what you don’t see on a blog

recently I was a little startled to receive a comment that my kitchen post offended someone because I go on about being an average family and the cost was not average. And so the criticism went on. The more I thought about it the more I realised that when you read a blog you don’t see everything. You see a little glimpse of that person’s life. A couple of photos and a snippet of daily life.
the twins enjoy their escargots
looks like paris but a patisserie in Albert Park, Melbourne – as close as I’ll get to Paris anytime soon
I make no apologies for the life I lead and how I portray myself. Just like I’m not ashamed of one very hard working and ambitious man I call my husband. I married a rather frugal and funny man who grew up as one of 7 children. He doesn’t like to spend money on himself and I have to throw out his boxers and t-shirts on the sly and just this weekend keira asked him why he had a hole in his jeans. I rolled my eyes and was prepared for the answer – because I spend all my money on you kids. Of course he laughed afterwards. He does have good jeans, btw. But that’s him. He regularly tells me that I’m doing such a good job with the kids or how gorgeous they look and so on. He is incredibly proud of our little family.
hunk a spunk retro daddy
But you won’t see pictures of him walking in the door exhausted after a day at work or getting up at 4am to fly interstate for the week. He works so hard for this family just like so many families are working hard these days. And you don’t see pictures of me on my hands and knees washing bathroom floors or taking out the rubbish or hanging out laundry or doing the school run with a big pregnant belly and a baby on the hip and a little tribe following me. In some ways I am very average doing the regular stay at home mum thing and all the same jobs you do  – day in and day out. Just like all families we have bills to pay, financial worries and priorities. Don’t judge me by a fancy kitchen renovation. I’m much more than that.
I want to climb up.....
I’m so amazingly proud of the family I’m raising and also this space I call my blog.  We’re all on a journey and we’ve all started somewhere. For retro daddy and myself it was in a little flat we called our own with dreams of having 4 children, a bigger house and a little blonde mummy who stayed home to raise the family. I love that in many ways we are living that dream. But it’s meant sacrifices along the way. You never saw the pictures of me in my old Kia carnival that we drove as our only car for years until it died on me in an underground carpark last year.
my 4!
The great thing about a blog is that I can make it all look easy and pretty but behind every blog post there is a load of washing (or 4) waiting to be put away, a floor that needs to be cleaned, a list of errands, a nappy to be changed and 4 little people all wanting me.
the florist shop
So don’t compare yourself to a blog because there is so much more going on behind the scenes and it’s a lot more like your life than you realise.


  1. Bravo Corrie!


  2. spot on!

  3. Touche!

  4. É isso aí!!!!!BRAVÍSSIMO.Beijos nas crianças lindas e um beijo muito específico no casal.Deus continue a abençoar a todos.

  5. Well Said :)

  6. Well said Corrie!

  7. Stay true to who you are short stuff and be proud of what the two of you have achieved. It’s all smoke and mirror in blogland. Smoke and mirrors.

  8. The only criticism I have is that you did the reno and then sold the house! Devastated! I was so looking forward to reading about meals and events that you would have in the new space. I am very envious of the kitchen that you beautifully designed. I often think that if I had a kitchen like that I’d enjoy cooking a little bit more.
    But I suppose the best thing is we get to experience it all again with the new (old) kitchen! Can’t wait!

  9. A very helpful post.

    I too have to throw out my husbands boxers and clothes on the sly! My husband is one of 6 children and also very hardworking.


  10. So true, darling. Chin up, you are doing an amazing job and if reading your blog draws out someone’s unhappiness with their own life then that is for them to reflect on and not for you to try to change. Love to you fellow mother of 5! I”m off to do some more laundry :-)

  11. Sometimes people forget that blogs are the highlight reel and not the whole movie! We can all have an off day where the green eyed monster takes over and we overlook all the great people/things we already have in our lives.

    I enjoy your daily snippets of family life and with three of my own I can only imagine all the hard work going on behind the scenes.

  12. I’m still aghast at that comment criticising you for calling yourself “average”. I don’t know why people assume you’re “well off” because you are living on one wage and managing it well. Years ago that was considered normal i.e. average, but now if you choose to stay at home, there are those out there who assume you’re raking in the money. On Easy Street no less … all coffee & playdates! Retrodaddy’s income “might” be higher than the average, but he’s working for a family of 6, soon to be 7, people! And whilst a family of 7 is definitely not “average” these days, the concept of a mum staying at home to care for her young family, a dad going out to work and a family saving for quite a number of years to afford something like a lovely new kitchen, should still be considered an average thing for a family to do. We’re “average” over here too :-)

  13. You have a lovely blog Corrie showing your lovely family, thank you for sharing it all with us. I love reading it.


  14. Beautifully said corrie!!!!

  15. Hi Corrie, It amazes me that people can be so small minded and also that they have time to write insulting comments.

    Yes your kitchen was very flash and expensive but you and your husband work incredibly hard as a team to bring up your gorgeous family with high values and a sense of fun.

    I wonder did the person read your post about shopping at BigW for the kids clothes or the fact that you do so much home cooking and sewing.

    You and retro daddy are amazing. Just keep on living your life your way. No one knows the whole story about any of us. Hugs, Dian xx

  16. So glad that you too have baskets of washing to do and crumbs on the floor!

    Well said BTW, I love that people assume I have a clean and tidy house {which I usually do} but often when I take photos, I look through the lens and only clean up the bit that shows up in the shot!

    Good on you for posting this – here’s hoping the trolls read this…

  17. Very well written Corrie. You have always been honest about who you are and the life you and retro daddy have chosen to live and work very hard for.
    Don’t let anyone tell you any different.
    I also have to sneak clothes into the rag bag when Hubby isn’t looking, by that point they’re thread bare and holey.

  18. Corrie you have nothing to explain, all us mummies are aiming for the same thing at the end of the day (most days it’s bedtime) some do it better then others, some do it with more money (and some do it with more debt) in the end it’s all the same really.
    Good on you for raising such beautiful children, you have every right to be proud of what you do everyday, as do we all.
    Personally I wouldn’t have dignified that comment with a response!

    Can’t wait to see more of your house when the boxes are sorted. And I as someone who may never renovate I planning on living the dream through your blog so please don’t hold back!

  19. I love reading about you and your family and have been doing so for a while.
    The one thing I hate about the internet is the people that find it so necessary to make rude/uncalled for/blunt statements. What happened to if you have nothing nice to say then say nothing at all. That’s one of my life mottos.
    Anyway I love that you share your stories on your blog and I for one need no explanation as to why and how you can afford this or that. Good on you and keep up the good work. Hugs.

  20. I have raised only a family of two, but we made a decision early on that I would stay home and raise our children and not go out to work. I always wanted that and my husband agreed. I never regretted my decision even though we had to go without a few things. Both are grown up now with their own families – 3 children each, and my daughter has made the decision to stay home with her children. Its hard no matter how many children you have, and to have a goal (like a new kitchen) gives you something to strive for. Cooking your own meals, making childrens clothes, knitting their woolies all went towards the saving for the new kitchen and beyond. I say well done to you and no apology necessary.

  21. This post made me sad! That you feel you have to spell it out like that. What a shame some people are so critical xx

  22. Well said! No need to explain how or why, you are who you are. If people can’t deal with it or feel life is unfair then that isn’t your problem. Don’t let them get to you :-)

  23. A fab post, Corrie – you nailed it! I think we should start a movement or a linky about ‘life behind the blog’. J x

  24. Who said average had to be less than wonderful, it’s what you make it. You have every right to be proud of your hard working family, negative comments in any format always say more about the person sharing the comment than those receiving it. Keep up the good work Retromummy :)

  25. Here, here. I like the comment about smoke and mirrors.

  26. Well said! Thanks for keeping it real 😉

  27. It is so easy as a reader to get caught up and jelous of someones life. Grass is greener on the other side syndrome?

    YOu are so right thee is so much more behind the scenes. Some of us choose to share the crap and some of us just keep it sweet.

    Your blog you do and they don’t have to read!

  28. Insightful as always :)

  29. Oh Corrie, I’m sorry that you are being judged on your life. I too love reading about your family exploits. Your blog brightens my day. I’m sure the comment you received must have been from someone envious about the way you live, that you and Retro Daddy work so hard for what you have and obviously you are very wise with your money. We are not all like that and I’ve learnt from experience that if I gain something nice, the green eyed monsters appear to have their say.
    I’m sorry too that you felt you had to justify your life and what you post on your blog. It really wasn’t necessary, I’m sure.
    In saying all this, you know what? One of the reasons I visit your blog so regularly is because it’s so positive, so real, so uplifting and just beautiful. I certainly wouldn’t want to be visiting a blog that complains about life, challenges, money and more.
    Keep doing what you’re doing. You are a lively lady with a gorgeous family and you all deserve each and every blessing bestowed upon you.

  30. My goodness Corrie.

    before I finished reading the first few lines I could have answered that-“It is because Retrodddy works so hard!!!”

    I think you are an average family, it might be on a bit more than the average income, but I think you do, an I also think you do a great job.

    Cleary this person mustn’t be a big reader of your blog, or might not pay attention. You alway post about when you sell thing before buying others, about buying a reasonably priced car etc. Plus in the area your old house was in, I think buyers would expect more than an average kitchen.

    Keep posting as you are Corrie.

  31. Well written. I say only the jealous feel they need to say things like that. We all make sacrifces and only chose the great stuff to blog about. Who wants to read about 4 loads of washing. keep up the great blog and here’s to the new kitchen coming in 2 years after all the hard work that is coming up.

  32. My goodness!! Who, as a society or an individual, do we think we are to even have the right to sit in judgement and comment on a snippet of someone elses life. You choose to be open with us, something you truly don’t have to do and what troubles me the most that many bloggers may shut down even more of their personal lives because of these annoying people. Then we will truly be viewing a ‘perfect on the surface’ blogging world where no one can connect… Keep up the great work Corrie, your family is lovely.

  33. It must be the week for it. I started yesterday with a bit of bloghonesty about a kitchen fail. It’s important to do it I think. Have a good day. R xoxo

  34. Wow. I fail to understand people who take the time out to leave critical comments on blogs, especially on a post that was so open and honest. It seems that in blogland people can hide behind relative anonimity. I wonder if they would do the same thing face to face?

  35. I must admit , at times I get jealous of some mummy bloggers as they seem to have it all so well together (life). But then, if it makes me sad, I remember that I am doi g the best with what I’ve got and carry on. Sometimes blog posts can be inspiring sometimes they can leave me feeling a little green eyed but that’s life.

  36. So true, and well said!

    It’s amazing how people assume that just because they see someone living an organized, clean, and well-put together life in a blog, that they must never worry about anything.

    People fail to realize that there’s more to it!

    I honestly believe that there is also a fair amount of envy that comes through with the judgement, but hey… we can’t please everyone. :)

    Hopefully the person with the negative comment will choose to become inspired, rather than judge, after reading this post.

    Love your post <3

    – Esther


  37. Carrie I love reading your blog – even if it exhausts me thinking about you rushing around with all those little ones AND keeping your blog readers entertained! Please carry on showing us snippets of your life even the “average” ones!!! You are a credit to all stay-at-home-mummies out there – keep up the good work.

  38. Well said, don’t let other people’s whinging get to you. You need to stay true to your beliefs and values. You have a gorgeous family, and like most mums love to show them off in the best light. Well done. I am loving how you have seen the potential in your new house.

  39. Well blogged. :-)

  40. You go Girl!

  41. I would ask that person if they have any kids! We have just had baby 2 and whilst I love my boys dearly it has shattered any illusions of having baby 3. More than one kid is HARD. My husband, like yours is hard working and ambitious and just beat 2000 applicants for a local job so that we can afford for me to stay at home and look after our kids. I am going to be a childminder so we get a little extra income but that’s my choice. You are a fantastic inspiration to other Maamas like me in the world so don’t ever feel the need to justify yourself x

  42. Well said Corrie!
    You are atypical mum (hate the word average). Doing all the things the rest of us typical SAHMs do. So what if your reno budget is way more than many of us could ever dream of. You’re still a typical SAHM to me.

  43. I think you must be proud of you for your wonderful family and the results that you can win every day with your commitment. There will always be someone who is better or worse than you and it’ll weigh. I believe that regardless of tics can each of us makes choices about how to use their resources to what it considers more important and who you can see from the outside is always ready to criticize.
    For eight years looks to adopt a child and finally depart in June to meet our little treasure, I feel constantly repeated by those who have children “who makes you do see that children are nothing but trouble” and I wonder who gave them obliged to have children who did not want.
    I can read you from afar and my English is not very good, but between your words and photos of your beautiful family shines through all your effort and how everyone seemed happy and at peace … so keep it!

  44. I love this post, I couldn’t have worded it better myself.

  45. Good on you Corrie! You actually brought a tear to my eye as I read your post. I’m so proud of what you and Retro Daddy accomplish with your absolutely gorgeous little Tribe of children. You inspire me daily (I am now a total quilting freak) be it with craft, cooking or just general snippets about life and I look forward to hearing about your life in Sydney through your wonderful blog. Shame on those who criticise the way you choose to live your life. Is there not a little passage in the Good Book that says something along the lines of “How can you say to your brother, ‘Brother, let me take out the speck that is in your eye,’ when you yourself do not see the log that is in your own eye? You hypocrite. mmmmmmmmmmm Keep doing things just as you are Corrie!!!

  46. And another thing! Personally I would be critical as a reader if you said you had spent £1000s on a dress but lived in a dump. Property renovation and investment is savvy. If you havr to spend half your life in a kitchen then you should have decent tools/space to enjoy your work. You are ace keep up the good work! X

  47. You have a beautiful family and I love reading your blog it always puts a smile on my face. I don’t care how much your kitchen cost and find it sad you feel you had to explain yourself. Really hope you keep on blogging and don’t let the negative Nelly’s get to you xox

  48. With absolute class, as always Corrie. Love you and your blog. I come to my favourite blogs for inspiration and ‘friendships’,seems like a small few come and to try to bring others down… as if only to justify their own life choices and circumstances.

  49. I read the post you are referring too and had my thoughts on it and do on this post.
    Maybe it would be helpful to some others that are not coping as well as some to share the downs with the ups on a blog post.
    Only a thought, I raised my kids and now help with grand kids so I know how hard it is and yes it is your blog and you are doing a fantastic job. Regarding your kitchen well I hope you got your money back… As it was a huge investment , but again your business not mine.
    Take care..

  50. I’d say someone has a severe case of the green eyed monster!!! I love reading blogs because they remind us of all the wonderful parts in our life we may forget underneath all those dirty clothes and dirty floorboards!!

  51. Love it! So insightful and so true. Thank you for giving your readers a reality check. We should all be grateful for the blessings we have in our lives with our own families. Thank you for willingly sharing about yours though, you are such an encouragement to so many!!

  52. I love blogging as it gives you a glimpse into other peoples lives. I love seeing how other people live and even get idea’s of things to do with my little one. I love seeing the creative idea’s and things people create, whether it be a quilt or a kitchen. I never once thought you were bragging about your renovation, more than anything I saw it as something you have been dreaming about for ages.
    I love your blog and enjoy reading about everything you do, and I am sure everyone else does too. And I cant wait to see what you do with your new house. xx

  53. Having 4 kids is bloody hard Corrie…and you do the whole bit so enthusiastically, with grace and charm and so much love. Little bits rub off on us and I am one who is grateful.

  54. i know my blog is mostly “lovely” bits…. i would never judge a person by their blog and i think it’s probably needed that you remind everyone out their that blogs are just what you want…not! Gosh…we’ve all got our own laundry needed to be attended to…i don’t really need to see yours, i’d much rather hear about your crafting or other such adventures!
    Bless you Corrie xx

  55. Well put. Corrie you are amazing dont let anyone ever put you down. Your family is beautiful.

    My husband is restoring a car so that we can go on our family outings at the weekend (he also works very hard and has a stressful job).

    I am lucky I get to stay home with my son too, yes sometimes people look at us and think well how can you do all this, but they dont see the planning behind it, sometimes months.

    So enjoy your family and do what is right for you, you both deserve it.

  56. I just love reading your blog, my gorgeous cousin put me onto your blog and I just love trying many of your recipes, I also would call myself an average Mumma of 3 beautiful children that also includes twins and soon to be baby number 4, keep those gorgeous blogs coming and I look forward to hearing how your pregnancy is going …..Jeanette

  57. Of course! x

  58. I love your blog to bits!!! Your blog inspired me to start my own blog and I am loving it!

  59. Two words, actually maybe three: WELL BLOODY PUT!
    Chin up Corrie and be damned the knockers. I used to get that too on my blog ‘oh you live such a charmed life’ – and maybe that was my own fault for only blogging the ‘niceties’ but they didn’t know the behind the scenes year of turmoil that was going on in the background, the heartbreak, the sleepless nights, the uncertainty, the soul searching. I hear you, loud and clear.

  60. People can be so mean. And it’s so unnecessary! Well said Corrie xo

  61. Well said. It is nice to read your blog and about your family, I like it even if others dont. Yhey dont have to read it if it offends them, that is their problem. Carry on Corrie, I love your blog.

  62. Oh Corrie, I love your blog, I feel like you and your family are my friend, It’s like when someone asks ‘how are you’ we nearly always say ” Great thankyou ” whether we are or not…. just ignore comments that are like that one, how dare they! Keep on blogging! xx

  63. Thank you for your blog Corrie. I love reading it and its a daily highlight for me!! I also love your honesty and I know that you and Retrodaddy work extremely hard and often you are at home while Retrodaddy is away and thats no joke at all!! You are an inspiration and many blessings to you and your family!

  64. I have just started a blog myself and this post has reminded me that when you put yourself out there some people may actually not be as nice as you would like. I have read a couple of your posts where you answered in response to someone reacting to you (the making public of your address) and can I say you have handled both situation very very well!
    Good on you. :)

  65. You could have two families with the same amount of children and income, and what they achieve with that income would probably be vastly different. Some people/couples are live for the here and now, while others never lose sight of their goals and dreams.

    Well said Corrie.

  66. I love your blog Corrie – I read it daily (sometimes twice because I like the comments). You are right – no one knows the whole story. I stayed home when the kids were young and when I was completing my Masters in Nursing because someone had to take the day to day stuff in hand. My husband is in the military and is away a lot. He just couldn’t regularly look after all the stuff like the house, the lawn and the bills. Every family is different and we all struggle. I know I am greatful for the opportunities I have (but many of them took a lot of sacrifice). And the sacrifice that my husband made to me is far harder than mine staying home and doing the drudge because he missed out on a lot of his kids life. And he was often exhausted. You are right we don’t see the whole picture. And you have nothing to defend – you are doing a great job with your kids who will benefit from your efforts.

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  68. Corrie don’t pay any attention to minority idiots out there.

    Your blog always inspires me to be a better mother,wife, to be better organised, patient and loving. Through your words I sometimes sense frustration with kids, house-work, never-ending-to-do-lists and it makes me feel better to know that every mum out there has the same struggles. I wish you lots of luck and peace…and please keep writing…for me :)
    Amasy x

  69. It’s a question of choices. We have no children and as such have been labelled with many different titles, one being selfish. These people have no idea if we have no children through choice or because we can’t. We spend our money as WE want to spend it, some have flash holidays, you had a new kitchen, we retired early and moved to France, I could write a book on the comments I got about that!!!….. each to their own I say. I love reading about your lovely family. Hugs

  70. oh those darn kia’s! ours was new to us (but a 99/2000 model) and of course it blew up after only having it for a year! it was the only van we could afford and now we avoid them! (and drive a redneck – extra seats in the boot commodore :)

    I’ve had parents at school tell me they wish they had the luxury of having more kids and staying home! like i’m some rich person!

    I’ve found staying home saves lots of childcare bills, make up/fancy clothes, takeout cause too tired to cook etc.. we have international homestay students live with us to make ends meet and I would say even though we are on a very average even possibly low income we live the same if not better than some!

    kitchen remodels do not necessarily mean you arent on a regular income!

  71. Well said,Corrie
    We just have to thank what other´s want to share, not to judge
    them at all,you are a big inspiration.
    And yes, i´m a big big fan of you and your blog.
    all the best

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  73. Es muy lógica y clara su explicación, detrás del blog esta nuestra propia vida!
    Abrazos a sus niños!

  74. I have been reading your blog every day since I stumbled upon it about six months ago. I love reading about your family and feel that you are very honest your life as a normal mum, and there’s nothing wrong with emphasising the positive, there’s enough negativity in the world.

    As for critical comments about the cost of things, I firmly believe that we all have different priorities in spending and most of us can afford almost anything that is important to us, as long as we’re willing to sacrifice the things that are less important. My husband and I married young and bought our first house straight away – I was at uni and working part-time, and his job was casual with variable hours. It was tough but we invested in our home because we wanted to be set up before we had a family, and didn’t spend our money on back packing and drinking and clothes shopping like a lot of our friends did. It makes me cranky now when people tell us how ‘lucky’ we are.

    We all make choices about how we spend our money and our energy, and I appreciate how honest you are about what your priorities are. Thankyou for your wonderful blog!

  75. Muchas felicidades por tu gran familia,besos desde Valencia-España

  76. What you’ve said is true. We all have different needs, wants, desires and dreams for our family. We all want our little ones to be provided for and we all do the best we can with what we’ve got. There is nothing wrong with that. I love your blog retromummy and look forward to seeing the new renovations!

  77. Sweet post! Many blessings to you and your beautiful family! :)
    As a mommy with my 7th on the way at the age of 31, alot of people can assume funny things.
    I personally love reading things that you write! I know that sercretly there are so many things that we could relate on with all the little ones that we have,and the life that comes with juggling that. :)It’s nice to see happy, loving homes with dreams and goals being fullfilled. It doesn’t make me think for one min. that you don’t have days that are rough, floors that get dirty or laundry that never gets put away. It’s life and a blog can be a nice place to put those things aside, even for just a moment, and talk about more “fun” things like kitchen reno’s, crafts, kids getting ready for Church, recipes, ect. :)
    I say,keep up the good work!

  78. Great post Corrie! Although for those of us who have come to love you, and your family through this blog, we already knew you were just as average as all of us. That’s why we love coming here :)

    You’ve spelled out into words the things I have thought many times I should say to those friends who we’ve lost because of jealousy. You have struggles – the same as everyone else – you just choose to live life and enjoy it. Why dwell on the daily thorns-in-our-sides (like the laundry pile the size of everest)…

    Lesson here is to enjoy what you have – no matter how great or small it is. Life’s too short for pettiness.

  79. Well said Corrie!!!

  80. I love this Corrie. I was nodding along the entire way through.
    You don’t owe anyone, ANY apologies or explanations.
    Personally, I think you’re amazing, but of course I realise that it’s not all roses. What I love most about your blog is that it actually inspires me. I don’t need to read about the hard work going on behind the scenes (although I wouldn’t mind that either) because I already know that to achieve great things requires many sacrifices along the way.
    Those who cannot see that, are not worth worrying about.
    I think it is a credit to your character and the kind of person you are that you wrote this post. You’re such a generous person and it radiates from your words, your pictures and your family. I know you won’t, but don’t ever change xoxo

  81. Well said Corrie. You go girl!!

  82. Well said Corrie. You go girl!!

  83. Hi Corrie, i am an avid reader of your blog ,but i do not have a blog of my own. I realy enjoy reading about your family and can guess that you and Retrodaddy work very hard to succeed in life. I also love your recipes.Please dont take notice of nasty people who are so mean and jealous. I say to you – keep up the good work you are doing for your gorgeous family and – reach for the stars. Best wishes….Heather

  84. Your kitchen was gorgeous. I don’t know how you renovated it, and then turned around and sold it. Well, you ended up with the Brady house, that’s why. THe fact of the matter is, everyone spends money-in different ways. No one should be judging your choices of how you spend your money. It is none of their business. Great post, and great perspective.=)

  85. I’m an avid reader of your blog. I tend to lurk a bit, but this post has compelled me to leave a reply.

    I did think you were a bit mad to sell up after renovating your lovely kitchen and home, it was perfect in my eyes. Then again, I don’t walk in your shoes but I’m sure your new renovations will be better than ever.

    This person obviously doesn’t understand that blogland is a special place where we can all forget about life’s trials and tribulations. We all have cr@p to deal with in our everyday life and it’s nice to just have a place full of good, positive, happy thoughts to remind us why we put up with all the grief.

    Let’s face it, if you told everything warts and all, the negative would probably outweigh the positive and this would be a depressing place to visit and pretty soon we’d get fed up with the whining. Maybe that’s what this person wants. Ah well, you can’t please everyone, so just please yourself.

    You have a wonderful hubby and 4 beautiful children. Everytime I see Elodie she reminds me so much of my own daughter at that age, they could be twins. This is YOUR blog so you write what you want.

  86. Lets face it we’d all get pretty depressed if we read about the nitty gritty each time we read your blog. To look at the highs as a writer and as a reader makes us all feel better about the many mundane things that we do as mums.

  87. I really enjoy reading your blog and seeing the snapshots of what you are doing with your family. It is remarkable and so are you! I too blog because I want to capture the special moment and etch them in my heart forever…and someday look back and remember those specific days.
    Thanks so much for sharing your moments with us and I hope you don’t feel like you need to justify the beauty that you spearhead.
    All the best,
    A momma in NYC

  88. It’s a tricky balance isn’t it? Your life reminds me a lot of my own day to day existence….. and it’s jolly hard work. Hardest work I’ve ever had to do! Well done :)
    A blog is also entertainment isn’t it? Imagine if you focused on the negative, the grubby walls and crying kids? Everyone would run for the hills. Keep up your good work!

  89. Well done!!!

  90. I feel you! Starting from the jeans! My lovely husband (with one decent pair of jeans) just told me a day or two ago that I should not care a bit what other people say or think about our life, because they know nothing about the life I am living (with two small children in nappies, staying at home alone as my husband is at work abroad a day, three days or maybe two weeks, you never know). Yes, our kitchen hopefully will be a dream come true as our renovation is finished, but is was not easy (and it is not easy)! Your blog is awesome and I am so happy I found it!

  91. way to go!!! i never show my kitchen because it’s always messed up to much time spent sewing and reading blogs

  92. Hi, the thing that springs to mind immediately is “if you have nothing nice to say” don’t type it. Infact dont read it, don’t come back. I don’t blog and one of the reasons is I have read time and time again how these negative comments concern and hurt great people like you. I like reading your blog very much, you photography is wonderful, your eye for colour and your knitting and crotcheting and craft are inspirational. I dont know how you do it, I would love to be as organised as you obviously are. When my life isn’t as rosy as it might be it is nice to read something so positive and uplifting so thank you for sharing! (I made your reciepe for sweet potato rissoles dielish!) It is a shame that people dont see that the only thing they should worry about is their own behaviour we are lucky to be able to live in a counctry that allows us the freedom to make choices about our lives. Keep up the good work, I so enjoy your blog. (This has been a bit long winded but I haven’t commented before!) Best wishes Anne

  93. You go girlie! First when I read that I was so proud and happy for you and your family getting the house you want and setting a plan!! I don’t care if you spend 5 dollars or 500000 dollars it is your home, your decisions, your life!! So you go for it and can’t wait to watch your journey to get it!

  94. Excellent post this!!
    The thing is, if we all posted about the normal day to day drone – people would complain that we were complaining about that! Can’t win.X

  95. Wow Corrie, so much support for you here. Take all this good and leave the rest. We should all be more compassionate and less assuming about fellow Mums. Please keep up the wonderfulness that is Retromummy :)))))

  96. Gee – I live in Perth and I thought your reno was exceptionally well priced (if only I could do the same here for that amount!)!! I really enjoying following your blog as I can relate to everything you blog about. I have four young children and we recently moved into a home that is spacious, but stuck in 1982! I am glad that you understand that a few negative comments are not representative of the majority. I hope that you also understand that your blog helps me!

  97. I love reading your blog. As a mum of one child [we wanted 5 children but body just made one]I think you know who you and your family are, that’s all that matters.

  98. I read this saying the other day and thought it was brilliant. Instead of looking over the fence at the greener grass why don’t you work on making your own grass greener.

  99. My best friend has 4 little ones too and sometimes she makes it look easy… but I know that it isn’t! You are so generous to share your family and your creativity :)

  100. Oh goodness me…People can be silly. Really people should worry about their own lives. Your are so right Corrie, a blog is only a snippet of the whole picture. Well said.

  101. Well said, Carrie! Don’t let negative comments bother you. I always wonder how sad some peoples lives are when they have to lash out like that. I think most of us get it that we’re only seeing small glimpses of your life, just us we only show small glimpses of our own. Thanks for sharing your glimpses with us. :)

  102. Good on you Corrie. Well said.

    I just think its so sad that you actually have to write a blog post to defend yourself. You shouldn’t have to.

    Pray for the bitter people that they may see some sunlight in their own lives x

  103. how dare they comment like that!! If they had any brains they would realise this without you having to state the obvious!! Some people are so mean!

  104. well said! Have only recently found your blog and am really enjoying reading it all.

  105. great comments, blogging is a snapshot of life… not the whole story. i love reading about your beautiful children – i have three boys – and know that raising a family is joyful, but an awful lot of hardwork. you don’t need to justify yourself.

  106. Good on you Corrie! I completely agree with what you’ve said. Our blogs are the snippets of our lives that we choose to share. I don’t particularly want to read blogs about washing, ironing and cleaning! I LIVE it everyday! I want to read about gorgeous kitchen renovations, crafting stories and the wonderful aspects of being a Mum!

  107. The world would be an awful place if everyone went around complaining about the hardships in their lives all of the time. There will always be people better and worse off than ourselves. Thank you for a lovely uplifting blog.

  108. The world would be an awful place if everyone went around complaining about the hardships in their lives all of the time. There will always be people better and worse off than ourselves. Thank you for a lovely uplifting blog.

  109. I imagine that with your popularity you deal with criticism. That has got to be rough! I haven’t commented before, but I wanted to tell you that I REALLY enjoy reading and am thankful for your uplifting and fun posts! Your family is delightful.

  110. Who writes that kind of comment?

  111. You had me at frugal :)

    My fiance is also frugal and hates it when I throw out his clothes that are beyond repair. He’d rather go without than have us all go without. My friends think I have a ‘wifey’ budget up to my ears but the reality is, every payday we prioritise! I have no regrets about being SAHM. These kids are ours, and if we were blessed enough to have them, the sacrifices are worth it. I do miss certain luxuries that I/we took for granted then… but that was another life. This is our life right now, and if we can manage past this, then that’s a bonus too.

  112. I’d stand up and applaud but that action would be lost on you here. I am very careful about what I say about my life on my blog mainly because my ex reads my posts, and I can’t give him anything that he can use against me in our custody battle. The point of these blogs is not to depress your readers with the mundane nitty gritty that is the rest of your life, but to tell a story about the part of your life that caught your eye today.

  113. Wow–licorice fern roots are STRONG. I love licorice, so I thought I’d try a root while out foraging last week.
    I think cooking with the root and not chewing it like the natives did might be the better idea… Thanks for all of the good info here!

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