first rocky road of the season

No candy cane stuck to a card here for Keira’s classmates. I decided I had to do my white choc rocky road in little cello bags this year and they turned out beautifully. But I still can’t believe I’m only  making my first rocky road for the festive season now – less than 2 weeks before Christmas. I’m normally making and eating it much earlier.

the process

It was also a great excuse to test out the kitchen – except that I had to dash back to the old kitchen to use the microwave to melt my chocolate.Now this really is so easy and you’re probably sick of my recipe but here you go:

1 bag of white chocolate melts
1 bag of mini marshmallows
1/2 bag of raspberry lollies cut in half
flaked or desiccated coconut to sprinkle on top.

all my supplies

Melt chocolate. I do mine for 2 minutes 30 seconds on medium in the microwave, stirring a couple of time. Works a treat. Meanwhile half raspberry lollies and tip into a bowl with marshmallows. Pour in chocolate and stir well. Pour into lined lamington tin or a silicone lamington tin and quickly sprinkle with some coconut. Refrigerate for at least half an hour. Slice and enjoy. Or bag up.

triple batch of rocky road

rocky road, mmmmmm

bagged up for teachers

I’m hearing some great variations on rocky road and love to hear yours! I am a huge HUGE fan of rocky road.


  1. I like to use dark chocolate melts, regular sized marshmallows, raspberry lollies or glacé cherries, then something crunchy (eg. peanuts, broken up choc ripple biscuits or rice bubbles). Last time I threw in some shredded coconut. I love rocky road, too.

  2. Looks delicious Corrie… I’ve never made a white rocky road before, but you’ve inspired me to try it this year. Milk chocolate rocky road is my specialty over the festive season, but I don’t start making it until almost Christmas… it is way too dangerous otherwise ;o)
    Lucky little school friends scoring this batch xo

  3. I love experimenting with different lollies. Successful combo’s have been turkish delight and ricebubbles & coconut, mint leaves and pistachio, or colourful jubes and crushed peanuts. I never use mini marshmellows, and normally don’t cut them, I love the chunky marshmellows throughout my rocky road. I haven’t made rocky road at all this season. Having 9 week old triplets kind of slows down Christmas cooking! If I’m going to make anything though, I’m aiming for rocky road as it’s so simple…

  4. I don’t usually like rocky road, but this middle eastern rocky road recipe is amazing.. I have made it quite a few times and everyone has said it is one of the best they have tasted..

  5. Looks sooo good Corrie! XOXO

  6. For my milk chocolate version I use maltesers instead of peanuts!

    I tried yours with raspberry lollies but not the coconut. Loved them!

  7. Looks lovely :)
    Where do u get ur cello bags from? I’ve been hunting high and low for some. Thanks.

  8. Love that one RR – thanks for posting it. I’m a huge fan of the RR in the Nigella Christmas book.

  9. I’m in Chicago. What is a lolly? Here I’d think someone was referring to a lollipop or sucker.

  10. I think that we would call the lollies – Swedish Berries. How big is the bag of chocolate as I will probably buy it at the Bulk Barn…

  11. I made this recipe of yours several times last year and this year I have just used dark chocolate melts, big marshmellows, coconut and pecan nuts. There is something great about having this handy in the fridge for an unexpected gift that you can just pack up in cellophane and pretty ribbon and it looks so effective and tasty too!!

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  13. Love the idea and recipe and will make it thanks! Just wondering where you bought the cellophane bags from?

  14. pistachios, almonds, marshmellow and turkish delight. Yummo. And yes, in white chocolate, of course.

  15. Pinned! Yummo. Yet another recipe to add to my growing list of ‘must makes’ for Christmas. Goodness knows if I’ll fit them all, but I think this is up there!

  16. Thanks for sharing …just the thing for my male work mates. x

  17. Well I think I’m going to make some Rocky Road today, after reading these posts. Yum. Have a wonderful Christmas Corrie, I love your new kitchen. Britt xx

  18. Oh yum! :)

  19. Just made the rocky roads – never would have thought of the white chocolate but worked well. I used the Swedish Berries – the North American equivalent of the lollies. I found the clear plastic bags in Michaels (a store found in Canada and the US). I just used saran wrap as the bags were pricey. The berries were hard to cut so I used my kitchen shears and it was much easier.

  20. Hi Corrie, made these for all the neighbours but I always add rice bubbles too. And I am SO jealous of Caitlin who has triplets – what a special (and happily exhausting) way to spend Christmas.

  21. double yum :) might make some for the board :) le xox

  22. Hi Corrie – I have just returned from our new school basking in the glow of rocky road praise. My first rocky road adventure and it was a hit! Thank you for the inspiration and the recipe and from rescuing me from being ‘rather rubbish mum’ to ‘actually darn fine mum’ (for today at least!)

    Merry Christmas to you and yours. A x

  23. I am just reading this now(new to your blog) and have decided I shall make this for my daughters classmates and their teachers this year!!Brilliant and a yummy treat.It may feature in our house often now I know it is so EASY to make!Thanks,loving the recipes!

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