I love this face

No matter how tired I am, or how long I’ve gone without a shower or how many times I need to change his nappy…….I just love this little guy to bits. He is so adorable, so tiny, so kissable and so sweet.
in the sling
I am definitely glad I got to have my ‘one more’ because he just makes our family perfect! Retro daddy took this picture while I was trying to get him to sleep in his sling. Obviously he didn’t want to go to sleep……………..and do you love his dry little T-zone?


  1. He is so perfect. Such a little boy face on him!

  2. He is absolutely adorable. Your one more baby is perfect!! Enjoy.
    Anne xx

  3. So handsome! I agree with the first comment. He looks like a such a boy. Adorable.

  4. He is just perfectly yummy. You have a beautiful family :)

  5. And I have to say, to see a mummy who is just as in love with #5 as she was with #1, makes my heart smile.

  6. What a sweetie!

  7. Corrie – babies are like chocolate, there isn’t one I’ve met, i didn’t like! Congratulations, he’s perfect!

  8. He is just beautiful – I can see why you feel the way you do about him! I’ve recently made the decision to have ‘one more’ which is a decision I honestly never thought I’d make! Not sure about putting it into practice just yet but I am so happy I’m not the only one who looks at their baby and feels this way!!!


  9. Such a precious little thing :)

  10. He has just the sweetest little face:)

  11. He’s sooo sweet )))))

  12. He is just gorgeous. I’m hoping I can convince my hubby to have our “just one more”.

  13. Beautiful face. Beautiful face.

  14. Awww…so sweet!!

  15. He is soooo cute!!!!! We’ve just been through the baby acne stage!! They look so grotty with it but so cute too : ) Mathilde is the same with her sling, if she doesn’t want to settle in it I am NOT hands free because I have to hold her head while she looks about!!!

  16. You could never be cross with a gorgeous little face like Emerson’s.

  17. So cute!!!!!

  18. He is completely scrummy and delicious!!

  19. Anonymous says:

    He just adorable. Enjoy every minute.

  20. Anonymous says:

    Sorry ! I meant…he IS just adorable…no harm in saying it twice, though. Kim

  21. He is indeed adorable. Congratulations!

  22. You’re a beautiful Mama, Corrie. Your enthusiasm is so inspiring, makes me all clucky… and your gorgeous boy Emerson does a good job of making me clucky too!
    The dry T-zone is adorable! xo

  23. Corrie – I’ve only just had the chance to catch up on your new arrival. He is SO precious and adorable 😀

  24. Nigella from Nigeria says:

    you make cute babies! just gawjus!

  25. Gorgeous baby Corrie.

    How is Elodie settling in to the new regime? Any pics of her – she is so sweet?

  26. Ooww….you got me speechless, Em :*

  27. Gosh, he is seriously gorgeous :)

  28. your thoughts of working at home are sooo valid. i have loved being at home with my three – i head back to the classroom and teaching English – for the first time in 7 years – come september. i am awash with excitement and angst. how busy it is at home though??!! always jobs needing to be done : washing, dishes, paperwork. where i will find the time to work in the middle of all my ‘work’, i do not know!

  29. Beautiful,best wishes to your lovely family!

  30. He is absolutely gorgeous!!! :-)

  31. Tienes un bebé hermoso Corrie, ¡Te felicito!
    Besos desde España

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