another baby kina for elodie

The thing I love about craft is that it serves more than one purpose for me. Not only do I have hobbies that are my own and that keep me busy and happy but I’m also making sweet things for my little ones and get so much satisfaction from seeing them being worn. No sooner had I finished sewing the buttons on than I whipped this on Elodie and took her outside for a few photos.
up close
It’s another baby kina (only my 5th) but this time I knit it in 8 ply for a bit of extra warmth. It’s not too tricky just knit a size smaller but knit in 8 ply with 4mm needles. So I knit the 12 month size but followed the length of the next size up when it came to measuring my work to ensure it turned out larger than I wanted. And it was 2 weeks on the needles. Yet another reason to love this project.
baby kina
baby kina
I used Bendigo’s Allegro which I’m just so sad to see you can’t buy off the website anymore. It has a lovely twist to it so there are actually 4 shades of purple in the yarn which makes it look gorgeous up close. I used wild berry and so glad I have a few other shades in the stash as it was lovely to work with.
baby kina
baby kina

and is miss elodie a natural model or what? I think I have another Keira on my hands!
she's a natural model
and although we’re trying to get her walking she can’t resist a bit of bottom shuffling – the other way she gets around!
bottom shuffler
Ravelry details for this project are here and you can buy the pattern online here. Don’t forget there are also patterns for doll, child and mummy sizes. So no one misses out. I’ll probably knit another kina before the year is out!


  1. Gorgeous little knit and Elodie looks beautiful.. I imagine she will be walking before long. Her little shoes look so cute.

  2. it looks gorgeous

  3. I feel the same about craft, that sense of something personal and I also like the feeling of accomplishment afterwards. Your little girl is gorgeous!

  4. I feel the same about crafting. Gorgeous colour and looks super sweet on Elodie. Love it xxx

  5. Com certeza você tem outro modelo em casa,e quem ganha adeusinho sou eu,sim,foi para mim esta linda mãozinha.Peça e cor maravilhosa.Beijos e bençãos.

  6. Love this colour of sweet Elodie. Very clever Corrie, having just taught myself to crochet (thank you youtube!) after a lot of patience and a few choice words, I think I might go onto knitting (beyond a basic scarf) at some point. Baby step, baby steps…

  7. you are amazing retro mummy I don’t know where you find the time!

  8. that’s so cute. you’re one talented lady

  9. Absolutely adorable – (the model and the cardy!). I would love to make those one day before my girls get too big! Thank you for sharing.

  10. Gorgeous! Have you see then new wool from Bendigo? Serenade? or somehting similar. Feels lovely 80%wool 20%bamboo and machine washable. Would be perfect for you I think, gorgeous colours too

  11. Gorgeous! I have tiny one on the needles at the moment.

  12. Gorgeous colours in that yarn and gorgeous model too

  13. Look at Elodie up and about! The color suits her too. Lovely knit thanks for sharing Corrie. XO

  14. That looks so pretty with the floral blouse underneath

  15. Oh it’s beautiful Corrie. Love the sweet little floral shirt combo, so cute. Lovely pics of your little Elodie. She must be wearing out a few pants the way she gets around!? My Felix didn’t walk until he was 17 months and he wore through the knees on quite a few pairs of pants. Oops! xo

  16. She’s such a sweetie! And I do like that colour.

  17. I have the pattern and the Debbie Bliss wool, but ahhhh as yet haven’t had time to get to it. A work colleague is due to have a baby and I am sooooo wanting to knit this for her, fingers crossed this weekend. PS Loooove your blog

  18. Elodie is the perfect little model and that colour really suits her! Such beautiful wool, such a shame that Bendigo don’t sell it online anymore…..what will be your next project?

  19. She is just gorgeous, and so is the colour of the kina.

  20. Beautiful pics and lovely model!
    Hugs from Barcelona

  21. I just love the color! I’m quite partial to purple so I’m a fan of Elodie’s new kina.

  22. Elodie looks lovely in her new kina.Lovely colour. I must try making some.I’m not used to the circular needles. I have some Grandies who they would be great for.

  23. What a sweet knit on a beautiful little girl! I rarely leave a comment (I know, shame on me) but was catching up on posts and saw the May 1 post where you defended yourself and your choices. I agree with what people said in response to that–you are doing a great job and keep on being true to yourself. My older daughter was almost 4 when I had boy/girl twins, who just turned 18. My son is 6’3″! Time goes so fast. Enjoy it, embrace it, and best of luck. My older daughter loves to read your blog, too, because your kids are adorable and she loves their names. LOL Anyway, just had to tell you how much I enjoy your blog. Don’t ever feel you need to explain your life or choices unless the person is paying your bills!!

  24. Beautiful!

  25. Beautiful color and very cute on Elodie :-)

  26. Love that colour – so beautiful on Elodie.

  27. You are amazing with all your knitting. Im not sure where you find the time with looking after 4 kids, growing another one and your craft projects. You put me to shame and make me realise how little I do!! :-)

  28. You are such a neat knitter! I just learnt how to crochet 2 days ago, and am so excited! It is much easier than I thought. Knitting though …… Well, I’ve tried but I think I need a bit more patience :) I’ll just enjoy looking at yours!

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