quick change trouser addict

Hi my name is Corrie and I am a Quick Change Trouser addict. This afternoon after a very productive morning cleaning and keeping my little ones entertained and well fed, I hit my sewing room. And whipped up 2 pairs of Quick Change Trousers.

2 pairs ready for the nursery
If you don’t know the pattern then you need to. It comes from Anna Maria Horner’s lovely baby book, Handmade Beginnings here. I would buy the book again just for this pattern as it makes the perfect pair of pants for a baby/toddler. They are reversible and have a real patchwork-y look to them plus being reversible means they are warm and feel great too.
quick change trousers

You might remember I made a few pairs for Elodie and here are 2 pairs for the new baby. And since I’m running out of time until his arrival – 8 weeks till my c/section date- I might need to whip up another pair or two slightly bigger.

festive quick change trousers
Plus I had no intention of making a festive pair and as I was threading the elastic through I thought to myself how festive these look in green, red and white. Oh well, these will look great in December! And oh if I just had a cute baby to wear them now………………….so here is Elodie in some of the pants I’ve made her.
Yes I love pink!!!
A few tips if you’re going to make some
– use 100% quilting cotton fabric if you can as they feel more substantial and will last better than a cheaper poly/cotton. I’d love to try a light weight denim for a pair
– cut out 2 pairs of pants each time you make them up. Because they are so quick and easy to make and sew it saves a lot of time doing all the cutting ahead of time.
– don’t sew up the hems until the very last step as you need to thread your elastic up through the legs
– you don’t need your overlocker as these are reversible and all edges are enclosed BUT there are quite a few places where you need to trim seam allowances so doing it on the overlocker can save a bit of time.
– play around with your fabric choices as you use 3 different fabrics to make these and the more colourful your fabrics the more fun the pants are
– use a non roll elastic and I buy a few packets at once so I have plenty on hand. The elastic won’t twist once you’ve made your waistband and that makes them more comfortable for little people.
love this fabric combo
Now if only I had my own pair, they would make perfect winter jammies!


  1. these pants are so cute!! you are one talented mama! I wish I could sew looking at all the lovely things you have made for your babies..well done!

  2. I love them, they are so cute.
    I just purchased that book. I am expecting my first baby in August so looking for some little projects I can whip up.
    Did you make the matching bib also?

  3. Minha querida moça bonita,se você soubesse o bem que me faz…Obrigada. Eu adoro suas postagens,são sempre úteis e lindas,essas calças eu queria muito fazer,mas acho complicado,lendo aqui é fácil.Tenho uns tecidos e vou tentar.Outro dia você postou umas que eu já queria mas…não fiz.Adorei suas últimas postagens,dia das mães,saias lindas e agora este.Bem são 2.15 da madrugada aqui no Brasil e orfeu me chama…Beijos nas crianças e que Deus abençoe a todos.Cuide-se.

  4. fabrics are amazing colours love them !

  5. I’m a quick change pants addict as well. I have made them in very soft baby wale cord and a super soft denim as well! They are really awesome trousers.

  6. how beautiful is that book. I have a copy and often get it out, just to drool over the baby goodness in it. It’s enough to make a woman clucky! Jacinta

  7. These look absolutely gorgeous Corrie. I love your quick change reversible pants, so clever! Love the pics too xo

  8. They look fantastic, I made these pants not long ago and for a beginner they were perfect! The fabric you have chosen looks great, totally must make more of these and Will def cut out more this time!

  9. Oh these are so cute. Even though I doubt there ever be any more kids in my future – I could lovingly make them for friends. I definitely need that book!

  10. So cute pans! Thank you for tips, these are always wellcome.

  11. These look so cute and easy, again I wish I could sew!

  12. They are all cute and colorful. I may have to look up the pattern for my little ones. I love matching different fabrics together.

  13. Sheesh! Only 8 weeks!!! That has gone quickly! Love the Beatrix Potter ones!

  14. Oh dear I am the ultimate lurker and after months of reading I am diving into a post!I too love the AMH book and quick change pants – after with baby number 4 I loved the bonds roomies for their extra space in the butt and after mixing around some patterns I came up with a fully lined (in warm flannelette) with contrast cuffs and back (a la AMH) baby pant. I am so proud of this pant as I have not ever had the confidence to mix up patterns and come up with something new. I have put a few pics on a here just to show off!

  15. I have been wanting to make these for the new baby too! Hopefully I’ll get a chance soon, but I’m down to 6 weeks before my c section and I’m still working on a quilt for the baby! We’ll see :)

  16. Thanks for al, the info Corrie. Much appreciated. Take care of yourself little Mumma!

  17. I make these as well. Easy and very cool!!

  18. I love he blue Peter rabbit fabric so cute.

  19. I think you’re amazing. You have a real eye for pattern combinations of course, but the really gobsmacking thing is how you find the time. Very inspirational which is why I come back daily! Quite frankly I don’t know what I do with my day….

  20. I love those pants too, I have found that pinwhale cauduroy works brilliantly when combined with bring cotton prints!

  21. the peter rabbit pants look great. it’s mid-may and the festive pants will be perfect for christmas.

    you just reminded me, i need new christmas decorations.

  22. Oh they are so scrummy, i want some for me for Summer!! Love Posie

  23. So pretty… love all the lovely fabrics too :)

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