two weeks old

Sleep. I miss you. My bed. Yep, I miss you too. I obviously have amnesia and forgot how the early baby days take it out of you and that your adorable little baby doesn’t want to sleep at night time. You’d think by your 5th child that you would be accustomed to all of this but I’m not.
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I wake up super tired every morning with sore eyes and get anywhere from zero to three hours sleep. And three being a very good night like last night thanks to a combination of two bottles of milk in between a lot of feeding – one expressed, one formula to get him off to sleep at 3.30am this morning. 3 hours sleep was as good as a full night.  
sleeping at 2 weeks old
I have also been known to fall asleep sitting up feeding my little guy. But once I’ve had my one and only cup of coffee for the day I feel a bit more chipper and ready to tackle the day. Lucky that little Emerson is as cute as ever and we just adore him.
And it’s so hard to believe that he’s only been here two weeks. It feels like forever and we love him as if he’s always been with us.


  1. Emerson is just so scrumptious!! What a cutie xx

  2. Just keep Swimming!!!

  3. Beautiful baby…so soft and cuddly

    It will get better quickly and you will get the sleep you need..

    thanks for sharing such precious pictures of your new little one.

    hugs from Louisiana, USA

  4. Oh how precious! They always look cuter when they’re asleep, don’t they? 😉

  5. It really is amazing how we just get by on so little sleep.

    He will settle into a better sleep routine soon, just hand in there!

  6. Oh man! I really don’t miss those early day.
    I hope little Emerson finds the joy in night time sleeping soon.

  7. I love that there is another mother out there who also falls asleep while feeding her baby. Quinlan is 9 months old and I still do this especially if he’s slept through the night for 3 nights and then on the fourth night he wakes up. Your little boy is so beautiful and you’ll adjust to what’s going on.

    Thanks for the lovely pictures :)

  8. Oh I remember well! I always looked on the bright side and if I got two hrs straight it was fantastic. Aim for little and hope for a lot!

  9. Oh honey i had 4 sleepers, from the start, gosh it made life easy, but now i can’t get a teenager out of bed!! He’s so gorgeous, sending you sleeping vibes, to both of you!! Love Posie

  10. He is beautiful :) its Amazing how fast 2 weeks had flown past! Its a shame I didn’t see you in the hospital- but I did spot your hubby and gorgeous kiddies and said hi. I had a little girl- Lucy Elizabeth and she’s just perfect!

  11. Gorgeous!! :)

  12. Looking at Planning Queen’s story below and your sleep post, it brought me back to reality.

  13. He is divine, what a precious possum. Enjoy these early days.

  14. I fell asleep sitting up feeding Amélie many, many times.

  15. He is such a cutie! Hope you get some sleep soon.

  16. Hope for you that your gorgeous boy starts sleeping through very very soon.
    Love the pics, especially the first one, Emerson looks like he is smiling at some private joke.

  17. Oh my goodness Corrie, these pics of Emerson are SO adorable. He is gorgeous and he makes me way too clucky.
    You poor thing, you bring it all back to me. It is the weirdest sensation in those first few weeks/months, where you can literally go into a deep sleep sitting up feeding. Such a haze. You’re doing a great job Mama. Take good care xoxo

  18. I think lack of sleep may be the one factor stopping me from trying for another baby. Looking at those photos though – it doesn’t seem a good enough reason, he is so lovely!

    Just as every contraction gets you closer to delivery – I think every sleepless night gets you closer to when they sleep through. You can do it!

  19. He looks so pleased with himself in the top photo! So cute!

  20. Oh my he’s just too cute for words. Makes my eggs rattle CLUCK CLUCK CLUCK!!

    It will get better and he’s so worth it, take care x

  21. I hope you are still getting as much help as possible. I don’t think any mum forgets that sleeplessness of those first few months (ok, years!). He is a little sweetheart and I am sure that gets him far! Enjoy those newborn snuggles. Jacinta

  22. Oh, I envy you sooo much. He’s such a CUTIE!!!
    Keep in there, you get through it. :))

  23. Hi Corrie,

    THANK YOU for this post! As a first time (read: anxious and unsure!) Mum, I had no idea what was ‘normal’. I can’t tell you how reassuring it was to see this post and know that an experienced and amazing Mum of 5 was going through the same thing. I rang my husband and read him your post. His response was ‘Thank God. We’re doing OK then’.

    Emerson is just gorgeous! Hope you can get some sleep soon. Especially with 4 other little ones to care for. After just one bub, I just cannot believe what you manage to achieve. Such an inspiration.

    Bonnie x

    (I’m the girl who introduced myself and my son Finn at the settling class at the Mater!)

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