an almost finished quilt top

Well after church this morning, the best apricot danish of my life (bakery at forest way if you’re a local, wow) and taking some flowers at the cemetary, it was time for retro daddy to get back into painting more of the house. The little ones were happy to play and watch Shrek so I decided to applique the little hexagons on. I started to lose the love a little knowing I had 9 flowers to applique on with iron on webbing. They are not the easiest shape to cut out. But it wasn’t too bad. Not the best part of making the quilt. I’ll put it like that.

appliquing the little ones on

But I kept going. Determined to get them all stitched on. You’d be this happy too if you’d make all these by hand and then appliqued them on the quilt top too.

ta da!

And so that means that the quilt top is almost finished. And I love it. I’m really motivated it to get it finished this week and on a bed. Tillie’s bed since she has decided it’s hers. And then of course Keira has decided that it’s not as fancy as hers and she wants one. But I think my next hexagon project will be something a little more modest. Aka smaller.

the kids get in the act

So all I have to do is add a pink border then a white border all the way around and then I’ll be ready to quilt it. I’m excited about that. And this would be me holding it on it’s side. And not realising it.

holding it up the wrong way around
And I promise to share all the little details about fabrics used, size of hexagons and everything once it’s done. I’m on such a roll to finish it off……


  1. Your top is gorgeous Corrie!! I’m eager to learn which fabrics you used!

  2. looks amazing – hexis terrify the living daylights out of me , but beauties like this are tempting me!

  3. Beautiful i might get mine finished this year lol. 2 down 2 to go before baby 5….

  4. So so so beautiful xx

  5. Well done! Very inspiring. Thanks.

  6. It is really gorgeous Corrie – very fresh and pretty and just perfect for your little Tilly!

  7. Corrie you are amazing, how you have the time and energy to produce such goreous items is beyond me. Can’t wait to see this finished

  8. Your quilt is gorgeous, Corrie -whichever way you hold it up. It’s always an inspiration to see what you’re creating (and wondering how on earth you make the time to do it).

  9. Absolutely beautiful!

  10. It’s beautiful! You’re so clever!!

  11. Wow what a great days work! Must of been the apricot danish – yum!

  12. Wow! Great effort.

  13. The quilt top is amazing, so beautiful.

  14. Nagyon szép lett! Akárcsak minden alkotásod!!! :))))))

  15. so ooo pretty! they look gorgeous on the white …

  16. Now how are we meant to be on bump watch with you holding a gorgeous quilt in front of you the whole time? :p

  17. Wow, I’m speechless !

  18. It’s already beautiful and will look stunning once it’s finished.

  19. Lovely choice of fabrics.What about using one of the fabric glues to hold the hexis in place or you can use the glue stick, suitable for scraping booking or fabric much quicker

  20. Nothing more satisfying that finishing a quilt :-)…I’m cross eyed from doing a king single sized quilt at the minute…but I’m determined, I’ll have it done by Tuesday…not only have I got my 5 kids here, but I have two extras staying until then, so …….wish me luck!!!
    Great job on the quilt corrie…it’s so pretty…
    P.s thanks for the bunk beds info…called them right away, they cant tell me when they’ll get more in because the factory is on holidays????…man don’t they know I need bunks?

  21. Post note::::::king single quilt I’m making not like big big king sizes…lol…I’m not that crazy lol

  22. You do a lot of thingsss! My good, it looks really nice!

  23. Absolutely stunning, please do a step by step I would love to add quilting to my craft list

  24. I love this quilt top, all the colours on it make it so cheerfull. I can’t wait to see it finished.

  25. Oh, it is beautiful! You’ve done a wonderful job (if you can call that a “job”, right?) Because sewing isn’t work, its the best kind of play! I’m going to work on my daughter’s quilt today, too! Happy New Year!

  26. Fantastic! That looks great! When I first started quilting I was over eager and cut out about 300 hexagons before realizing they took forever to work with…and I still have them untouched years later…thanks for the inspiration!

  27. I can see why Tillie was so quick to claim it, it is just beautiful! Can’t wait to see it finished

  28. Absolutely gorgeous! I’m not quite sure I’ve got the patience for hexis just yet! Although one of your quilts that I am totally in love with is in the pic just to the left. That beautiful beige one with the triangular patchwork top. You took a pic of Elodie on it ages ago. I love it! I think you’ll have to tell us where we can get hold of that pattern please please please! : )

  29. Corrie – love that quilt top. Nice idea cuz I wasn’t in love with the idea of creating a bunch of white hexies to fit between the coloured flowers. I figured this would be another 10 year project like the log cabin wall hanging I just finished for Christmas (and the beautiful Pinquin pattern dress that is half knit for my almost 22 yo – it was for an 18 month old). You see the trend and why hexies were such a worry. If you took awhile then I might be 90 before completion! By the way – can you mail a couple of apricot danishes to Nova Scotia Canada!
    Happy New Year,
    Nancy M

  30. It’s just stunning Corrie, what a huge effort! I love the quilt and I love tillie’s dress, so pretty!

  31. Oh i’m doing hexagons too, Lotta Jansdotter fabrics, loving them!! Time consuming, absolutely. Love your incredibly fresh & pretty hexagon grouping, just gorgeous, love Posie

  32. Beautiful!!

  33. Quilt looks great, well done

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  1. […] And then while I was on a roll in January I put my Grandmothers Flower Garden together. It took me forever to do the hexagons but  I just took my time with it. These hexagons were all hand pieced, machine appliqued to white squares and all the squares were joined together before the smaller flowers were appliqued on. For machine applique I am a huge fan of the blanket stitch. I think getting a machine with blanket stitch is one of the best things you can do. It looks like a comb on your machine and just makes applique look beautiful. I’m often asked if I’ve done it by hand. Um that would be a no. I blogged this quilt top here. […]

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