lots of little baby knits

One of the nicer things I’ve been doing lately is pulling out all of my baby boy clothes and getting ready for baby. Even washing and drying them again is a cute job as it all starts to feel real that a new member of the family is arriving soon. And I’m not one to love washing and drying clothes. But baby clothes are special.

baby knits

Here are the little boy handknits I’ve pulled out so far. You can never have too many little knitted jumpers and cardigans and it means I can turn my attention to knitting a few little essentials like baby pants, socks and hats. Um, if I actually get my butt into gear and start them. My nana has knitted a lot of these for us which makes them so special.

a little cardigan knitted by nana
It’s now less than 4 weeks to go and my to do list is still long but we are all getting very excited! 


  1. Love the hand-knit sweaters, Corrie. It won’t be long now, and we are all looking forward to meeting the newest member of your lovely family.

  2. Looking good. Enjoy the fifth edition to your family.

  3. I had too my first baby clothes washing today in anticipation of the trip to China in a couple of weeks, it was sweet and funny but I think that in a few months this activity will lose some of its charm!
    I love the piles of little heavenly sweaters!!!

  4. I loved the knitted cardigans on my babies. I used to put them on over a bonds wondersuit. Wow, if I didn’t know any better I would think that this post made me feel ever so slightly clucky. But alas, my three are enough. :-)

  5. They are just beautiful, all the best

  6. They look beautiful and you have looked after them so well. So exciting for you all.

  7. Cluck cluck cluck Corrie!
    How divine.
    If you weren’t about to give birth I’d commission you to knit for me, the best I can do is a square of garter stitch!, finally picked it up this week after more than 2 years sitting in a box….

  8. such a happy post.

  9. what a lucky boy!

  10. Oh Corrie, I LOVE the hand knits for babies. These pics of those little piles of bubby wear are making my clucky feelings so much stronger. It is so very exciting your baby is almost here xo

  11. What beautiful little sweaters! Nothing makes a tiny little one looked more loved than something beautifully handmade! I absolutely love this post!

  12. I am so happy for you :)

  13. i just had a boy a week ago and since he has two big brothers its been nice to pull out all the other clothes and blankets and wash them and also remember the boys wearing them but its also nice to have some new clothes just for my new little man!

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