new madelinetosh fan

We interrupt our normal schedule of baby photos to share some new yarn that arrived in the mail today and is going to the stash. It’s the first time I’ve ordered Madelinetosh but I think I’m hooked. The colours are just amazing and with a newborn to knit for I don’t need much. And will you look, no pink! I’ve finally realised there is plenty of pink in the stash.
first time madelinetosh purchase
Suzy Hausfrau had been waiting most of the year for these to arrive and then when they did I had serious indecision of colours. I waited a week and then discovered lots had sold out but thankfully there were some gorgeous colours left. For the blue I’m thinking an aviatrix for little emerson and the yellow (the shade is called candlewick) I’m thinking a little jumper or cardigan for him.
new for the stash
oh ok, you twisted my arm. I couldn’t not share a photo of my little emerson! Yesterday he was wearing a little tracksuit and it looked like he was about to head off for a jog. I spend a lot of time over his basinette staring at him.

And I now keep the camera on a shelf in the loungeroom so I can take plenty of pics of him and he just seems to get cuter by the day. 


  1. Emerson will look great in those colours. I bought MadTosh pashmina from Jimmy Beans. Decent price and quick, attentive service. Colour was Cousteau, swirly sea water colours. I enjoyed knitting and the shawl has had a lot of favourable comments on it, Lovely making little garments, finished quickly.

  2. Tosh is just amazing isn’t it! I got mine last week and every time I walk past it I give it a little cuddle.

  3. I have spent the time between my first comment and this, ogling the sock wool over there. Of course I succumbed.

  4. Hey there, I’m finally commenting after very much enjoying your blog over the past few months. My fifthborn (and finalborn!) is now 17 months old and your photos of delicious little Emerson are reminding me how much you do indeed need to stare at them while they’re newborn because that brief stage DOES pass quickly. Your bub IS particularly divine! x

  5. Emerson is so cute, wish I lived closer to get some newborn time. Love the baby hat pattern and MT is wonderful to knit with>

  6. Oh the colour is gorgeous!! I’ve been after a mustard cardigan for years now, it will happen, eventually, love Posie

  7. Thanks Corrie, that candlestick was hotly contested let me tell u! He will look lovely in it, and be extra soft and cuddly. There like another 20 odd colours coming eeeep!

  8. Congratulations on the latest very sweet addition to your family (and on the yarn!).

    He’s gorgeous and looks most peaceful bathed in the lovely light of that photo.

  9. oh my! he is getting cuter. Can’t wait to see what you make from that gorgeous yarn.

  10. I’ll show my Mum this post. She will love that wool! Also thanks a lot for making me so clucky for a fourth baby! My husband is running scared!

  11. ahhh, I’m not really a baby sort of woman (I just about was for my own, mind), but the pics of your latest littlie make me want to reach out and stroke that soft little place on the side of his head where the strands of his fine hair meet his little cheek…. bet he smells good. (I’m not really a psycho, honest!) x

  12. oh my goodness… this is a dreadful blog for making me broody.

  13. Lovely picture of the baby. And lovely colors of the yarn.

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