I am blonde again

If I had to pick a few things that I couldn’t live without then getting my hair done on a regular basis would be right up there. It used to be a chore going to the hairdressers and spending a few hours there but the more children I have the more I appreciate that quiet time out of the house. And after spending 48 hours solo with my little ones in this little apartment I couldn’t wait to get out the door this morning.
I got 3 hours of peace and quiet. I get to chat to Nicky who has been doing my hair for over 6 years, I get a big pile of the latest magazines, I can pretend I’m in my 20’s and read sex tips in Cosmo (ahem, not that I think we need any with almost 5 kids in 6 years!), I get a lemonade and a tim tam and come out of the salon with lovely blonde hair. What more does a woman need! My idea of a perfect Saturday morning…………….


  1. Looking good Corrie.
    Each time I get my hair done it’s a nice few hours respite. Except this week with two out of four kids in tow, that was not fun, and a reminder to not schedule a hair appointment in school holidays again!

  2. Gorgeous Corrie! You must have a fabulous hairdresser if you are getting timtams!!! Mine barely offers coffee!

  3. My girls are teenagers now Corrie, but I STILL love getting to the salon for a bit of pampering and just love it when I come home and they say “WOW! mum you look great” – (although does that mean I don’t usually look great??!!)

  4. I think going to the hairdresser is the ultimate treat. Your hair is gorgeous.

  5. beautifull hair!
    i myself hate going to the hairdressers…time seems to freeze, they never stop asking personal questions plus the last time they really damaged my hair for no reason.
    i never go to the same place but i still cant find one that i like…

  6. Lovely ! It’s great to have a bit of me time :)

  7. I have been going to the same hairdresser for years, and love the chat and coffee and usually some home made treat, its well worth the time and $, like going to see a best friend that we tell all our secrets to LOL.

  8. Gorgeous Mama! The hair appointment is such a luxury round these parts. I don’t dye my hair, but I do love to have a good cut and blowdry. The head massage is by far the best bit… and having my hair brushed is lovely too. Ahhh so relaxing, I think I need to schedule something again asap, it’s been too long.
    Glad you had some time to yourself, after 2 days solo. Well deserved xo

  9. Ohh so glad you feel that way! I am an ex hairdresser ( and salon owner) and I loved making women feel a million bucks!
    BUT unfortunately I hate having my hair done,hate sitting there for hours , I must learn how to relax!

  10. that does sound like an amazing day!

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