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Well we are in the house! We own it! Our mortgage is now bigger and better than ever before – ok bigger not better. And we have had quite an afternoon and night getting used to the space and visitors (huntsman in one room, a very active wasps nest outside another room and loads of daddy long legs). We picked up the keys and a bottle of Veuve just after 2.15pm……combined with the 2 bottles of Moet we got for selling our house it looks like the next baby’s baptism could be the best one yet.

Keys To New House!
I ordered domino’s for an early dinner – healthy eating starts tomorrow – and we ate it on the loungeroom floor where I quickly appreciated the beauty of green and brown swirl carpet with orange flecks.  It hides food really well. Like you really have to get down on your hands and knees to find what you are looking for. It looks much better in black and white than colour. Roll on October when I can get the carpet ripped out.
Elodie And The Stairs
My sister and her little family popped over to visit and drop off an extra airbed and much needed pump for the airbeds. Honestly, such a blonde for bringing the airbeds but packing up the pump with the removal! Retro daddy was not loving me so much for insisting we move in here straight away. He wanted an extra night at the Sebel in the big comfy bed – probably because he was off working everyday and I was in the apartment with these crazies everyday and night. I could’t wait to get out of there. He also won’t be loving the 5am tillie tantrum that had everyone up with high pitched screaming because someone else was sleeping with her sheets!
camping out at the new house
And I’ll leave you with my little cooking corner – it doesn’t get more retro than this – right down to the orange floral cooktop covers.
my retro cooking corner
Lucky they call me retro mummy………


  1. Good luck with it all this weekend – love the house and can’t wait to see what you do with it all x

  2. Yay! You made it! I can’t quite understand how you managed to write that blogpost – with pics! – at such an hour of the morning and surrounded by airbeds and no doubt excited children. You’re amazing! Good luck with settling in. Just think when all the toys are out you won’t be able to see the carpet! (if your kids are anything like mine anyway!) :)

  3. Oh my goodness you have a big weekend ahead of you. Good luck with everything. I am sure it will all go well.

  4. So excited for you.

  5. Eek! so excited for you! How about those spalash back tiles! So pretty, probably not my choice for a Kitchen though. I remember the swirl carpet from my youth and loved trying to find pictures in all the patterns. I seem to remember many swirls looked like dogs. Now theres a fun activity for the kids 😉

  6. You’re in!!! Awesome!
    What a difference the kitchen is to the kitchen in your old place 😉 lol

  7. I’m so glad your in! Happy moving in day.
    I hope it’s everything you dreamed it to be.

  8. LOL and big belly chuckles….moving with kids is the pits but I can sense your relief to finally be in even if chaotic. Loving the carpet in balck and white and I reckon those kitchen tiles would come up lovely with some tile paint. Are they embossed ot raised pattern? NOw as for the cooker covers D.I.T.C.H.

  9. Congrats on finally moving in. Best of times in your new house.

  10. Congratulations Corrie – enjoy your new home.

    My father in law has those covers (exactly the same) on his cook top but he has lime green bench tops to go with them!

    I am sure you will love living in this new place. Plenty of room for the children and you and retro daddy as well.

  11. So happy for you! Hurray for sanity restored.

  12. Glad you’re in the house at last, Corrie. Now the fun starts. I had no idea you were staying just down the road (across the big park) from me or we could have visited! Enjoy making this into your dream home :-))

  13. Happy unpacking and creating your new home :)

  14. Wa hoo such a groovy retro kitchen!!!

  15. Wa hoo such a groovy retro kitchen!!!

  16. All the best in your new home, very exciting!

  17. Congratulations and welcome home.

  18. Happy camping out in your new home. The carpet looks gorgeous in Black and White! Those hotplate covers look groovy. Enjoy your first weekend in your forever home. Jacinta

  19. Finally! What a relief hey? Enjoy…and forget those grumpy old men. I hope they feel good about the stress they caused…for no good reason. x

  20. Congratulations!Don’t to too much though…rest and put your feet up, the hard part is over, or is it just beginning? Take care.

  21. Congratulations!Don’t to too much though…rest and put your feet up, the hard part is over, or is it just beginning? Take care.

  22. lots of love and luck for a quick settling in :)

  23. I’m surprised they didn’t auction off the stove top plate covers as well. Phew … you’re in!

  24. Goodness me! Those stove top plate covers look fantastic!! Lol!! They just scream ‘retro’!!! … Good luck this weekend with the move-in!! When does your stuff arrive? … Prayers for a safe and relatively smooth move!!

  25. Ergh, a 5am tantrum, that is a terrible way to start the day. Hope it improved dramatically from that point on. How exciting to finally be in your new house! Thanks for sharing the pics, can’t wait to see more as you settle in further xo

  26. Take care Corrie,
    Hire a cleaner if you can or just pick at the process of organizing. It is easy to overdo it. You are pregnant with 4 babes. And no one (esp your blog friends) are anticipating fabulous photos of a perfectly organized place. In fact we would rather know that you are like us – living half in chaos. And feng shui takes time!!!

  27. lots of love and all the luck for a quick settling in.

  28. Oh Wow! Lots of space and looking forward to seeing the changes you make.
    Hope the move in went well.

  29. Congrats Retro Family on your successful move!

  30. Congratulations you made it into your new house! Enjoy discovering all the ins and outs of it.I have moved a bit and find it amazing that people don’t check if anything has fallen behind the drawers.

  31. congratulations Corrie – we will have been in our retro house for two years this week and we love love love it.

    There have been many interim changes to get us through to the big renovation so if you need good but cheap carpet contacts etc just send an e-mail.

    You will be so happy in a home with so much soul.



  32. Congratulations! I am new to blogging and love following yours. Can’t wait to see what you do with your new home. Love the retro kitchen!

  33. How did you find this gorgeous house, Corrie? Everything’s so retro and I’m lovin’ it! Your sister is really supportive for dropping off that airbed. Don’t worry; you’ll get to have a huge bed in time. Home designing doesn’t just happen instantly. How’s your progress in filling the house with more furniture and designs?
    Roslyn Karlson

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