knit one, purl one, breathe

There has been a little bit of craft going on here. Not much. Only about 2 or 3 rows a day but a little bit of knitting does help keep the stress away.
Knitting Time

I’m making the Louise cardigan from Vintage Baby Knits and it’s turning out just lovely. Ravelry details on the pattern are here

louise cardigan

I’m using Debbie Bliss baby cashmerino which is super soft and I’ve gone for a fuschia to make it a little more fun. I got mine here at suzy hausfrau. Now I’m ‘supposed’ to be making this for another baby Elodie but if it fits my Elodie then I might need another present because it’s just so soft and I’m just loving the seed stitch border.

progress so far
And in case you were wondering how the little cardigan is constructed (of course you were), well here is the diagram from the book. So you start from the bottom and work upwards and then knit the sleeves separately and join them on later. I can’t wait to see how it turns out.
And I’ve packed a big tub of needles and wool to keep me busy in the apartment and pass some time when little people are sleeping or busy. I might get this finished and something else started!

I hope you’re enjoying a bit more craft than I am!


  1. It’s beautiful. I’d love to knit my lil man a vest but I’m an absolute beginner. Any suggestions where I should start?

  2. I have that same wool sitting in my cart over at suzys. I am just trying to figure out how many balls I will need for my project.

  3. EU estou achando ótimo.Entendi o gráfico,penso que vou começar um para minha neta que está chegando em abril,estamos no outono aqui no Brasil,ela vai usar o inverno todo,legal,eu vou fazer,acabei de decidir.Obrigada,Grande Beijo.beijos nas crianças lindas por mim.

  4. Oh gosh I’d love to knit you make it look so beautiful. Hard enough to find the time to sew!

  5. Yay! Looks great…and no side seams to sew even better.

  6. Looks gorgeous Corrie, lovely colour! Perfect for Autumn xo

  7. Gorgeous colour and pattern :) I’m sure with 3 weeks in the apartment you will find a little time to put your feet up and do some knitting and also rest!! Seed stitch is a lovely stitch to knit up isn’t it :)

  8. Yes I have been knitting, I was at home with a sick kiddo and knitted 2 hats/beanies! the kids are now begging me to knit them some too. I Am going to grow my grey hair out this winter so needed some hats and beanies to cover the Horrible growing out bit up. I am glad to see you use the Addi turbo circulars, my favourites too. I steered away from the kit ones as I thought that the wool might ever so slightly catch on the joining bit. Do you have any recommendations for easy to use needles, especially DPNs, I had some tortoiseshell needles stored with some of mine and they have ‘perished’ or deteriorated and have eaten into the metal finish on many of my needles.

    You’ll get heaps of knitting done when you are holed up in the apartment as there’ll be no /very little cleaning! yay!

  9. Oh this is so lovely! Why on earth do you post these lovely photos of lovely cardigans! I already started the one you made earlier (raglan cardigan) and now I desperately want to get it finished to make this one for my daughter too…

  10. It’s a beautiful cardi, and I agree that knitting keeps the stress away!

  11. Sweetest cardi ever. I want this one for me! Are we still allowed to use wool apparently we can’t use fabric for quilts anymore. Have you seen this ?

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