baby’s 1st cardigan

Well I have literally just finished seaming this little cardigan together and it still needs to be blocked. But I think it looks more like a little coat than a cardigan. I like this little knit but I didn’t really like the pattern. The fact that the entire yoke was incorrect in the book and had to be replaced didn’t thrill me. And I think the neckband sits a little higher up than it should.

baby's 1st cardigan
not loving the neckline
the back
closer up view

But it was a quick and fairly easy knit. My ravelry details on the pattern are here and the pattern is from this book – 60  Quick Baby Knits. It’s actually a great little book if you like to knit for babies and toddlers in 10 ply. I used Bendigo Luxury in 8 ply in cream and finished it off with a big green Beutron button from Spotlight. I think it really makes the little cardigan.
p.s if you’re looking for a perfect baby raglan cardigan you really can’t go past this Debbie Bliss one – ravelry details here and here. It’s a much easier to read pattern and easier to knit although it does have lots of seaming it’s worth it.  
p.p.s our offer on the house was rejected so we’ve gone in at our maximum and have to hope they accept it. It turns out that it’s a deceased estate so there are more parties involved than we were initially told. We are ready to walk away at any point right now!


  1. Your cardigan looks great Corrie :) I made a crochet Jacket when a had my son, a few years ago now. It was the first time I had picked up a crochet hook!It gave me a great sense of achievement.
    Good luck on the house front

  2. The cardigan will keep his little cheeks cosy being so high::and easy for me to say but with the house I think everything happens for a reason xx

  3. That’s pretty neat knitting. And sorry to hear about the house. May you find best niche and may you find it soon.
    Warmest regards,

  4. Top down knits are so easy, and no sewing together.

  5. DEUS PROVERÁ É o que eu tenho para você.Tenho certeza que será para melhor.AGUARDE E CONFIE.Vamos pedir a intercessão de Nossa Senhora Desatadora dos NÓS.ELA é poderosa para mim,porquê não para você?Já fiz muitos casaquinhos ,tenho uma revista alemã(não entendo lhufas)mas é tão bem fotografada Etapa por etapa que parece que tem um professor ali.DEUS TE ABENÇOE E A TODA SUA FAMÍLIA.PSSSS:Adorei crianças no restaurante.

  6. I keep my fingers crossed for you!

  7. given I am a crocheter and wouldn’t know the first thing about knitting.. I think your cardigan is very cute. Knitters impress me :)

  8. So gorgeous Corrie… even if it was a pest to make. Looks perfect xo

  9. Hermoso!!

  10. Hope the offer was accepted. I kind of thought it might be a deceased estate when they were so long getting back to you. Onward and upward!

  11. just beautiful…well done and congrats on being named a Blog of Note!!

  12. Thank you for the inspiration! I finally finished my raglan cardigan:

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