4 type tshirts and some matching shorts for Ethan to wear to kindy next term (4 days). Hmmm might need to get a few more things so maybe some cute sandals to go with and a nice shirt and shorts for christmas day xx

  142. Michelle Payne says:

    I love the bright colours of the Mambo range for my boys, who are 10 and 8. It washes well, wears well and survives the punishment the boys dish out.

  143. Anonymous says:

    I’ve got 6 little ones and I have tried putting a book on their heads to slow down growth but with no luck, so some summer gear that will help us look all pulled together when we go out!

  144. I really love the bonds, especially the shorties. With a springtime baby about to arrive $100 big w voucher would be so handy.

  145. I live in a country town and we ONLY have Big W, Lukily they quality is great there because I have 3 boys and the Mambo stuff sure does last through 3 boys.

  146. I have 3 kids who are growing like crazy at the moment. All of them look like Huck Finn with their pants halfway up their legs! They all need new wardrobes! Big W certainly has lots of cute outfits for kids. I love that they have a clothing line called Emerson too! Jacinta

  147. Wow how $100 would be so helpful in my house at the moment! with 4 kids under 7 twins included it would be nice to give them all nice spring summer outfits. They also would think there mummy was pretty cool to win them this prize! Thanks for the opportunity I love reading your blog :) Emily

  148. It would definitely be clothes for my 4 who won’t stop growing! I haven’t actually been to Big W for a while, it looks like they have some really cute (and affordable) kids clothes.

  149. We LOVE BigW here. Now that we are an hour’s drive from our closest store I have a list of things that need purchasing. BigW is the first stop for clothes for the kids. I love there range, value and quality.
    I love that you have managed to buy so much stuff. I like the tip of blues, red, white for Finn, I might have to try that for Baden.

  150. You made some great purchases for your lovely children. I love their pieces for all ages, that you can mix and match with other pieces in your wardrobe:- cardies, singlets, basic tees and good quality denim, keeps everyone from young to old smartly dressed each season. $100 would be a great start for a summer wardrobe.

  151. while it would be easy to buy plenty of gorgeous clothes for my 2 little ones, I think I would save it as a treat for me, new clothes when I reach my goal in 3mths on 12wbt!!

  152. I would actually get in nice and early and do the Christmas shopping for the kids. With my thesis due on the 21/12, I don’t see much time for shopping in Nov/DEc and I would like to avoid the night before rush!!!

  153. Anonymous says:

    Loving Emersons Bonds shorties. If I won the $100 voucher would it be wrong to buy some of these for my toddler daughter? Paired with a light pink t-shirt, some little white sneakers and 2 pigtails. Too cute!
    L Jonas

  154. I’d buy some things for my two newest nephews – Harry & Luca and something from them to their other cousins – Lyla, Thomas and Ethan (my son). :)

  155. I love what you have choosen & especially how many items you got for the $100. I’m much the same where I like to get as much as I can for my money so I’d look for alot of the specials so both my kid’s could get a selection of items each.

  156. Chelsea J says:

    Love reading your blog Corrie!! Love Bonds, Love the Preppy look and of course I LOVE BIG W!! Having to outfit 6 little darlings of my own a $100.00 Gift Card would be money well and wisely spent! Thanks for yet another great give away.

  157. I would love to buy some cute little t shirts for my godson..he is growing out of his clothes too fast.

  158. Forget new clothes…

    I’m buying a few of those HUGE boxes of good washing powder to clean the clothes we have!

    Won’t have to go shopping for it so often then either!

  159. I find Big W great for buying all the essentials. I have three boys who have all grown heaps over winter so would put the voucher to good use stocking upnon summer t shirts and shorts for them all.

  160. I would be stocking up on summer clothes for my little ones. We all can’t wait til summer and last year’s stuff is too small!

  161. It would be such a luxury to have $100 to spend on the kids clothes! I love Big W for their value for money! The opportinuty to revamp the kids clothing for some fresh summer things would be amazing!

  162. You’ve picked up some seriously cute stuff!! I would get clothes for the kids too, lots of summer clothes for Max (almost 3) and some gorgeous newborn clothes for my new little boy (due in November).

  163. I would stick to my favourite departments…kids clothes and toys…I think they were my favourites long before I had kids!

  164. I would love to take my 4 yo daughter on a mini shopping spree for spring/summer clothes – her little sister is covered thanks to hand-me-downs, but Lil has grown since last summer and everything is way too short for her to wear out in public :)
    We love big w for bonds as well. And their basics (shorts, tracksuits, etc) are perfect for preschool. Have also bought some great swimwear that has withstood weekly swimming lessons surprisingly well. Actually, she’ll need new swimmers too…

  165. You got a great range of stuff, you cant go wrong with the Bonds range so I think that would defiantly be in with my top picks and maybe some new togs for summer time at the beach and some new hats too!

  166. I dont have any little ones of my own just yet but i have a 4 year old niece and 1 year old nephew that visit quite often and I like to keep a few quick changes on hand for when we’re mucking out the chook pen or having a surprise sprinkler run! I’d buy a few pairs of leggings for my niece, singlets to fit them both, a pair of shorts and longs for the nephew, a tshirt or two and the next size up in their gumboots so they dont get poop on their home shoes :)

  167. Beautiful ensembles that you picked up at a bargain price. I’d be tempted to spoil myself but know that I’d end up buying summer clothes for my three. With J’s eczema she can only wear soft 100% cotton and there’s plenty of that at Big W.

  168. I desperately need new undies and bras.
    Thanks :)

  169. Some toys, clothes and choccies for me please

  170. Great purchases! So many choices!
    If I won this voucher I would buy a new Corelle dinner set. They are fantastic, never break or chip in the dishwasher. I need a new one to add to the one I already have.

  171. Love what you bought. If I had a voucher I would start summer shopping for my 2 girls. Love Big W have to go in everytime I am in town :)

  172. Very good post with a lot of beautiful pictures. Keep up the good work! grosshandel kinderbekleidung

  173. This is a great give away, thank you! I would love to have a $100 voucher to spend at BigW. I think I would spend it on bits and pieces needed for my little girls spring/summer wardrobe (she has grown out of last year’s spring/summer gear, of course). I might even start a Christmas presents/toys lay-by up while I was there!

  174. While I do buy kids clothes at Big W, there’s also a few other things I regularly buy from there. If I win, I’d buy the kids a few new movies they want to watch, and some lego.

  175. Love the clothes you picked for Finn! I too have 5 children but my eldest is 22 (married this year), then 20,18,16 and my baby is 10. I only buy clothes for him now and I love Big W. I am conscious of the years flying by and know soon he too will be buying his own clothes, so it would be nice to spoil him (and myself) by going on a spree for summer clothes for him!

  176. This comment has been removed by the author.

  177. We love Big W for our little Annabel. I have followed your lead and will be a SAHM and to say that our budget is tight is an understatement! I would pick up some bathers for a few trips to the pool, some training pants for summer and some cute summer hats and tshirts. We are desperately awaiting a warm spring and summer here in canberra!

  178. Hi Corrie
    I am a grandma called Bibi and my newest grandbaby has come to live with us with his lovely mummy and he has just turned 3 months old – he left lots of clothes behind and so needs stocking up – I love big W for value and fun fashion – even for boys they do a great job on style – cant wait till I can buy him an outfit like Finn’s cargoes
    I could easily spend the $100 on this new man in my life :)

  179. Spring has arrived in Queensland and I desperately need to stock up on warm weather clothes for my two and four year old, thanks for you great inspiration with outfits :).

  180. I love the way you dress your kids. I love the bonds, and Finns little outfits are so gorgeous! You did a great job for $100.
    I would buy some summer clothes for my three kids, who seem to grow so quickly, they really need some summer clothes.
    Thanks Corrie, I really enjoy reading your blog. I love the little knits you have been making for Emerson. I have just started knitting and crocheting myself, I am inspired!

  181. Hi Corrie
    I am a grandma called Bibi and my newest grandbaby has come to live with us with his lovely mummy and he has just turned 3 months old – he left lots of clothes behind and so needs stocking up – I love big W for value and fun fashion – even for boys they do a great job on style – cant wait till I can buy him an outfit like Finn’s cargoes
    I could easily spend the $100 on this new man in my life :)

  182. Mum used to buy all our clothes from Big W when we were kids … now I have three of my own and would love to make the trip to my nearest Big W to buy for my 4 yr old who is growing like a weed!

  183. I love the navy tee and striped shorts you picked out. I like Big W for the great value, for all my kids. My pre-teen loves the budget fashion, and I love the quality. Big W is also my one-stop-shop for emergency school and activity items: like plain navy bathers for school swimming and a leotard for dance or gym. And don’t get me started on Bonds for babies!

  184. Nothing cuter than a ruffle butt! I’d love this for my 3 girls. :)

  185. Thanks for the chance to win this prize, terrific.
    I have 4 kids, the eldest boy is 14 & wearing small mens, my daughter is nearly 13 and I love the chance to buy ladies size 8 for her!!
    The youngest boys are 9 & 3 years old, so I feel like an experienced Big W shopper covering almost all the departments.

  186. This comment has been removed by the author.

  187. This comment has been removed by the author.

  188. What to choose? What to choose? I think some pretty (and swirly) skirts and dresses for my 3 year old girly girl and some cool (rad) shirts and shorts for my big rough and tumble 7 year old boy. I just received a catalogue from “Big Dub” and love so many of the summer range flowing into the store right now!!! Oh and what Mum doesn’t love a “freebie” shopping spree where budgets get thrown out the window and gorgeous outfits get thrown into the trolley!!! Thanks for the chance to win Corrie, Emma xx.

  189. I love the pink outfit for elodie, too cute. But I must say, I love BigW for me too…. :)
    So wonderfuly to see you family growing up and getting cuter by the day. thnaks

  190. Hello, I like the way you have organised your information on your website, Do you find the fashion industry changing much. Thanks for the great information and informative posts.

  191. I have a 7week old little boy and am obsessed with baby clothes! When I was 18 weeks pregnant I spent 3 weeks in Jakarta visiting my sister, hubby & kids and we hit the outlet stores. OH dear! Baby GAP, Hilfiger, DKNY, Osh Kosh, Adidas sneakers, Disney, Ralph Lauren – just to name a few brands! Had I bought them all at full price it would have been at least $700. I don’t think I spent more then $200AUD. And my huge Samsonite hardcase suitcase was jam packed!

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