some of my favourite baby knits

With just over 2 weeks to go I’m finding all these gorgeous baby knits that of course I want to make. In fact knitting for a baby is all I can think of. Maybe because it involves sitting on the couch and not doing much more. But who am I kidding………………….time is not on my side. I really want to make baby a new blanket………..I’m loving this one from More Last Minute Knitted Gifts (a fabulous book for the knitter!).
so making this one for elodie
Then on ravelry I recently found this seriously cute chevron blanket here and it reminded me of the ripple blanket I made a few years ago.  It hangs over little Elodie’s cot and is just so beautiful. It took a couple of months to make but was such a perfect project and it’s great if you’re looking for something once you’ve mastered the granny square. This was the biggest blanket I’d ever made. For a boy this would look just gorgeous in pale blue, grey, white and taupe….I won’t rule it out.
ripple is done!
Now one thing I do have to make are a few little hats for baby number 5. I have an all time favourite pattern by Debbie Bliss which is on ravelry here. Super quick and easy with a little bit on the top but if you want even faster then you can’t beat the umbilical cord hat. Ravelry details here and here is one I made for Finn. The chunkier the yarn the faster the knit and there is no need to always stick to baby wool when it comes to knitting for babies these days.
and if you want an easy baby cardigan then this is top of my list…….the easy baby cardigan from More Last Minute Knitted Gifts. On ravelry here. I’ve made it 3 times and will keep making it as it’s so quick, easy and perfect.
easy baby cardigan
And everyone knows I’m the Baby kina addict. You can never knit this too many times……you’ll find it on ravelry here
Lastly, I don’t really do baby booties but I love baby socks. My favourite pattern is a very simple Debbie Bliss one knit on 2 needles which is on ravelry here.
warm tootsies
If you have a favourite baby knit I’ve missed then let me know!!!


  1. I wish I could knit. All the projects are gorgeous. Especially the blanket xxx

  2. Good luck with the knitting projects. I hope to be inspired by your motivation, as all the knitting projects I have attempted for my babies haven’t been finished. Yet 😉
    I’ve had the same number of babies in a different order with twins last. Thankfully others have been able to supply their knits :)

  3. Two of my favorite knits for babies would have to be Milo by Georgie Hallam and Puerperium by Kelly Brooker (Puerperium is free for newborn size and a pay pattern for larger sizes.)

  4. I realise this post is about knitting but I so so love that liberty quilt. aaaamazing!

  5. Those little socks look warm and toasty. I bet they are much quicker to knit than grown up socks. I’ve added it to my faves on ravelry :)

  6. Beautiful!

  7. I had a favourite booties pattern which I made for all my 5 kids – but have lost it – I am heartbroken!!

    I don’t have any other favourite patterns, but I am knitting with Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino which I have just fallen in love with – I want to make my whole house feel like it – it is heaven on knitting needles!

  8. I don’t know where you find the time but your knitting is always awesome. I love that chevron blanket. At the moment I am knitting my kindy girl a beanie. I was going to use your crochet pattern but didn’t know the gauge.

    btw I’m having a kids labels giveaway on my blog too:

  9. I wish I could knit too. It is on my to learn list.

  10. Yes the milo is a must!!
    On my queue at the moment is the Cascade.

    I think it would be lovley in an olive, grey or taupe for a boy.

  11. Is there a pattern for the Kina in larger sizes? I have had a look at raverly and at the offical website but so far no such luck. I am not the most experinced knitter so have no idea how to size up a pattern and I would love this for my 3 year old
    I am loving the purlbee easy pullover tute found here

  12. I love them all, Oh I do hope you have a go at the blanket. Would love to see that one but understand time is not on your side. You amaze me in what you seem to fit in. Good luck!

  13. I love little vests- they’re easy (no sleeves to worry about!), there are heaps of paatterns out there and once you have the basic style sorted you can play with stripes, cables, etc. And ittle boys always look super cute in a handknit vest over a little tee or collared shirt!

  14. I love all these knits. My daughter is due in February so will be very busy knitting for
    the coming winter.

  15. I have made that second baby blanket with the feather and fan stitch for my second baby in green and white, it was a pleasure to make and looked so pretty!

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