rainy day pyjama pants

Today was such a miserable day. Apparently most of our state is under water or under threat of flooding but it’s just wet here so I’m grateful for that. But rainy days do make for perfect sewing weather. And we always have a shortage of pj pants here so making some up was long overdue.

3 pairs pj pants
ta da
testing them out!
sweet poser
I just use any elasticised pant pattern when it comes to making pj pants. These pants were all made from the pattern in this book (Making Children’s Clothes) but there are so many patterns out there you probably have something in your patterns or books at home. Go and have a look. Each pair used about 0.75cm of fabric each and I just made them all size 4-5 and adjusted the waist and hem per little person. And retro daddy, since a metre of fabric cost me $12.95 these pants are great for the family budget!
A few little tips – always use a non roll elastic for your waistbands; cut all the pant pieces out first then hit your machine; put a pin in each of your back pieces so you don’t forget which is front and back; and check to make sure you sew them together right and don’t sew the legs together closed (we’ve all made mistakes before!). I also like to sew a little tape/ribbon to the back of each pair once they are made up so the kids know which is the back when they put them on.


  1. Cute! And that last picture of Tilly, looks like butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth.

  2. Too cute!

  3. They are really good, I might get Nanna to make some in the same material……love elephants

  4. These are so cute!! And they look adorable on!!! … Thanks for the tips – going to make some in a couple of months for the ‘chilly’ dry season! … Where did you get your fabrics? I love those little elephants!!

  5. They are so cute!!! Nice fabrics!

  6. Ooops, just read the earlier post (I’m a little behind!) … Read that you got them from Spotlight. … One question though, did you get these fabrics in the general dressmaking area or the quilting fabrics section?

  7. gorgeous Corrie. You are so energetic.

  8. Oh, I miss spotlight! I struggle to find reasonable, cute fabric at my local shop – I have to stock up when I take trips down-under.
    These are very cute!

  9. Oh those are so gorgeous, love jammies pants, we’re always running short on them too, so gald they are quick to whip up, in fact i find them so satisfying as they come up so quickly & ready to wear. love Posie

  10. I’m off shopping on tuesday for some cute fleecy material to make some Pj’s for my boys.
    Mums coming with me as I’ve not actually bought material like that before, just used mums leftovers.
    Great tip for sewing a tab on the back.
    do you just use plain tops to go with the pants?

  11. That fabric is so cute! Great pjs 😀

  12. Corrie I just put my summer shoes order in with WALNUT and they have that exact elephant print in navy and pink for boys and girls “Cruise” and Mary-Jane canvas shoes next summer. You’ll love them and at $29.95 they don’t break the bank for little peoples shoes.

  13. Thanks for the inspiration… I need a pressie for a 5yo boy party next week. I was just telling his Mum this week that I have 20 ideas of gorgeous things to make for her daughter’s birthday in a few months but none for her son… she suggested PJ’s but I hadn’t thought about making them till I read your post! Thanks Corrie! xxx

  14. Very cute! I would love a pair myself 😀

  15. Gorgeous fabric, the pj’s look very sweet, you’re so clever!

  16. That fabric is so cute. I LOVE PJs. Adorable. I like your tip about adding something to the back so the kids know which side it is.

  17. Adorable pajama pants!

  18. The last pic … Look at the beauty there :) The kids are adorable … the pants are cute and you are so talented …
    Warmest regards,

  19. olá! mulher abençoada….
    seu espaço,e mimos, são de arrazar….
    as todas nóe..parabéns….
    seguindo vc e vou retornar + vezes..


  20. Wow! That was quick, I don’t think my hubby would complain about material purchases if they were made up that quickly!

  21. love the elephants, you have me thinking i should whip up some for my 7 yold, Amber 5 is still getting good use out of her last lot. I love the elephants too !!!

  22. The PJs are so cute!

  23. Oh and there they are, the first lovely creations! Such cute little pants and loving the pics too xo

  24. They are so cute! i love the elephant print.

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