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Like any good crafter I have a couple of projects on the go at the moment (baby leggings and a Milo) but wanted to have a little something to take to the hospital with me. Five days in hospital when you’re an experienced mum seems to go on forever. And as I was bathing the little ones this week I realised I only have 2 handmade facecloths in the house and need more.
Now there are loads and loads of patterns on ravelry you just need to search facecloth or dishcloth (but dishcloth just doesn’t sound appealing to me and I have a running joke with my nana that I’m going to make her some as a present as she can’t stand the idea!). Now they are super easy to make, great for a beginner because you won’t get bored and they are a great way to also try out new stitches or just learn to knit or crochet. A couple of people asked on facebook what I use. Now in the past I’ve used Lily Sugar n Cream which is an american cotton (worsted weight/10 ply) and it works up nice and thick but washes and wears beautifully soft. Here is one I made earlier – you’ll find my pattern here.
The Australian stockist for sugar n cream is yarn over and the little assortment of yarn above (which cost me about $25 including postage) was shipped the next day which I love. I’m trying the creme de la creme for the first time because it’s just $2.99 a ball and I thought it would be fun to try. If you like to use bendigo then their cotton is used for plenty of facecloths/dishcloths on ravelry but I find I need to use a 3.75mm needle and hook so it will make a finer cloth.
And if you have a favourite pattern you’d love to share let me know! I’m ready to get crocheting………I’ve also saved a few patterns I want to try in my favourites on ravelry so have a look here.


  1. Nice colours in the yarn :)
    Have you always stayed in hospital for 5 days? Ive always managed to wriggle out after 2 nights (making sure bubs ok and had all tests done)It drives me crazy being away from home 😛

  2. Just a week or two ago I started making my own. I knitted a half dozen and then ended up crocheting them. Super easy and quick and my kids love them. I use them as dishcloths, though (apologies to your Grandma…hee, hee).

  3. lol oops I was expecting to see that you had crocheted around the edges of some facecloths like my grandma did (I love those!) I have never seen or heard of a fully crocheted facecloth before…looks cute!

  4. Hi – thought you might like to see the kina I finished at the weekend.

    Thank you so much for telling us all about them – this is my 4th in as many months and they make a fab, quick new baby girl pressie. Chris x

  5. Thanks for the info on the stockist of that beautiful yarn….it looks delightful in all its assortment of colours! Not long to go now….those facecloths will come in handy :)

  6. Great project, I have made several of the ones in your Ralvery que . My favorite are the leafy washcloths.

  7. What exactly is ralvery and I can’t believe you are actually ih hospital that long with a new baby . Here in the uk, i only stayed in 5 days with my first baby and that was 17yrs ago. Now you’d be lucky to even get 24hrs. it is probably much better for you to stay in though and have someone take care of you. Love the crocheting , though it’s a thing I’ve never managed to do. I’ll try the dishcloth idea.

  8. Hi Corrie,
    I’ll be ordering some of the wool that you’ve shown here….I looked at getting some cotton wool a little while ago, but hesitated because I found it to be quite expensive. Thank you for sharing this….I’ll be crocheting up some cloths very soon!!

  9. Beautiful Corrie! They look so soft and pretty.
    I’m so excited for you, a new little one to cuddle, ahh cluck cluck cluck xo

  10. You’ve inspired me to try and replace all our torn facecloths with handmade ones…all the best for the coming weeks, and bubs! – Ali, mum of 6 x

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  12. Yarn Over was only 5 minutes from me in Brisbane last year. She stocks some nice yarns and her prices are affordable.
    I miss having a local yarn store (although it has been very good for the pocket)

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