I finished the milo

Now this needs to be blocked to make the cable all pretty and even but I just finished this last night and had to share. I just finished knitting something with a newborn and 4 bigger kids in my care. I’m so proud of that fact!!!!! Who cares that my house is a disaster zone and I haven’t put away yesterdays clean clothes. I finished a project.

Just Need To Block It

I love this pattern so much and want to make a few more…………and it’s my first cable so I’m no longer afraid of them. Piece of cake! Thank you to tiKKi for sending me the pattern. I promise to block it this weekend and get my little hunk a spunk to model it. 


  1. So cute… I loved the pattern…one day hopefully even I won’t be afraid of the cables :)

  2. Milo is such a cute pattern. Your sweet little bundle will look cute it it for sure. Have you seen the Pebble vest on Ravelry? It is a lovely and knits up fairly quickly. I’ve made many of them for my own son and as gifts too. Jacinta

  3. Very cute, Corrie. Have you seen Jussi’s gorgeous baby knits. She’s also on Rav as Justine Turner, I think.


    The aviator hat is very easy and looks great and her other baby designs are in several sizes. great designs, out of the ordinary and well written patterns.

  4. I think i am going to try and knit this one too. I loved the pattern. And there is quite a neatness in your knitting too. Well done.

  5. Well done on completing a project with a new baby. That’s a major achievement. It look great.

  6. Corrie I cant believe that is your first cable. It looks so cute and I cant wait to see Emerson wearing it. I love Tikki’s patterns too, so easy to knit up. I think you did a marvellous job getting it done with all your kidlets, and the laundry too.

  7. Oh I want one! This is adorable. I wish I could knit but I just don’t have the patience to learn.

  8. Very sweet, lovely colour, cables are not so scary afterall!

  9. Absolutely adorable. Wish I could knit. I’m gonna try and teach myself to crochet and try and make something for my daughter Juno-Iris


  10. It is lovely, Corrie, and you have every right to feel proud of Milo, and achieving it as well as looking after your gorgeous family!

  11. Its such a lovely pattern and I knitted the exact same one last winter for my youngest! Well done on completing it with a full house :)

  12. Beautiful Corrie! Can’t wait to see that gorgeous squishy babe modelling it xo

  13. That’s lovely. Can’t wait to see Emerson modelling it :)

    Ruby x

  14. Wow that looks really lovely! I wish I did stuff like this..

  15. Very cute! I’ve just started teaching myself to knit. Hope I can make cute outfits soon!

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