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Full of inspiration after this post I decided that today was the time to start filling up the freezer. First up chicken cacciatore times two. Next up one kilo of mince turned into bolagnese. This is where I learnt the hard way that you can’t just double the bolagnese recipe in the thermomix – well you can but when it’s time to add tomatoes it won’t all fit. So take it from me – follow the recipe and measurements!

After a little break in the sunshine with some lemonade it was back into the kitchen to make a lemon sponge cake. A longer break, some really bad tv while cuddled up to Elodie and then back into the kitchen to make 2 vegie lasagnes. So the freezer in the garage is looking a little more stocked up, I washed a lot of dishes but go to bed feeling very satisfied after a day of cooking. And how great does the mustard countertop look with the orange tupperware………………….mmmmmmm so retro! 


  1. Good girl you will thank yourself when things have been busy all day and you are just too tired to cook a meal. I did a few casseroles plus all the items you’d already made. We are about to move into our new house on the 5th so I better get moving on doing the samething. I’m not unpacking boxes for 8 hours and then having to cook a meal for the family.

    Glad you enjoyed your cooking :)

    Enjoy your last few weeks before bub arrives. Megan xx

  2. You must be exhausted! Great job though. Do you feel the need to do more? I found I became obsessed with the number of meals I had ready made in the freezer.

    I also bought chicken fillets and trimmed them. Then cut them into various shapes for different meals, cubes, strips, cut in half width-wise for thin fillets that cook fast.

    First thing I noticed was the orange tupperware containers!

  3. WOW our energy tires me out and I’m not pregnant. You are ready for that baby now.

  4. Thats great Corrie getting that done. Don’t get overtired Take it steady.

  5. Wow, that is great, Corrie!!! All in Thermomix? You are tempting me again….LOL!
    Oh yes, your Tupperware is pretty? Which range is it from? I have not seen them in Singapore.
    The more I read your post the more I want to visit Australia again…especially for shopping! Mmmm…Sydney or Melbourne?

  6. You’re amazing Corrie, end of story!
    Glad you’re stocked up, now go and rest lady, REST! xo

  7. You have done so well Corrie. When your kids are teenagers you might be cooking that amount every night! All the best and I hope you have a chance to relax too x

  8. Well done Corrie.

  9. Clever girl :) You’ll be so thankful you did these in the weeks to come!

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