Grandma Betty’s quilt – finished!

Well, I had visions of myself sitting up until the early hours of Christmas Day finishing this quilt. But look here. Finished. Before 9am on Christmas Eve. I’m thrilled. And relieved because I have to clean the house top to bottom, do 5 loads of laundry, put clothes away and start baking and preparing for tomorrow not to mention a chuch rehearsal at 10am and off to Christmas eve mass around 4pm. I’ll get there. I always do.

one finished quilt for grandma betty

So the brief was a patchwork square quilt in her favourite colours and it had to touch the floor when put on her single bed.

touches the floor just as she wanted

And I’m pretty confident that I’ve delivered. I’ve used Moda charm squares from Summer Breeze, Flora, Hullabaloo, Hideaway and then basic white charm squares and my own white squares. And I quilted it BIG. I went pedal to the metal on my machine on the fastest speed setting and moved my quilt faster than usual. I’m really happy to say it was quilted in about 3 little sessions in one day.

big quilting

Now making a back on a large quilt can be a bit tricky. Thankfully I had some fabric on a bolt that I picked up for $5 a metre from my wholesaler on clearance. I ran it down the back of the quilt and put an equal length of white quilters muslin on either side. It was pretty handy that I could split the white quilters muslin on the fold and then sew it to each selvage of the green fabric.

the back

And for binding I used some premade binding. In an ideal world I would have done a green binding but with time not on my side I used some pink premade binding from A Day in the Country. Thanks Julie for sending me some.

finished and folded

And there you have it. One large quilt started and finished in under a week and about to be wrapped and under the tree. I really love it and when things have settled down over the holidays would like to make a few for the little ones in their favourite colours as I love that you don’t need a valance on the bed once it’s on.

Oh and just for the record. I am exhausted. I couldn’t stop yawning all morning! But I’ll be back later tonight to share my Christmas Day menu.


  1. Contratulations !! it is beautiful … your Grandmother with love it !
    Have a great festive season!
    Happy stitching, P

  2. Well done Corrie – your Grandmother is bound to love it! Hope you get a chance to enjoy the day today but most importantly have a wonderful Merry Christmas and New Year with your little tribe of munchkins and Retro Daddy.

  3. Wowsers! You did it!! And it looks great. Grandma Betty will love it :)

  4. Great job!!! Grandma definitely will be pleased.

    I am baking a cheese cake right now and it smells incredible. Here in Poland we eat Xmas Dinner at Christmas Eve and then we have 2 more Christmas Days like you. We are not allowed to eat any meat on Christmas Eve. And then at midnight we go for a Christmas mass. There is also a saying that animals start to talk at midnight and if you want to know how they are – it’s the best time to find out :).

    In my family we have mixed Polish and English tradition so on the 1st of Xmas we eat turkey and from time to time we also have Xmas crackers. Do you have them in Australia too?

    I wish you and your family very Merry Christmas, lots of love and happiness, lots of gifts and fun for you little ones and lots of joy for you and Retro Dad.

    Merry Christmas

  5. Oh my gosh Corrie – you are a quilting marvel! It is super pretty! Well done and Merry Christmas to you and your lovely family.

  6. The quilt looks lovely and so does your wonderful new kitchen.

    Happy Christmas to you and all your family.

  7. You are a wonder woman! It looks fabulous. Have the best Christmas with the family. It’s been such a great year reading your blog this year. You have been so inspinational, funny and loving.

  8. What a beautiful gift – I’m sure whe will love and appreciate it (even if she doesn’t, we bloggers have!). Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  9. Truly impressive. And it’s lovely too! Happy Holidays. B x

  10. You are such a clever one Corrie!!!! I absolutely love that quilt . . . and I think Grandma Better is going to be over the moon with it. I am in the middle of my very first ever quilt as I type! Have taken over my Mum’s machine and loving it! Just a single charm square pack with a simple boarder, but we all have to start somewhere! Have a wonderful Christmas xx

  11. Don’t know how you do it Corrie.

    Please check your ebay messages.

  12. Well done & do send my regards to Grandma Betty. You certainly have delivered, love how older ladies insist on the quilt-to-the-ground. Effort +. Merry Christmas Retro Family, enjoy that stunning new kitchen, love Posie

  13. Congratulations! That’s a lovely quilt. Great stippling. Your Grandma will be thrilled.

  14. Well done- really beautiful! I’m sure it’ll put a smile on your granny’s face every time she sees it. That’s the special thing about handmade gifts!

  15. Corrie your amazing I really don’t know how you do it! Hope you have a very merry christmas and get at least 5 mins to relax and put your feet up. Have a great day

  16. What an amazing effort.. and also your confidence in knowing that you will get all the other stuff done before xmas too.. here’s to mums! Have a great christmas x

  17. Corrie, you are one amazing lady, your Grandmother Betty will just love the quilt, could you adopt me as your gradmother next Christmas? I hope you have a wonderful Christmas with your family in your beautiful brand new kitchen and hopefully you will be able to spend sme time relaxing with your beautiful family. Thank you for the inspiration and tutorials, I have only had the courage (and time) to do one quilt which took me about 9 monts LOL) you give. Have to done one for granddaugher’s 18th in March YIKES..

  18. Apologies for the spelling and grammar!

  19. Wow! Thats beautiful. You did a great job.

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