today we made a movie

well that’s what I told the little ones this morning! to get them moving, dressed and ready for the camera men who I knew were coming before 9am. Usually we are in our pj’s till 10ish on a saturday and this little guy is my excuse for wanting to hang out all morning in my pjs! Look at him, 5 1/2 weeks and getting cuter and bigger by the day! He’s so long he’s wearing mostly 00/3-6 month old clothes at the moment!  

5 1/2 weeks

I’ve been lucky to be driving a new car around town this week and today we had a little video shot of us with the car. I’m nervous to see the video and just praying I don’t have 3 chins and that I hid my post baby belly well enough. Keira was so excited and wanted to stand outside while I was being filmed and I said only if she was quiet – so she coughed, then she pushed and pulled my squeaky laundry trolley and then I sent her inside! Then the cat decided to run out to the car and was shoooed back inside too. You know what they say – working with children and animals!

behind the scenes
And so I did some talking about the car, made a few mistakes, got hair in my mouth thanks to the huge winds, then we had to get in and out of the car a few times, drove around some local streets with one guy in our car filming out a window while retro daddy drove, on to our favourite picnic spot for some hot chippies, had a little play while I tried to feed emerson in some gale force winds and then it was time to head home with a cute little camera filming from the windscreen. All up we spent over 4 hours with the camera guys and by the end the kids were well and truly over it …..and making it clear the way kids do best – refusing to co-operate!
keira says bye
so I did what parents do when you need something to be done – bribed them! A trip to the newsagent with daddy to get a kids magazine each in return for the last shot at home and we did it!!!!! Thanks to Adam and Chris for filming us and I can’t wait to share the video with you all soon! It was a fun way to spend our Saturday………


  1. Oh Corrie. You never do things by halves, my friend! So glad you made it through without too many troubles. Looking forward to seeing the result. J x

  2. What an exciting morning for all of you. Does daddy feature or just you and the little ones?

  3. What a lot of news Keira will have for school on Monday! It’s been blowing a gale over this way too.

    Two of my three boys were 56.5 cm long at birth. However the first was just 7 pounds in weight and looked like skeleton with skin over it. The brother was over 9 pounds. Those two are now b shade over 6’5″. They put their arms on my shoulders and look down and ask what the weather’s like down there. I’m just 5’3″.

    The boy in the middle is the shortie. He’s just over 6′.

    Emerson is stacking on the pounds, just thriving. Lovely boy.

  4. I am exhausted just reading this blog.
    As always i love reading your blogs and i look forward to seeing the video.
    Pen x

  5. Looking forward to seeing the outcome!! :)

  6. each christmas we make a little movie (stop animation of us putting up the tree, acting out the scripture christmas story etc)and it is HARD work.. and I usually do it over a few different days… it always makes me in awe of kids who are actors or families who have kids with that natural ability because my kids certainly do not and ‘get over it’ quite quick. so kudos to you and your kids!

    and all my kids were long and dr’s commented on when they were born.. and then they dont grow at all between the ages of 2-3 and subsequently become the shortest in their class ! but i tell them shortness runs in the family – 5 foot aunties and grandmas and a short daddy dont help !

  7. I could so totally see all of those things happening Corrie, it would be exactly so if our family was being filmed also! The universal law of childhood would dictate that things be complicated (for the parents) but fun! I can’t believe Emerson is in 00! The triplets are still in 00 pants because my kids always have short legs. (I’ll have to apologise one day for giving them those genes.) Thanks for coming and visiting my blog again. It’s such a thrill knowing you’ve been reading it! I’d love the link to your social media tutorial. It really has not been happening for me up ’till this point.

  8. Looking forward to seeing it. WOW Your little man must be long, mine is 14 months and just going into a 00!

  9. Sounds like hard work and a lot of fun Corrie. Love the pics and can’t wait to see the finished product xo

  10. so funny i thought the camera man was retro daddy i thought wow he is versatile !!! What a fun thing to do but obviously tricky co ordination. Cant wait to see it post editing !!!

  11. Honey, automatic sliding doors you can open with the button on the key ring is the BEST!! I love my new car, it’s beautiful to drive & no worrying about children banging doors into cars in car parks, plus they can run at it from all sides, genius design. I’m at the stage now where we haven’t had any car seats for years, it’s life changing i tell you!! Buckling 4 children into car seats & harnesses was not a highlight of raising young babies.
    Had to laugh, hair in the mouth, nothing less glamorous in high winds, add breastfeeding & mustering 4 other children, would have been quite the challenge. My children still go weird in the wild winds, like puppies who are all pent up with energy. Love Posie

  12. I’m sure the kids will have a blast seeing themselves in their “movie”!! Can’t wait to see it too :)

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