Christmas baking and making : rum balls

One of my absolute favourite things to make at Christmas at rum balls. It’s the only time of the year I make them and I can’t get enough of them. With the new kitchen being built I’m seriously behind with making things and hoping next week I can get in to the new kitchen and start my christmas baking and making. Until then I had to share this recipe from last year with you! I’ve been making these for at least 10 years or so and they never last long. So easy, so tasty and just make them as boozy or un-boozy as you like!  If you don’t do alcohol then use orange juice or reduce your rum and use a combination of the two. These are also delicious made with Cointreau instead of rum……….

in progress

loaf of madeira cake (mine was 450g)
1 cup icing sugar sifted
1/2 cup cocoa
rum – enough to make the mixture moist (or orange juice)
coconut or chocolate sprinkles to coat

– Slice off the brown edges of your cake then crumble the rest of the cake into a large bowl.

– Sift in cocoa and icing sugar and stir well as you want it all evenly distributed. I use the back of a spoon to squash out any bigger cake bits too.

– Pour in rum ( about 2 good sploshes) until you have the right consistency and your mixture is coming together. Mix well.

– Roll tablespoons full of mixture into balls and coat in coconut or chocolate sprinkles. Don’t worry if you can see little bits of cake, the mixture all comes together and they turn chocolatey in no time.

all wrapped up

I keep mine in the fridge and then put into pretty containers as and when I need them. I’ve used pretty mason jars for this batch with a bit of organza ribbon.


  1. OMG Retromummy thank you sooooo much for posting this recipe. I can’t begin to tell you just how much I love rum balls!

  2. Mmm yum

  3. Rum balls, that is the missing link I am searching for this Christmas!! Thanks for posting…oh by the way, only if you are interested I have awarded you a little bloggy award and tagged you to share 7 things about christmas that relate to you

    Dont feel obliged, more of a compliment of your great work!:)

  4. Oh yum yum yum yum yum Corrie! LOVE rumballs in this household, in fact I don’t quite know who craves them more, myself or hubby! I’ve never tried to make them before, my Mama does the honours at Christmas and gives us a big jar, which as you say, NEVER lasts long.
    I think it’s high time I tried them for myself, now I have your lovely recipe to go off, thanks for sharing :o) xo

  5. Yes I love rum balls and will be making mine soon

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