the busiest time of year

I’m going to admit something to you. I thought that when Keira started school that things would get easier. Wrong. Oh so wrong. The end of year activities and stuff at school combined with a renovation that is still not finished since the builder and electrician are too busy to finish it off, sick kids, Christmas shopping and just general home life are stressing me out. I haven’t been this busy since I had baby twins at home. Christmas for me is normally busy but school just makes it a whole new level of busy. Am I right or am I right?
doing the tree
Tomorrow, school is over for the year. We have a thanksgiving mass (I’m thankful…………for holidays) where Keira is twirling a ribbon apparently, a school picnic nearby and then home. Bring it on. And all of this busy has meant I have had no Christmas baking mojo left. Not a drop of it. Oh no wait, I did do 2 batches of rum balls today which cheered me up. A little.  I’ve been buying my fruit mince pies from Bakers Delight (one at a time so I don’t eat the whole pack) which is definitely a sign I need to be in my new kitchen and baking.
rum balls for mummy friends
Anyway, I’m a bit over the kitchen not being finished. So tonight I cooked dinner in the old kitchen and we all ate it at the new island and it was lovely. Keira said she felt like a grown up because she was sitting up high and the twins can climb on the stools themselves so they are happy. Oh and Elodie shuffles around on her bottom around the island doing laps. It’s very cute.
christening the table with an activity
And we’ve christened the new table with some Christmas card writing too. As in Keira wrote 3 cards and gave them to me to finish……. Anyway, I promise to be my normal cheery self tomorrow at about 1pm when I leave the picnic and school holidays officially begin! 


  1. I totally agree about it been busier with one at school. I found it easier having 3 preschoolers than 1 or 2 at school. This year was the first year all three of mine were at school and it is crazy busy. In the last few weeks we had three excursions, two on one day and various other things..and dont get me started on birthday parties!!
    take care of yourself Corrie and hope you get some well deserved rest during the holidays. We are two weeks into ours and doing nothing much most days – bliss!

  2. You are so right about the school thing being such an overload and energy drain. I was so pleased when the last of mine finished school as a lot of pressure was relieved too.

  3. Oh, Corrie, agree, agree, agree. Rushing off to assembly today at 1.45 reminded me of just that same idea. My easiest time was a 4 yo, 2 yo and newborn twins. Lovely, long days at home, not rushing out the door, no broken sleep for school pick ups, no after school activities. Just story times, sleeps, cuddles, housework, a non teaching mummy and a happy mummy!!!!! A slower life.
    It does get easier – with a few years of school runs under my belt I’ve now got two girls who go off to have their showers on their own while I keep cooking. And a girl who can bake a cake on her own. Hope you enjoy the holidays and notice the difference in your family. Less commitments and rushing and well planned, child friendly outings every second or third day! x

  4. Awww loving those pics Corrie. Little Keira’s face in the tree decorating one is gorgeous, she looks so happy there with her lil sis :o)
    I can begin to imagine how hectic things have been for you Corrie, please don’t worry, we’re ALL feeling it… even those of us who don’t have kiddies in school… though reading this has confirmed to me that I am NOT looking forward to the introduction of school in 2013 :o/

  5. *can’t* begin to imagine… sorry!

  6. At one stage I had 1 in high school, 2 in primary, 1 in kindy and one at home! AND a family business that I worked in! Then they were all teenagers and it REALLY got busy!! LOL!! Once you start a family it goes on forever as now I am up to grandchildren and it’s just as busy and we still have the business!! There are many many days when I wish my children were little again!!

  7. I so get this Corrie. I have one starting Prep next year and on starting Kindy (QLD) and then my youngest at home with me. My husband seems to think I will have all this extra time since I will only have one at home with me for a fair chunk of my time. He wanted me to go back to work… Lets just say I told him he had buckleys! We have been on holidays for a week already and am loving that we don’t have to be anywhere in the mornings!

  8. Never mind Corrie – it will get better. The problem with school is that no longer does everything run to your time table. Just do the essentials and give yourself a and the kids a chance to catch up and soon you will be back on top. Cross a few non essentials off your list too if you can – good luck!

  9. School shook me to the core Corrie. Like you i thought ‘easy peasy, one less to worry about from 9-3pm’. Oh so wrong. Add 2 to the mix of school and its just crazy. No one, absolutely no one warned me how tough school is on a young family…it affect everyone.
    Im another one who loves school hols…no more making lunches at

  10. I’m with you here! Reno’s and school committments with littlies! Impossible I must say! I’ve been trying to meet tradies at the house and with the little ones running amok through the building site its a nightmare!

  11. You are not alone Corrie! Amen to the holidays! Pity a nanny, of the Maria Sound of Music style, doesn’t come at the same time!! My house is covered with what I call recycling and they call ‘craft’ ! Ah well there’s always those mince tarts :))))) Merry Christmas!

  12. End of school is always hectic. So glad to have ours over and done with earlier this year. Can’t wait to see your kitchen finished either. Love the table.

    Christmas cards are so hard for little ones. They put all the effort into the first one, then are too exhausted for the rest. A friend of mine had a brilliant idea. Her child wrote/drew a large poster with Christmas wishes. Mum took a photo with her daughter holding it, then printed one for each class member. It was a beautiful poster and a nice keepsake of a good little friend.

  13. You are so right!!!

  14. As you can see Corrie, you aren’t the only one…. My youngest graduated primary this week, and I am so, so, so tired and so over everything it’s not funny, we’ve has late nights with ceremonies, discos, day time assemblies, mass and ceremonies and all while trying to keep a full time job ticking over and trying not to upset the boss….. thank goodness for the weekend, time to recharge and move on, as long as I keep putting one foot in front of the other it will be OK. High School is so different, all we had to worry about this year was baked beans for a food drive and a disco, phew!!!

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