who needs plain tees and onesies?

A very lovely blogger and crafter recently let me know that she was selling her tees and onesies and would I like a few. Of course I would! At the moment the only sewing I can get done is quick and easy. And nothing is quicker or easier than a little appliqued onesie or t-shirt. If you haven’t made any before then it’s a great way to use your sewing machine (or a needle and thread) and get crafty. There are loads of tutorials on youtube and here is a no sew one and then I do blanket stitch around the edges.


Tillie was totally in love with this little outfit I made for her one afternoon this week while Finn and Elodie were napping. Nothing like taking some fabric, hemming it and adding a quick waistband and making a quick applique tee to complete the look. She then asked me to take some photos of her on the stairs – obviously she’s learnt the drill from keira! Although I’ve deleted the photo where she crossed her feet over and fell down a stair – no one was hurt!

close up of the tee

The quality of these tees and onesies is just gorgeous. They are lovely, soft and warm and well made. You’ll find them both individually and in bulk here. I’ve earmarked the rest of my little bundle for pj’s now that the weather is getting really cold.

quick outfit
Be quick, I don’t think these will last for long!


  1. Thankyou for sharing!

  2. Oh Corrie. You are unstoppable! Loving the handiwork. But Tillie’s smile beats everything! J x

  3. I’ve bought many a thing from Kristine when she was doing her Townmouse label and her tshirts are of EXCELLENT quality. They wash up so beautifully. I just wish she was still doing her label …

  4. Agree with Jane :)

  5. Thanks for the idea Corrie! fast and easy sewing goes down well in our house too :) Exceptional little model you have there, too cute :)

  6. Oh Tillie is just so beautiful. Loving her little outfit too, you’re a machine Corrie xo

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