BlogHer13 is in Chicago

And I’m going! And I will not got pregnant like I did before BlogHer12. I did not see that coming last year. Some of you might remember my excitement buying my ticket for NYC last year – and then I went and got pregnant! And of course a baby is wonderful and the best thing that could have happened but I have to admit that it’s still a little tough reading all about the aussies fabulous time over in NYC for BlogHer12. And so I waited all last weekend to find out where BlogHer would be held next year and it’s Chicago!!!!! And retro daddy says go!
It will require serious co-ordination at this end with nannies and grandma since it’s retro daddy’s busiest time of year and I will be taking emerson on his first overseas holiday with me. But won’t that make for some great blog posts – travelling overseas with your 12 month old, shop till you drop with a 1 year old strapped to your back in the ergo or how about packing light for a week so you can bring home clothes for yourself and 5 children!!
And I love that one of my lovely blog readers Karen who used to visit me at markets now lives over there! Karen – I’m so glad you live there and can’t wait to shop with you – I mean meet you again!
Anyway,  come 1 September I will be buying my BlogHer ticket. They are such wonderful organisers that if you need to cancel you just sell your ticket yourself (I sold mine in under 5 minutes on twitter) and they will swap the ticket over. Free. no charge. So easy.  And I will keep looking for good airfare deals and start saving the $$$$’s to go there. And I also have to hope that Liss my usual conference buddy isn’t working in Manilla and can come be my roomie.


  1. Having a baby nixed my plans twice for conferences this year! I have family who live in Chicago BONUS so I definitely want to go.

  2. I’d so love to squish into your suitcase! I haven’t set my toes in another country… Yet! But I will one day. You deserve a break Corrie!

    Looking forward to your posts on travelling with bub…

  3. Wow!!! how exciting. I am going to look into this as well. Thinking of heading to the US for my 40th. I might be able to combine the two…

  4. looking nice!!!!!

  5. You will love Chicago! I lived near Chicago for a year and it is an amazing city!!!

  6. Try to book yr flights. I always find them cheaper. Well done u. Sounds v. Exciting. I’m doing my first blog conference in march with digital parents.

  7. How exciting Corrie Something to look foreward to. I can remember you saying last year.

  8. Wow what a reward for having another baby :-) You deserve a nice holiday, sorry business trip. I always look at Bestflights (Google it) for great ticket prices. I’m heading over to an England on my own with a 2.5 year old in Oct. Wish me luck.

  9. What an exciting adventure! A big cheer for retro-daddy for being so supportive and encouraging you to go.

  10. Excellent – now I’ve been envisaging you with a 12 month old at a conference. Are you going to hire a babysitter so you can attend sessions?

  11. Ohhhhh Corrie I’m going to try to go!!!!! I really want to, I’ve already got my new piggy bank ready!

  12. I hear Chicago is amazing for shopping!

  13. Isn’t it great that BlogHer let you resell tickets! Literally no one allows you to ever “transfer” a ticket. I can never understand why the hell not because usually there could be extra revenue, purchases, etc that could happen if you didn’t end up attending and the ticket is unused. Maybe it’s because it’s women and most likely mothers organising the event.

  14. Oh wow, i want to come too!! If my husband isn’t in a war zone, he can easily do 4 children in a heartbeat. This could be the most amazing event, yay. I have already planned to go to England next year solo for my best friend’s 40th on 1st July, i could SO combine the two, love Posie

  15. Oh I also dream of going to BlogHer…. How exciting and fun is your trip going to be!

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