baby’s 2nd photo!

I loooooove ultrasound pictures of babies, especially when they are this cute! This is actually baby’s 2nd photo but you can see so much more this time around!
Our Cutie
I honestly think he has the cute little nose that my other little ones have……….now I just have to wait another 19 weeks till I meet him!


  1. so cute. i can’t wait for your baby to come out too :)


  2. Oh I’ve been waiting to hear… And now I know HE is well & one where the knitting will tend more towards the blue end of the spectrum… Congratulations to You Corrie & Happy Birthday in advance. Btw, congrats to Hub & siblings too!

  3. He is gorgeous! Love ultrasound photos, so amazing.

  4. It’s amazing to see these photos! My first ultrasound made my pregnancy so much more real. all the best!

  5. Only 19 weeks left….time is going fast!!

  6. oh my…so beautiful…i love ultrasounds…. :-)..

  7. Goregeous! Love ultrasound photos! He looks like a little cutie already! Ill be following your progress! Hope you are feeling well

  8. Goregeous! Love ultrasound photos! He looks like a little cutie already! Ill be following your progress! Hope you are feeling well

  9. What a great close up. Hope you are having fun coming up with names. I found it hard with deciding on names for our third child. Jacinta

  10. The ultrasound is nice and clear .He is lovely and look at his little hand.Happy times.

  11. All your babies are cute so why would this one be any different? Glad everythings going okay the time is sure flying and He’ll soon be here for us all to oooooh over.

  12. How clever are you two? He is cute and we can expect some beautiful hues of blue coming off those very productive kneedles of

  13. Oh his profile is like Tillie’s!! You might have got a look in this time 😉

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  15. Oh wow… and here I was thinking I was waaay behind because Elodie is so big and then I get to THIS post!

    Congrats…So beautiful that your family is about to grow again and welcome another beautiful child :)

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