one quilt top

Well I flopped into bed at 2.30am this morning. But it was worth it because here is the finished quilt top.

Me And The Quilt Top

I’m just waiting for little people to nap, be quiet, have a little lie down and I’ll get stuck into sandwiching it all together and maybe even quilting it today. So I’m going to be quiet online until I get this finished because let’s not forget I’m also hosting Christmas Day and Boxing Day and am trying to organise and prepare for those events while getting this finished.

But I love a challenge.

edited to add that someone asked what sewing machine I use. I use a Brother Innovis QC-1000 and love it. It has lots of features. is computerised and does everything I need a machine to do. The only thing I would say is that if you are a fast free motion quilter you might want more speed. I’m getting to the point where I would like a bit more than 1000 stiches per minute but apart from that it’s a fabulous machine for a sewer or quilter.


  1. Thank you for the sewing machine tip. The Brother was on my wish list. The quilt top looks fabulous. I’m sure your Grandma Betty will love it.

  2. Im sure Grandma Betty will love it!

    It looks great.

  3. Well done !! Thought I was the only one who did things this silly. Christmas Blessing to you.

  4. Two. Thirty!?!?! Corrie, you are a machine! I really don’t know how you do it, but that quilt is gorgeous. Hope you snuck a little power nap in today somewhere :o) xo

  5. I hope for Christmas you get a sleep in or a good afternoon nap (among other things of course).

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