making a quilt for Christmas

I may just become queen of the last minute quilt for Christmas this year. Earlier in the year I said that I would make my Grandma Betty a quilt. She told me it had to be big enough to entirely cover her bed and reach the floor, be in her favourite colours of green, yellow and purple (I had to drop the purple) and be patchwork squares. Lucky for me I have charm square packs coming out of my ears and had no trouble finding a few ranges to suit. But of course I’ve left until now to make a start and have it finished for Christmas Day.

quilt in progress

I also decided to break it up and make it a little more subtle with white charm squares too. I’m so glad I did this as the white really shows off the other squares.

making a single bed quilt for grandma

Unfortunately I didn’t work out how many charm squares I would need and with 4 rows still to go I ran out of white charm squares. I’m sure a smarter person would have worked out how many charm squares were needed BEFORE starting. So it was time to pull out my accuquilt go baby and make 50 or so white charm squares in no time.

had to get out the go baby

My grandma has a large single bed so I am doing 21 charm squares down and 16 across to fit the bed and hang to the floor. That is a lot of charm squares but I’m happy to report that I have 3 more rows to finish before I can join the quilt top together and start quilting. And the quilting will make Part 2 of my charm square quilt tutorial. Because I know you’ve been waiting.

keeping elodie entertained

And this is how to keep a little one distracted so I can grab an hour of quilting time in the day! Now I’ve bought down 2 big tubs of toys from upstairs and Elodie is in heaven, the twins and Keira are watching The Santa Clause, it’s raining and I’m going to get stuck into the quilt today.


  1. You’re a dynamo Corrie!
    What’s that? A device that cuts charm squares? Awesome!

    I know I’ve said it before but I love those chairs *gush*

  2. a rainy day is a great day for making a quilt …
    happy stitching, P

  3. sheesh and I thought I was last minute ambitious LOL…
    And Elodie is getting so grown up! What a cute. Must be time to have another 😉 (joking) LOL

  4. You’re so brave to start that so close to Christmas. Although having seen what you’re capable of, I’m sure you will have it finished and wrapped in no time – especially if the rain keeps falling…x

  5. Get that machine off that beautiful new table!! haha just joking. What an ambitious last minute job to tackle with 4 little ones. You are amazing. Cant wait to see the finished product. Merry Christmas to you and your family. x

  6. It looks great. What sewing machine do you use? My Bernina has just about died and I’m researching the best one to get. Thanks!

  7. Good luck! Thats a tight deadline you’re working with.

  8. Your not alone, I have a quilt I worked on a little bit on Sunday, and now I need to start and finish it tomorrow. Plus undecorate a tree, redecorate it, go grocery shopping for 12 guests Sunday. Buy a new carpet cleaner, clean the carpets and the sofas, clean up around the rest of the house too. All in ONE day!!!! Yeah……..we will see how far I am behind when I fall into the bed from exhaustion tomorrow evening.

  9. I too love using white in my quilts. It makes the colors pop.

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