cinnamon roll city

If you were on facebook today then you’d know I made cinnamon rolls. Man, they are good. Too good. I use PW’s famous recipe which is available on her website here or from her book. I have to say that making these the second time was so much easier and faster than the first time and I’ve taken a picture of each step in my new kitchen (it was certainly a lovely baking experience) and put some helpful tips!

it doesn't take long to eat them
First up, get all the ingredients out and ready. Pick up some bbq/alfoil trays to bake your rolls in. It makes it easier to store in the freezer and give away. Yes we use homebrand products here. I never realised how many until I looked at this pic.
ingredients at the ready
Find your largest saucepan. I had to upsize twice when I first made the rolls but this time around went for my largest pan and did all my mixing in it and proving too.
yeast on the milk
after 8 cups of flour
I took some time to admire my subway tiles. I will definitely be putting these exact tiles in my next kitchen. I just adore them.
on the stove
1 hour rising
Clear out and wipe down a big space while your dough is proving. This is where it was so much easier using my island.
rolled out ready to go
melt a 250g stick of butter before you get your dough out to roll it. It just means once your dough is ready that your butter, cinnamon and sugar are all ready to go.
butter it up
I just use regular sugar in my rolls and they were great. The recipe doesn’t specify caster or regular sugar so I’m happy with my finished result.
cinnamon and sugar
get out some clean tea towels to cover over your rolls when they are in trays as they will prove for another 20 minutes in their trays while the oven preheats.
rolls before proving
to make the icing you will need 5 cups of icing sugar. I made my own in the thermomix but do it in 3 batches as it’s a lot of sugar in the bowl and the bowl starts to warm up if you take too long on the high speed. I left out the coffee today without even noticing so don’t feel it’s essential. I didn’t do the recipe in the thermomix because the quantities are so huge and I knew they wouldn’t fit but there is nothing stopping you from reducing all the quantities.
mmmm warm cinnamonn rolls
Now I ended up with over 60 rolls from 6 trays. That’s a lot of cinnamon rolls. We ate 2 trays today. What? Are you judging me? Don’t judge when it comes to cinnamon rolls. There are 6 of us and 1 growing in my tummy. I also gave one tray to a friend up the street and popped 3 in my freezer.
6 trays in total
Now to freeze them I bake them, glaze them, leave them to cool for 20 to 30 minutes, cover tightly in foil and pop in a plastic shopping bag and freeze. They stack up nicely in the freezer and make the best breakfast, brunch or afternoon tea. You’ll also be the best guest ever if you go to someone’s house armed with these. Put them in your friend’s oven and wait for the compliments.
my best trays
I know the recipe looks like a lot of work but if you’re having a home day they really are worth it. I baked these surrounded by most of our furniture as our new floors are going down and I had a few tradespeople here so it was a great way to beat the noise and chaos. And I used just over 1 stick of butter today and I think spread over 60 rolls is ok. But don’t make these if you’re on a diet, you’ll never be able to stop at one……….or two.


  1. Haha, you crack me up Corrie, no judgement from here… I ate half a (big) bag of red rock deli chips and half a bag of Allen’s Retro Mix lollies today, I’m a disgrace :o/
    5 cups of sugar! WOWZERS! I’d best not do any snacking the day I decide to make these. BUT I do love cinnamon and these look so so good. Thanks for sharing this one Corrie :o) xo

  2. Did you put the recipe up, Corrie? Can’t seem to find the linky. They look great. Wonderfully sticky fingers to lick afterwards.

  3. I’ve read that recipe wondering how I could find her round trays, now I know how many big trays they need I ‘ll give them a go. I have a kiddo here who just adores cinnamon anything!

  4. Wow, these look yummy! xoxoxo

  5. Man, doesn’t it look sooooo yummy? You’ve made me sooo hungry… I am a cookie addict and have no cookies at home. But I can’t be bothered to bake anything right now cause it’s a bit too late. Besides I have a lot of homework to do…. :(
    Au I will be dreaming of these rolls.
    Mniam :)

  6. We love theses too. I don’t bake them but freeze raw then defrost over night and pop in the ovenvin the morning. Jon would eat 6 in one sitting given the choice!

  7. Hi Corrie,
    I read read the recipe on PW and wondered if you used the maple syrup flavouring, and if so, where did you buy it or what did you use as a substitute.

  8. Yum, yum, yum!
    I din’t think I have enough bench or oven space to make these! I know Hubby would love them at shearing time though.

  9. Yummo, these look delicious.
    And I know what you mean about subway tiles, we have them in our current bathroom and they look amazing. I’m so getting them in our own home when we eventually buy/build. x

  10. PW always said these were easy, but somehow I didn’t quite believe her .. now I do! I like the idea of making a bulk batch.

  11. How good are PW’s cinnamon rolls?
    I too made it without the coffee (I don’t drink coffee, I don’t like the taste)and still loved them.
    I haven’t made them in ages. You’ve inspired me to make them again. Probably once Bluey goes back to school. Our kitchen is horrible tiny though so I will have to do most the work on our dining table (seriously we stuggle to fit a single bread board on our bench space).

  12. I made these last time you posted but I halved the recipe and they are just soooooo delicious and I can never stop at eating 1 or 2 or 3!!! They are addictive and so scrummy and I could just keep on writing about how tasty they are!!!

  13. Quick question. When you freeze them what do you do to get them ready to pig out (I mean eat) again? Microwave? Back in the oven?

    Thanks for sharing the recipe. Looks very yummy!

    • Kristy @ The Life She Made says:

      Yes – I was wondering this too. I really want to make some this weekend to give away.

  14. The cinnamon rolls look amazing!! Just came across your blog and your posts are interesting and thoughtful, really nice blog! :)

  15. These look delicious. No Judgment here. I’m expecting a little one and this definitely caught my attention. If I had all the ingredients right now I probably would try to make some now. lol I have to try this one day. I know my one year old would love it and so would my husband.

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  17. Hi Corrie, those look too yummy! Have you tried to make them gluten-free? Would you suggest to simply replace normal flour by gluten-free flour? Thanks so much for your lovely website. Cheers.

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