120 cookies in the Thermomix

Now I wish I could take credit for this recipe but sadly I can’t. The 120 cookie recipe has been doing the rounds and there are a few variations. I found this recipe here and of course being a lover of my Thermomix had to convert it. This recipe really goes a long way. I had to make it in 2 batches because I didn’t have the 500g of butter (yes that is no misprint) required!
hot out of the oven

what you’ll need
1/2 cup – 1 cup sugar (I use raw, adjust sugar if you don’t like them to sweet)
500g butter at room temperature
1 can sweetened condensed milk
5 cups self raising flour (or more, I used about 5 1/2)

Place sugar in your TM bowl and process for 9-10 seconds on speed 9. Add in butter (cubed) and cream them together for about 30 seconds on speed 3 or 4. Now if it needs a bit longer just give it another 10-20 seconds because the softness of your butter will affect how long it takes to cream together. Scrape down the sides of your bowl and add in the condensed milk (yum, yum) and flour. Now process for about 40 seconds on speed 3. You can take off your lid to see that it’s coming together nicely. Now you want a nice soft dough but if you think your dough is just too soft just add another 1/4 cup flour (or even 1/2 cup if you need it). My first batch was too soft so I added a bit more.
ready to go! 120 cookies in the thermomix
Take a teaspoonful of mix and roll into a little ball, place on a lined baking tray and flatten slightly with a fork or I just used my finger. Fill up the baking tray (or a few) and bake for 10 – 15 minutes in a 180 degree (celsius) oven. Now my new oven is hot hot hot so I had to watch these babies in the oven. In the end I lowered my temp to 170 but see how you go. Just watch them closely. Remove cookies with a fork (they’ll be a bit soft), cool on cooking rack and enjoy.
in the oven
Now you can add lots of flavourings after you’ve mixed in your flour. Think choc chips, dried fruit, hundreds and thousands. Go crazy. And if you haven’t frozen cookie dough before it’s super easy. Just make a long sausage out of some dough, wrap in glad wrap or baking paper, twist ends and freeze. When you want to use it just slice it frozen and bake your cookies. Too easy.
I just pressed down with my finger
These were a huge hit at our house and I’m sure they will be at your house!


  1. At last! I have been waiting for this recipe post – thanks Corrie!

  2. Even I have tried my hand at this one often. It definitely tastes yummy.

  3. Yummo. How long does a batch that size last in your house? Yesterday afternoon I did a batch of the Thermo Hot Cross Buns and my boys just loved them.
    Thanks for the recipe!

  4. I made these a couple of years ago and the kids didn’t like them :(

    My neighbours kids loved them :)

  5. yeap I make them, but the pre thermomix edition.

  6. l make my choc chip cookies with that mixture,,and sometimes add macadamia’s for a change.

  7. Yummy what an amazing size oven you have! There is no way I could get 2 trays side by side!

  8. I love to add passionfruit to these biscuits, but I never seem get 120 biscuits out of this mixture.

  9. Leanne Lawson says:

    Yummy, made them yesterday. I didn’t have can of condensed milk, I used a can of caramel. I added white choc chips and macadamia nuts. Made aprox 100 bisc, have frozen rest of dough.

  10. These are great. Makes a huge batch so I only cooked a third, did two rolls up and into the freezer. Kids weren’t fussed on the first lot out of the over (or me either really). However when I pulled one of the rolls out of the freezer a week later and sliced them quite thinly (half the thickness of the original) they were magic. Also tried with some chop chips pushed in which were a hit as well. So my advice would be roll them up, refrigerate for a few minutes so it is firm enough to slice, and slice them nice and thinly. It’s great to have a quick recipe which provides lots of bikkies and still leaves you some to cook later.

  11. ModernistMaude says:

    Thanks for sharing! My poor Thermie complained when I added the flour and condensed milk into the butter/sugar, next time I will halve the mixture, so it is happier. DId anyone else have this problem? Cheers MM

  12. Oh wow these look awesome, I must try them :) Love the idea of freezing!

  13. Just made these – added cocoa, white and brown choc chips to 1/3, choc chips to 1/3 and 100s + 1000s to the last 1/3.
    kids are devouring them!! 😀

  14. Caitlin says:

    I made these this afternoon. Great recipe thank you! I froze a couple of logs of dough. How much longer should I bake them in the oven for if using the frozen dough instead of freshly made?

  15. Caitlin says:

    Great recipe! How long should I bake if using the frozen dough instead of freshly made?

  16. I love these biscuits I have also substuted 1 cup of custard powder or 1 cup cornflour and decreased flour by one cup. I use heaps of different flours eg choc chips jam coffee (dissolved in tiny bit of boiling water) coconut cornflakes and sultanas white chocolate and macadamian nuts. plus lots more sometime I do four flours per batch.


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