our kitchen renovation : day 21

I know that we have no power or lights out in the new kitchen area but that hasn’t stopped us moving more things out there and making us feel right at home. Over the weekend retro daddy had the very fun job of putting up some ikea. All 12 chairs and stools. He was so dedicated that I came home from early morning mass and there he was in his pj’s putting the last of the stools together. Now that is dedication!
looking in from the corner
stools don't match!
ikea chairs and table
wreath in
Retro daddy also loves to take a moment to admire it all and tell me how nicely it’s all coming together. Which is a relief since he pretty much let me pick everything. We are now just itching to get the power and lights on so we can start cooking, eating and hanging out there. Bring on Friday when it should all be happening!


  1. It looks lovely Corrie :) Good work!!

  2. it looks so lovely!! thanks for letting us join your kitchen journey

  3. It’s beautiful! :)

  4. Corrie, your work is stunning! Yay for having such a beautiful space just in time for Christmas.

  5. I love everything you’ve done here! Especially the old round table – just right!x

  6. Corrie it’s looking stunning…well made choices!!!

  7. Looks gorgeous, you must be thrilled to bits!

  8. Looks great Corrie what colour did you paint the walls?

  9. Oh Corrie, it is looking so lovely! It’s been wonderful to see it all coming together – while I can’t do much with our small galley kitchen, you have inspired me to think about changing our dining table, I think a round table would suit us much better.

  10. Enjoy your lovely kitchen and living area …
    Happy stitching, P

  11. Corrie, that area looks so beautiful. Think of how many special memories you will create in that room! Slightly envious but very happy for you!

  12. Beautiful…just beautiful Corrie!

    Best Wishes,

  13. Looking fabulous. Can’t wait to visit!

  14. Aw Corrie, it’s absolutely beautiful – and that dining table was worth every single cent *swoon*

  15. Wow, it’s gorgeous!!! What a Christmas present for you all!

  16. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous. But I need to know where the thermomix is!!!!

  17. It’s all gorgeous!

  18. This looks amazing! Gorgeous kitchen and the chairs are the perfect touch :)

  19. Yay, it’s SO lovely, wow. Just wondering how long it will take for you to know to turn left at the bottom of the stairs in the morning instead of automatically going right?? It’s just so classic, modern, light & beautiful, well done project manager, love Posie

  20. Corrie, this is my dreamy kitchen/dinning room! Love white furniture and your stunning french doorsar out of this world! Please, let me live in your home in sunny and warm Australia and I’ll offer you Poland in exchange, the middle of Europe ๐Ÿ˜‰ There will be snow here soon, and you can take your 4 blessings for some snow activities like skiikng, snowboard or skating ๐Ÿ˜‰ All these acivities are available just in 15 minutes by walk from my home and I do not live in a village though ๐Ÿ˜‰ LOL

  21. Sublime gorgeousness!!

  22. WOW Corrie, it’s looking a treat. Love all the bits and pieces you’ve added already and that’s without lights. I can imagine how beautiful it is going to look all finished. Exciting! xo

  23. Poor Retro Daddy – all those IKEA flat boxes with funny screws and umpteen pieces. The chairs look great!!

  24. Wow Corrie, it looks great! I’ve been following with interest as I chose a very similar look for my new kitchen which we finished earlier in the year. I love the tiles, I wish I had gone for those now!! Hope you can get everything connected and get cooking very soon!

  25. All I want for Christmas is a kitchen just like yours!!! Unfortunately, it wouldn’t fit in my house so when we get around to renovating our kitchen, hopefully I can go for a smaller scale version.

    I totally love ur new kitchen and thank you for sharing the journey with us!

  26. Oh bliss-room! What fun you’ll have this Christmas in that space!

  27. Such a wonderful kitchen… have to show my husband :-))

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